Kwid Vs Alto Vs S-Presso Accidental Repair Cost Comparison: CarDekho Spare Part Price Analysis

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We know that budget hatches are fuel-efficient and cheap to run but are they cheap to repair? Here’s a look at the repair cost for fender benders that you will incur in the duration of your ownership

What is the Cardekho Spare Parts Price Analysis?

Did you know how much your car would cost to maintain or fix in case of an accident - before you bought it? Most of us wouldn’t have. Prices, discounts and features dominate the conversation when buying a car, while spare part prices or repair costs are discovered much later as these aren’t as easily accessible. Correction: weren’t! The CarDekho Spare Parts Price Analysis brings you the prices of all spare parts in one place for your convenience. 

How does it work? 

We have collected and analysed spare parts prices starting from the Alto to the Toyota Fortuner -- spanning 12 segments and 63 models. 

The spare part prices have been categorised and compared with segment rivals. This is split  into three reports for each segment: 

Stay tuned to check out all the segments and the detailed analysis. 

Alto vs Kwid vs S-Presso: Accidental Repair Cost Explained

Often careless drivers put a dent, scratch or rear-end you while busy on their smartphone. Hence, it becomes important to keep this aspect in mind, especially if you’ll be learning to drive in that car and know that quite a few parts will need to be replaced. 

We, at CarDekho, have got the costs of these replacement parts directly from the manufacturers. This will give you a fair idea of how expensive the hatchback is going to be in terms of repair. These costs are inclusive of taxes but not the labour or the paint cost. So if you have been in an accident or are considering buying a less expensive, easy-to-maintain car, here are the answers you are looking for: 

Front Impact - Bumper, windscreen, bonnet replacement

  • Renault Kwid’s parts bucket price may be the highest, but not by a significant margin.

  • Kwid’s bonnet is more expensive than its rivals.

  • Alto 800 is the most affordable -- huge sales volume helps lower parts cost.

  • Rs 10,000 for the Alto 800’s parts bucket is incredible! 

  • S-Presso sits between the Kwid and the Alto.

Here’s the break up of the parts cost: 

Particulars / Cars Kwid Alto


Front bumper Rs 1501 Rs 1195 Rs 1500
Front fender (each) Rs 1692 Rs 950 Rs 1580
Bonnet Rs 4542 Rs 1065 Rs 3300
Grille Rs 1055 Rs 1030 -
Headlamp (each) Rs 2493 Rs 2170 Rs 2080
Fog lamp (each) Rs 1425 - -
Front windscreen Rs 3286 Rs 2700 Rs 3610
Total Rs 13523 Rs 9110 Rs 12070

Fields with missing data are highlighted in italics and are not included in the total. All prices are inclusive of taxes but do not include labour or paint cost 

Side Impact - Doors, window glass, wheels and more

  • Alto is the cheapest on this front too. 

  • Kwid is almost neck and neck with the S-Presso here.

  • Kwid’s extra cost is due to the doors and handles.

  • S-Presso has surprisingly expensive windows, probably because of the larger area.

  • S-Presso ORVMs cost almost twice as much as the Kwid’s!

Take a look at the detailed prices to see how they compare.

Particulars / Cars Kwid Alto


Front door Rs 6468 Rs 5280 Rs 5405
Front fender (each) Rs 1692 Rs 950 Rs 1580
Rear door Rs 5190 - -
Rear fender (each) Rs 6574 - -
Door Handle Rs 723 Rs 186 Rs 310
Window glass front (each) Rs 948 Rs 755 Rs 1270
Window glass rear (each) Rs 664 Rs 755 Rs 825
ORVM with casing (each) Rs 370 Rs 420 Rs 810
Steel Rim (Each) Rs 1082 Rs 940 Rs 955
Side indicator (each) Rs 62 Rs 58 Rs 58
Total Rs 12009 Rs 9344 Rs 11213

Fields with missing data are highlighted in italics and are not included in the total. All prices are inclusive of taxes but do not include labour or paint cost 

Rear Impact - Rear windscreen, tail lamp, bumper replacement

  • S-Presso becomes the most expensive in case of extensive rear impact repair.

  • Rear windscreen bumps up the S-Presso’s cost here.

  • Kwid’s stylish tail lamps are also the most expensive here. Treat with care!

  • Alto 800 remains most affordable to fix here too. 

Here is the detailed part wise price comparison: 

Particulars / Cars Kwid Alto S-Presso
Rear bumper Rs 3036 - -
Boot/hatch door Rs 5533 Rs 4990 Rs 5000
Rear fender (each) Rs 6574 - -
Tail lamp with bulb (each) Rs 1716 Rs 844 Rs 1321
Rear windscreen Rs 1500 Rs 1290 Rs 2740
Total Rs 8749 Rs 7124 Rs 9061

Fields with missing data are highlighted in italics and are not included in the total. All prices are inclusive of taxes but do not include labour or paint cost.

Accidental Repair Cost Analysis Verdict

Overall, the Alto 800 is not only the least expensive car here but also the least expensive fix in case of an accident. If you are looking to buy a car purely to learn driving or want it to be super cheap to repair, go for the Alto hands down. The Kwid is the best-looking hatchback here and given its more complicated design, the spares are naturally more expensive. Still, Renault has managed to keep them close to the S-Presso which is remarkable. 

This was a look at how much it would cost you to repair the most affordable hatchbacks in the country, but why spend at all in case of an accident. Simply visit, pick the best policy from the comfort of your home, and save your precious hard-earned money.

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