Mahindra XUV700 vs. Rivals: Price Talk

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How does the XUV700’s introductory pricing compare to other midsize SUVs?

The prices for the Mahindra XUV700 have been announced ahead of its launch. The carmaker had already surprised us with its aggressive introductory prices (for some variants), but now, we have the full list, which has stunned us again. There is a catch here, though -- they’re applicable just for the first 25,000 bookings, which will open on October 7. 

Let’s see how these promotional prices fare against the XUV700’s direct midsize SUV rivals.

Since Mahindra is offering the XUV700 in both five- and seven-seater configurations, we’ll compare each competitor of both layouts, but separately. First up, we’ll consider the two-row variants and their rivals:

Petrol (5-seater)

Mahindra XUV700

MG Hector

Jeep Compass

MX - Rs 11.99 lakh


AX3 - Rs 13.99 lakh

Style - Rs 13.49 lakh


AX5 - Rs 14.99 lakh

Shine - Rs 14.51 lakh


AX3 AT - Rs 15.59 lakh

Shine CVT - Rs 15.71 lakh


Smart Hybrid - Rs 16.37 lakh


AX5 AT - Rs 16.59 lakh

Smart CVT/ DCT - Rs 16.99 lakh


Sharp Hybrid - Rs 17.69 lakh

Sport - Rs 17.19 lakh


Sharp CVT/ DCT - Rs 18.69 lakh


  • The XUV700 petrol massively undercuts its segment rivals. It gets a 2-litre turbo-petrol engine (making 200PS/380Nm), starting from just under Rs 12 lakh. You’ll have to shell out another Rs 1.5 lakh for the entry-level MG Hector, which comes with a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine making 143PS/250Nm.

  • Mahindra offers the XUV700 petrol with the choice of 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions. The gearbox options for the MG Hector turbo-petrol engine are a 6-speed manual, 6-speed dual-clutch automatic (DCT), and a CVT automatic.

  • The XUV700 AX3 is a more direct rival to the base-spec MG Hector Style, but at a Rs 50,000 premium. It is equipped with two 10.25-inch displays, connected car tech, and Amazon Alexa connectivity.

  • The mid-spec XUV700 AX5 has a similar price difference over the Hector Shine variant. The AX5 adds features like a panoramic sunroof, curtain airbags, and LED headlamps.

  • Mahindra has made the XUV700 the most affordable petrol-automatic option in the segment but by a slender margin. The MG Hector Shine CVT costs just Rs 12,000 more.

  • The five-seater configuration is not available with the top-spec AX7, and so it only competes with similar mid-spec trims of the MG Hector.

  • The MG also enjoys the exclusivity of a mild-hybrid petrol powertrain with a manual transmission.

  • The Jeep Compass’ base petrol variant is more expensive than the top-spec XUV700 five-seater petrol-automatic by Rs 60,000.

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Mahindra XUV700

MG Hector

Tata Harrier

Jeep Compass

MX - Rs 12.49 lakh


AX3 - Rs 14.59 lakh

Style - Rs 14.98 lakh

XE - Rs 14.39 lakh


AX5 - Rs 15.59 lakh


XM - Rs 15.79 lakh


AX3 AT - Rs 16.19 lakh

Shine - Rs 16.49 lakh


XT - Rs 17.04 lakh


AX5 AT - Rs 17.19 lakh


XMA - Rs 17.06 lakh


Smart - Rs 17.94 lakh

XT Plus - Rs 17.84 lakh


XZ - Rs 18.34 lakh

Sport - Rs 18.89 lakh

  • The XUV700 diesel undercuts segment rivals by nearly Rs 2 lakh. The SUV gets a 2.2-litre diesel engine in two tunes. In the MX variant, it produces 155PS/360Nm, and in the rest, it makes 185PS/420Nm with the 6-speed manual. If you opt for the 6-speed automatic, the torque output goes up by 30Nm.

  • Even the one-above-base AX3 is more affordable than the base-spec Hector-diesel and only slightly more expensive than the base-spec Tata Harrier.

  • The MG Hector, Jeep Compass, and diesel-only Tata Harrier get the same 2-litre diesel engine that makes 170PS/350Nm. While the MG only gets a 6-speed manual, the Harrier also gets the choice of a 6-speed automatic.

  • Mahindra’s XUV700 AX3 AT is the most affordable diesel-automatic option by Rs 87,000. The next diesel-auto option is the Tata Harrier XMA, priced at Rs 17.06 lakh. The XUV700 AX5 AT costs only Rs 13,000 more than that.

  • The Harrier’s higher variants are available at the top-end of the price range -- at Rs 21.09 lakh.

  • The diesel option of the base-spec Jeep Compass is Rs 1.7 lakh pricier than the top-spec diesel-auto 5-seater XUV700.

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Now, let’s compare how the prices for the seven-seater XUV700 variants compare to its three-row SUV rivals:


Mahindra XUV700

MG Hector Plus

Hyundai Alcazar


Style - Rs 13.96 lakh


AX5 - Rs 15.59 lakh

Super Hybrid - Rs 15.46 lakh


Prestige - Rs 16.30 lakh/ Rs 16.45 lakh (6-seater)

AX7 - Rs 17.59 lakh

Smart* AT/CVT - Rs 17.83 lakh

Prestige AT* - Rs 17.93 lakh


Sharp* Hybrid - Rs 18.46 lakh

Platinum - Rs 18.22 lakh


Signature* - Rs 18.70 lakh

AX7 AT - Rs 19.19 lakh

Sharp* AT/ CVT - Rs 19.49 lakh

Platinum AT* - Rs 19.55 lakh


Signature AT* - Rs 19.84 lakh

AX7 AT with Luxury Pack - Rs 20.99 lakh


* - 6-seater only

  • The XUV700 offers a seven seat configutaion with a petrol powertrain from the AX5 variant onwards which raises its entry-level price compared to three-row rivals. The Hector Plus petrol is the most affordable seven-seater here by Rs 1.63 lakh.

  • At over Rs 16 lakh, the Hyundai Alcazar petrol variants have the highest entry-level prices. It is provided with a 2-litre petrol engine making 159PS/191Nm with the choice of 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions.

  • The Hector Plus and Alcazar are available in six-seater configurations with captain seats in the middle row. There are some variants with only this layout, so please take note. The XUV700 doesn’t get a six-seater option.

MG Hector Plus 6-seater
Hyundai Alcazar 6-seater

  • The top-spec XUV700 AX7 comes as a seven-seater only. Over and above the AX5, it gets ADAS, dual-zone climate control, leatherette upholstery, side airbags, 18-inch alloy wheels, and powered driver’s seat.

  • The AX7 is on par with Hector Plus’ mid-spec petrol-auto and Alcazar’s entry-spec petrol-auto variants. However, the AX7 AT is priced closer to (but more affordable) than the top-spec Hector Plus and mid-spec Alcazar with the petrol-automatic powertrain.

  • The XUV700 AX7 petrol-auto gets a Luxury Pack for a premium of Rs 1.8 lakh. Sure, that makes it dearer than its rivals, but you get features like a 360-degree camera, a Sony 3D sound system, electronic parking brake, and door handles that pop out electronically. 

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Mahindra XUV700

MG Hector Plus

Tata Safari

Hyundai Alcazar

AX3 - Rs 15.19 lakh

Style - Rs 15.38 lakh

XE - Rs 14.99 lakh


AX3 AT - Rs 16.19 lakh


AX5 - Rs 16.19 lakh

Super - Rs 16.48 lakh/ Rs 16.72 lakh (6-seater)

XM - Rs 16.53 lakh

Prestige - Rs 16.53 lakh/ Rs 16.68 lakh (6-seater)

AX5 AT - Rs 17.19 lakh


XMA - Rs 17.80 lakh

Prestige AT - Rs 18.01 lakh


XT - Rs 17.98 lakh


AX7 - Rs 18.19 lakh

Smart - Rs 18.49 lakh/ Rs 18.59 lakh ( 6-seater)

XT Plus - Rs 18.78 lakh

Platinum - Rs 18.45 lakh


Select - Rs 19.35 lakh


Signature* - Rs 18.93 lakh

AX7 AT - Rs 19.79 lakh

Sharp* - Rs 19.99 lakh

XZ - Rs 19.68 lakh

Platinum AT* - Rs 19.63 lakh/ Rs 19.78 lakh (6-seater)


XTA Plus - Rs 20.08 lakh

Signature AT* - Rs 19.99 lakh


XZ Plus - Rs 20.52 lakh/ Rs 20.37 lakh (6-seater)


AX7 AT AWD - Rs 21.09 lakh


XZA AT - Rs 20.95 lakh


AX7 AT with Luxury Pack - Rs 21.59 lakh


XZA Plus AT - Rs 21.80 lakh / Rs 21.65 lakh (6-seater)


XZ Plus Gold - Rs 21.89 lakh


* - 6-seater only

  • The entry-level Tata Safari is the most affordable diesel option here, followed by the XUV700 (+Rs 20,000) and Hector Plus (+Rs 39,000).

  • Like the Harrier, the Safari is a diesel-only offering, whereas the MG Hector Plus does not get a diesel-automatic option. Both get the same 2-litre diesel engine in their five-seater versions, while the Alcazar is comparatively underpowered with a 1.5-litre diesel unit making 115PS and 250Nm.

  • The XUV700 AX3 AT is the most affordable diesel-automatic option here by Rs 1.6 lakh.

  • The top-spec AX7 diesel-manual is more affordable than its rivals’ mid-spec variants. 

  • Mahindra is the only carmaker in the segment to offer the choice of an AWD powertrain for a premium of Rs 1.3 lakh (with the AX7 diesel-automatic only). But if you opt for the AX7 AT with the Luxury Pack, you don’t get to club it with the AWD option. 

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