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Fuel Efficiency Comparison: Captur Vs Creta Vs S-Cross Vs Hexa Vs XUV500 Vs Compass Vs Duster Vs Terrano

Modified On Nov 07, 2017 03:50 PM By Rachit Shad for Renault Captur

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We pit Renault’s latest offering against its similarly priced rivals to find out how frugal or thirsty it is

Fuel Efficiency Comparison

Ever since Renault announced that the Captur will be coming to India, the car had been grabbing headlines for various reasons. Some revolved around its chic European styling, while others focused its pivotal role for Renault’s entry into the premium segment. Well, the Captur is here and it has been priced to take on several SUVs/Crossovers which cost between Rs 10-15 lakh. But how does Renault’s latest offering stack up against its competition in terms of fuel economy? Well, let’s find out.

Renault Captur

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The list of cars that the Captur takes on includes the Hyundai Creta, Maruti Suzuki S-Cross, Tata Hexa, Mahindra XUV500, Jeep Compass and its close cousins - the Nissan Terrano and the Renault Duster. Out of this lot, the Creta, Compass, Terrano and the Duster are offered with petrol and diesel engines, while the others are only available with diesel mills. This is how the numbers look:

Fuel Efficiency Comparison: Petrol
Car Renault Captur Renault Duster Nissan Terrano Hyundai Creta Jeep Compass
Displacement (cc) 1,498 1,498 1,598 1,591 1,368
Max Power (PS) 106 106 104 123 163
Max Torque (Nm) 142 142 148 151 250
Transmission Options 5-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual /  6-Speed CVT 5-Speed Manual 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Automatic 6-Speed Manual / 7-Speed Automatic
Mileage (kmpl) 13.87 14.19 / 14.99 13.06 15.29 / 13 16 / 14.1
Variants Available RxE, RxL, RxT, RxT (Dual Tone) RxE, RxL, RxS (CVT) XL E, E+, SX+, SX+ (Dual Tone), SX+ (AT) Sport, Limited AT, Limited (O) AT
Price (ex-Delhi) Rs 9.99 - Rs 11.86 lakh Rs 8.42 - Rs 10.15 lakh Rs 9.91 lakh Rs 9.29 - Rs 12.99 lakh Rs 15.16 - Rs 19.67 lakh

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The mileage figure of the petrol-powered Captur is slightly more than that of the Nissan Terrano. The Duster, which essentially is the same car underneath, manages to return better fuel economy figures, both with manual and automatic transmissions, than the Captur. What’s really noteworthy here is that the Creta and the Compass, both of which are much more powerful, perform better in their respective petrol-manual combinations. Maybe the Captur puts on a better show with its diesel engine. Let’s find out.

Renault Captur

Fuel Efficiency Comparison: Diesel
Car Renault Captur Renault Duster Nissan Terrano Hyundai Creta Jeep Compass Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Mahindra XUV500 Tata Hexa
Displacement (cc) 1,461 1,461 1,461 1,396 / 1,582 1,956 1,248 1,997 / 2,179 2,179
Max Power (PS) 110 85 / 110 85 / 110 90 / 128 173 90 140 140 / 156
Max Torque (Nm) 240 200 / 245 200 / 245 220 / 260 350 200 320 / 330 320 / 400
Transmission Options 6-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed AMT 5-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed AMT 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Automatic 6-Speed Manual 5-Speed Manual 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Automatic 5-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Manual / 6-Speed Automatic
Mileage (kmpl) 20.37 (RxE) / 19.91 19.87 (85PS) / 19.6 (110PS) / 19.72 (AWD) 19.87 (85PS) / 19.64 - MT / 19.61 - AMT 21.38 (90PS) / 19.67 (128PS - MT) / 17.01 (128PS - AT) 17.1 / 16.3 (4x4) 25.1 16 12
Variants Available RxE, RxL, RxT, Platine STD, RxE, RxS, RxZ (85PS) / RxZ (110PS - AMT / AWD) XE, XL (O) - 85PS / XV Premium, XV Premium Auto Drive E+, S, S+ (90PS) / S+, SX, SX+, SX+ (Dual Tone), SX (O) Sport, Longitude, Longitude (O), Limited, Limited (O), Limited 4x4, Limited 4x4 (O) Sigma, Delta, Zeta, Alpha W4, W6, W9, W10, W6 AT, W9 AT, W10 AT (AWD is optional with W10 only with the bigger engine - MT and AT) XE (150PS), XM, XMA, XT, XTA, XT 4x4
Price (ex-Delhi) Rs 11.39 - Rs 14.05 lakh Rs 9.36 - Rs 13.66 lakh Rs 9.99 - Rs 14.32 lakh Rs 9.99 - Rs 14.55 lakh Rs 15.99 - Rs 21.37 lakh Rs 8.49 - Rs 11.29 lakh Rs 12.65 - Rs 17.67 lakh Rs 11.72 - Rs 17.19 lakh

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That’s a big table to get your head around, isn’t it?! Well, the crux of the matter is simple - compared to its competitors, the Renault Captur performs well in terms of mileage figures. The entry-level RxE variant returns better fuel economy as compared to less powerful versions of the same engine found under the hoods of the Renault Duster and the Nissan Terrano. Even if the higher variants are matched, with the engine in the same tune, the Captur outshines the other two. Where it does fall short though is the unavailability of a two-pedal setup, which the Terrano and the Duster offer.

Renault Captur

Renault Captur’s direct rival from Maruti Suzuki, the S-Cross, is the one that steals the show when fuel efficiency is looked at. Its frugal 1.3-litre engine returns nearly 5kmpl better mileage than the Captur. However, the Maruti isn’t as powerful as the Renault. Other bigger cars which start or fall within the price range of the Renault Captur have more powerful engines and hence, aren’t that easy on the pocket.

On the whole, the Renault Captur mixes well within its list of rivals. If fuel efficiency is your primary deciding factor and you are okay with spending more initially, the diesel-fed Captur will not disappoint you.

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