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Maker of all-time best-selling cars in India, Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) dates back to the year 1981 in its origins, when it was known as Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) and 18.28% of its shares were under the ownership of the Indian government. Suzuki Motor Corporation, which was a renowned automobile and motorcycle manufacturer back then, just like it is today, had a 54.2% stake in the company right from the beginning and it continues to hold the same till date although the 18.28% stake that was owned by the Indian government was sold off to some financial institutions of the country in 2007 after which the company was renamed as Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

In the present day auto-market of India, there is no brand that is as trusted by buyers all across the nation as Maruti. Right from the legendary Maruti 800, which had long been regarded as the 'People's Car of India' before it was discontinued in 2012, to the sensational Maruti Alto 800 that broke all sales records within a week after its launch in 2012 and successfully took the place of the 800 as the new People's Car, to the stylish yet strong MPV Maruti Ertiga that had even the market champion Toyota Innova struggling to keep its customer bank safe, to all the other models that followed them over time - every car that has ever exited the factories of Maruti India has marvellously succeeded in carving a distinct niche for itself in the Indian auto-bazaar.

Beginning production in the year 1983, the very first car that was manufactured by Maruti Suzuki was none other than the iconic Maruti 800. Back then, the only competitors that faced this hatchback were Hindustan Ambassador and Premier Padmini, and both these cars were at least a quarter century behind their time, which automatically gained the 800 the stature of an automobile revolution. Aside from the terrific technological advancement that Maruti cars introduced in India, the automaker is also applauded for being the first in the industry to take up mass production of cars, for being the first car manufacturer in the country to sell more than a million units and for being the market leader in automobiles for approximately three decades now.

Maruti cars in India currently claim an approximate share of 45% in the market. A total of models and over variants constitute their extensive fleet. With headquarters situated in the capital city of New Delhi, the company has pretty huge manufacturing facilities located in Gurgaon and Manesar, which together account for a staggering production capacity of over 14,50,000 units per annum. Matching this enormous production capacity of Maruti Suzuki is the exceptional quality of service provided by its expansive network of dealerships and service stations that comprises of as many as 1284 dealerships, 1748 service centres and 30 express service stations spanning the entire nation. Other than this widespread network of specialised service outlets, Maruti makes a number of additional services, such as Maruti Insurance, Maruti Finance, Maruti True Value and Maruti Driving School, available for its customers in order to enhance the quality of their experience with the company and acquire maximum satisfaction on their part.

But it is not just in India that Maruti enjoys the status of an unbeatable leader. In car markets all across the world, the manufacturer has left a lasting mark of its excellence, making its presence felt on a global level. Be it Netherlands, Germany, France, UK, Australia, South Africa, Algeria or Chile, Maruti cars are an inseparable part of the auto-bazaar of each and every one of these nations.

Maruti Models in India

One of the largest fleet of cars in India belongs to Maruti Suzuki, and it is quite understandable seeing that the auto-giant is not only one of the oldest but also one of the biggest game players in the industry. From hatchbacks to sedans, from SUVs to MUVs - Maruti Suzuki has it all. A total of 16 car models is what the company offers today, allowing its buyers to choose from an array of over 237 variants and select the perfect ride for themselves. Included in this huge assortment of Maruti car models are Maruti Alto 800, Maruti Omni, Maruti Eeco, Maruti Alto K10 and Maruti Wagon R.

Maruti Lowest Price CarM

It is a well-known fact that the fate of every car in India, other than the luxury wagons, of course, depends a great deal upon the price tag that comes attached to it. Be it hatchbacks, entry-level sedans or compact SUVs, the very USP of all these categories of cars is their ability to provide features expected of a much higher segment at a much lower cost of ownership. And Maruti excels in all these segments. Known for always keeping its offerings well within the reach of the Indian buyer, the least expensive model that Maruti India has on sale at present is Maruti Alto 800 that comes tagged with a price of Rs 2,49,563.

Maruti Highest Price Car

Although Maruti Suzuki is famous for its cost-effective models that tend to go quite easy on the pockets of Indian buyers, there are certain members in its crew that incorporate such amazing features and fitment that a small price tag just cannot cover them. These are the models that are meant for buyers who are looking for a car that goes way beyond being just a means of travel. For such cars, 'quality', and not 'pricing', is the factor that makes the decision for their buyers. One such car model that features on the fleet of Maruti cars is Maruti SX4 S Cross, which comes priced at Rs 8,61,512 and therefore is the most expensive offering of Maruti Suzuki India.

Most Fuel-efficient Maruti Car

Apart from reasonable pricing, the quality that makes Maruti cars the terrific bestsellers that they are today is their unmatched fuel-efficiency. With exceptionally frugal powermills sitting under all their hoods, fuel-consumption is something that has always been kept at minimal levels in these cars. In fact, so fantastic has been the performance of MSI cars in terms of fuel-economy that not just one but several of them have been listed amongst the most fuel-efficient cars of India for many years now. But the one model that has left all its siblings behind and emerged as the most fuel-efficient Maruti car of the date is Maruti Alto 800 that comes tagged with a price of Rs 2,49,563.

Maruti Upcoming Cars

Presently owning a pretty large crew of cars comprising of as many as 16 that spans over several popular segments of the Indian auto-industry, Maruti India is one of the largest auto-manufacturer in the country. To expand its extensive fleet of cars further and to provide its buyers with a far better and wider set of options to choose from over days to come, some new models are soon going to be launched by the company in India including the likes of Maruti Ciaz 2018, Maruti Ertiga 2018, Maruti Grand Vitara, Maruti Jimny and Maruti WagonR 2018.

Maruti History :



Maruti Suzuki India Limited is a publicly listed automaker in India. It is a leading four-wheeler automobile manufacturer in South Asia. Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan holds a majority stake in the company. It was the first company in India to mass-produce and sell more than a million cars. It is largely credited for having brought in an automobile revolution to India. It is the market leader in India. On 17 September, 2007, Maruti Udyog was renamed to Maruti Suzuki India Limited. The company's headquarters remain in Gurgaon, near Delhi.


Maruti Udyog Limited (MUL) was established in February 1981, though the actual production commenced in 1983. Through 2004, Maruti has produced over 5 Million vehicles. Marutis are sold in India and various several other countries, depending upon export orders. Cars similar to Marutis (but not manufactured by Maruti Udyog) are sold by Suzuki in Pakistan and other South Asian countries.The company annually exports more than 30,000 cars and has an extremely large domestic market in India selling over 500,000 cars annually.


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