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Silver, the most popular color for car

Published On Dec 11, 2010 02:27 PM By Ritesh for Mercedes-Benz R-Class

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Silver is the choice of car most of the car buyers wish for these days. DuPont, the leaders in the global auto mobile coating revealed in its 58th Annual Global Automotive Colour Popularity Reports which stated that Silver is the popular choice for cars worldwide. Black is giving tougher competition to Silver. The report reflects the information on the popular colour choice and also tells about the regional trends from across 11 leading automobile regions across world.

Silver colour has the bagged the numero uno position for seven years in a row worldwide. As per the report submitted for 2010, the vivacious hues such as orange and red are also gaining popularity. The report further throws light, that, the growth in these lively colors is more in Asia and North America.

The report submitted by DuPont Global Colour Popularity Report is considered to be a standardized and authoritative report for predicting and analyzing the car colors selected widely by the consumers. The report segregates by vehicle type and also by regions across globe. In this year's report, it is further categorized specifying alteration in the Asian auto markets. DuPont, is a leading auto mobile coating in the market and their report is considered to be a set standard in the automotive sector. The influence of report stretches to fashion, consumer electronics and home furnishings.

Nancy Lockhart, Marketing Manager in DuPont colors, said that the company's analysis, accredit the auto makers across world to decide on the future of its vehicle colors and designs. He also added that, in the present times, these reports hold great value as the auto industry is observing accelerating demand for its new vehicles in terms of styling and designs.

As per the report, the 10 most liked Colour trends across globe are : at the number one position is Silver with 26 per cent, Black equally giving it a tough fight at 24 per cent standing at 2nd place, the 3rd is secured by White or Pearl White and grey with 16 per cent, 4th is taken by Red with 6 per cent, 5th by Blue with 5 per cent, the 6th is taken by Beige or Brown with 3 per cent, On 7th place stands the Green colour with 2 per cent, 8th is taken by Yellow or Gold with 1 per cent, and the 9th is all the other colours with below 1 per cent.

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