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Nissan Magnite vs Rivals: What Do The Prices Say?

Published On Dec 03, 2020 08:00 AM By Sonny for Nissan Magnite

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How does Nissan’s pricing for the Magnite stack up against its many rivals? We find out

Nissan has finally joined the sub-4m SUV segment in India with the launch of the Magnite. The Magnite’s aggressive launch price starts from Rs 4.99 lakh (ex-showroom) which makes it more affordable than its nearest priced rival, the Kia Sonet, by Rs 1.72 lakh. Nissan’s offering does get the least powerful 1.0-litre engine with the manual gearbox to start with but it also gets a new 100PS turbo-petrol engine with the choice of a CVT automatic. Let’s see how the newest sub-4m SUV offering compares to its rivals in terms of prices.

Nissan Magnite rear

Since the Magnite is a petrol-only offering, we’ll only be looking at the petrol variants of its rivals.

Petrol Manual

Nissan Magnite

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue

Tata Nexon

Mahindra XUV300

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Ford EcoSport

Toyota Urban Cruiser

XE - Rs 4.99 lakh


XL - Rs 5.99 lakh


XV - Rs 6.68 lakh (Rs 7.07 lakh with Tech Pack)

HTE - Rs 6.71 lakh

E - Rs 6.75 lakh


Turbo XL - Rs 6.99 lakh


XE - Rs 7 lakh


XV Premium/ Premium(O)-  Rs 7.55 lakh/ Rs 7.65 lakh (Rs 7.94 lakh with Tech Pack)

HTK - Rs 7.59 lakh

S - Rs 7.47 lakh


Lxi - Rs 7.34 lakh


Turbo XV - Rs 7.68 lakh (Rs 8.07 lakh with Tech Pack)


XM - Rs 7.85 lakh

W4 - Rs 7.95 lakh


HTK+ - Rs 8.45 lakh

S+ - Rs 8.39 lakh

XM(S) - Rs 8.37 lakh


Vxi -Rs 8.35 lakh

Ambiente - Rs 8.19 lakh

Mid -  Rs 8.40 lakh

Turbo XV Premium/ Premium(O) - Rs 8.45 lakh/ Rs 8.55 lakh (Rs 8.84 lakh with Tech Pack)


Turbo S - Rs 8.53 lakh

XZ - Rs 8.85 lakh

W6 - Rs 8.98 lakh

Zxi - Rs 9.10 lakh

Trend - Rs 8.99 lakh

High - Rs 9.15 lakh


Turbo HTK+ iMT - Rs 9.49 lakh

Turbo SX  - Rs 9.86 lakh

XZ+ - Rs 9.65 lakh


Zxi+ - Rs 9.75 lakh

Titanium - Rs 9.78 lakh

Premium - Rs 9.80 lakh


Turbo HTX iMT - Rs 9.99 lakh

Turbo SX iMT - Rs 10 lakh

XZ+(S) - Rs 10.25 lakh

W8 - Rs 9.90 lakh


Turbo SX(O) - Rs 10.92 lakh

XZ+(O) - Rs 10.55 lakh

W8 Optional - Rs 10.97 lakh


Titanium+/ Thunder - Rs 10.68 lakh


Turbo HTX+ iMT - Rs 11.65 lakh

Turbo SX(O) iMT - Rs 11.15 lakh


S - Rs 11.23 lakh


Turbo GTX+ iMT - Rs 11.99 lakh


Note: Nissan also offers the Magnite with a Tech Pack that offers additional features on all variants from the XV trim onwards for a premium of Rs 38,698. It offers dealer-level accessories, not factory-fitted equipment, which includes wireless charging pad, air purifier, ambient lighting and a JBL sound system.

Nissan Magnite 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine

  • Nissan has certainly stirred the pot with the introductory prices of the Magnite. It is the most affordable option in the segment by quite some margin. It is Rs 1.72 lakh more affordable than the base spec Kia Sonet, Rs 1.76 lakh more affordable than the base Hyundai Venue and Rs 2.35 lakh more affordable than the base Maruti Vitara Brezza.

  • The Magnite continues to be the most affordable option even in its mid-spec XV trim with the less powerful 1.0-litre naturally-aspirated petrol engine.

  • Magnite’s top-spec XV Premium(O) variant only adds connected car tech over the XV Premium for the extra Rs 10,000.

  • The Toyota Urban Cruiser has the highest entry price in this segment as the Mid variant is better equipped than the base variants of its rivals.

  • Nissan’s model is also the most affordable turbo-petrol model in the segment with its 100PS 1.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. It is only Rs 900 cheaper than the starting price of the Tata Nexon which gets a 120PS 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine as standard.

  • Kia has the priciest offering in the segment with its GTX+ variant for the turbo-petrol engine with the iMT (clutchless manual). This powertrain option doesn’t get the choice of a 6-speed manual in the Sonet.

  • At the top-end of the petrol-manual comparison as well, the Magnite is a lot cheaper than the top-spec models of its rivals by a couple of lakhs.

  • Hyundai gets the same engines as the Kia Sonet and the Venue is the only other model to offer an iMT.

  • Most sub-4m SUVs also offer the option of a dual-tone exterior finish at a fixed premium: Rs 14,000 for the Magnite, Rs 10,000 for the Sonet, Rs 15,000 for the XUV300 and Rs 20,000 for the Nexon. 

  • Since the Magnite is the most affordable option, it also offers the dual-tone exterior at the lowest price point, starting from the XV Premium trim. Tata offers the dual-tone option from XZ+ onwards while the XUV300 offers it only on the top-spec variant.

  • Hyundai also offers a dual-tone option for the Venue but it is combined with the Sport package that adds a few extra features as well. Thus the premium for the dual-tone Sport package varies depending on the Venue variant.

Petrol Automatic

Nissan Magnite

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue

Tata Nexon

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Ford EcoSport

Toyota Urban Cruiser

Turbo XL CVT - Rs 7.89 lakh


Turbo XV CVT - Rs 8.58 lakh (Rs 8.97 lakh with Tech Pack)


XMA - Rs 8.45 lakh


XMA(S) - Rs 8.97 lakh


Turbo XV Premium/ Premium(O) CVT - Rs 9.35 lakh/ Rs 9.45 lakh (Rs 9.74 lakh with Tech Pack)


Turbo S DCT - Rs 9.67 lakh


Vxi - Rs 9.75 lakh


Mid - Rs 9.80 lakh


Turbo HTK+ DCT - Rs 10.49 lakh


XZA - Rs 10.25 lakh/ XZA+(S) - Rs 10.85 lakh

Zxi - Rs 10.50 lakh

Titanium - Rs 10.68 lakh

High - Rs 10.65 lakh


Turbo SX+ DCT - Rs 11.48 lakh

XZA+(O) - Rs 11.15 lakh

Zxi+ - Rs 11.15 lakh

Titanium+ - Rs 11.58 lakh

Premium - Rs 11.30 lakh


Turbo GTX+ DCT - Rs 12.89 lakh


Note: Nissan also offers the Magnite with a Tech Pack that offers additional features on all variants from the XV trim onwards for a premium of Rs 38,698.

  • Nissan offers the Magnite’s 1.0-litre turbo-petrol with the choice of a CVT automatic. It is the most affordable automatic option in the sub-4m SUV segment undercutting the nearest rival by Rs 56,000 (Nexon).

  • The entry-level Magnite CVT is also Rs 1.78 lakh more affordable than entry-level Venue DCT, Rs 1.86 lakh cheaper than Brezza’s base automatic and Rs 2.6 lakh more affordable than the starting price for the Sonet-DCT.

  • The most expensive petrol-automatic sub-4m SUV is the Kia Sonet GTX+. Its 1.0-litre turbo-petrol is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic which is also the choice available for the Hyundai Venue.

Tata Nexon XM(S) Launched At Rs 8.36 Lakh: Most Affordable Car To Get A Sunroof In India

  • The Nexon is the only one here to offer an AMT automatic while the XUV300 does not get a petrol-automatic option.

  • The Vitara Brezza/Urban Cruiser uses an old school 4-speed torque convertor with a modern mild-hybrid system for its 1.5-litre petrol engine.

  • Ford’s EcoSport also uses a torque-convertor automatic for its 1.5-litre petrol engine which is also the most powerful one in the segment as it offers 122PS of power.

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