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Watch This Amazing Transformation Of An Old, Beat-up Honda Jazz

Published On Mar 13, 2021 12:30 PM By CarDekho for Honda Jazz

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Despite years of abuse, this car now looks immaculate and ready for a new life, thanks to this Pune-based car detailer

Before you start watching the embedded video, skip all the way to the 17-minute mark for some beautiful footage of the restored car. Done? Let’s move on to the story. This Honda Jazz used to be a rental fleet car with a commercial self-driven registration certificate. It spent all its life accumulating dents and scratches at the hands of many unwary drivers until it arrived at Brotomotive, an auto detailing company based in Pune, for exterior restoration and interior refurbishing. Watch the video to see how the crew executes this transformation.  

Nearly every panel seemed cheaply repaired and repainted several times. The headlights were cloudy due to oxidation, and there were no covers on the side mirror housings. A cracked tail lamp and peeling clear coat made this Jazz seem more like a scrap-yard find than a not-so-old Honda.

Now, a commercial car permit has to be renewed every five years after the date of registration. Road taxes have to be paid, and fitness certificates need to be renewed annually. Since the car’s condition likely made it one of the least favourite rentals in the company’s parking lot, the agency may have decided to sell it to an individual before the first five years of its ownership. In any case, this generation of the Jazz was launched in India in 2015, so this car could be around five years old. It may have over one lakh kilometres on the odometer, but that 1.5-litre i-DTEC will likely chug along happily towards the next milestone. 

We have no doubt that the restoration has added value to this Honda Jazz. If you want your daily driving car to look fresh and new for years, here’s what you can do: 

Give it a wash: It might seem obvious to wash a dirty car, but there is a technical reason for it, too. Oil vapour from pollution, bird droppings, and other contaminants quietly leach away at the clear coat, so they must be removed with soap. We recommend washing your car every week using the two-bucket-wash method with a grit guard in each bucket. Have car shampoo in one bucket and rinse your washing mitt in another bucket with plain water. Start from the roof and work your way down on each side of the car, making horizontal passes with the glove to prevent swirl marks. Rinse the car off and wick away the water droplets with dry microfiber towels. If you get your car washed by someone else, hand them the cheaply available mitt, towels, and grit guards mentioned above.  

Wax frequently: Often, a coat of wax is all you need to maintain the finish of your paintwork for years. Remember the yellow headlamps of the Jazz you just saw? You can prevent that from happening to your car with just a dab of wax on the headlamps and taillamps. Most of the decent car waxes available in the market also offer some hydrophobic properties. If you live in a highly polluted or dusty town, you might find that your car’s wax leaches away in just a few weeks. We recommend a monthly application of carnauba wax for lost paint protection. Popular waxes from Meguiar’s and Turtle Wax can cost up to Rs 2,000 per tin. Still, there are more affordable alternatives on Amazon like the Formula 1 carnauba paste wax (Rs 380) and Waxpol hard wax (Rs 750). A single tin has enough wax for several months of usage. 

Films and coatings: Some car detailing centres, like 3M Car Care, offer urethane-based paint protection films (PPFs) applied on all exterior body panels. The PPF provides a physical barrier against stone chips and minor abrasions. However, budget-car buyers would find it expensive. Instead, you can opt for the more affordable ceramic coating, which provides long-term water and chemical-resistance.

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