Rolls Royce Pristine Image Dampens with the Recall of 74 Phantoms

Published On May 01, 2012 07:25 PM By Ritesh

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Rolls Royce, the established luxury auto brand is going to recall 74 Rolls Royce Phantoms that were sold between 2003 and 2009 for a oil leak glitch in the power breaking system.  The leak in the power breaking system might affect the power braking assistance Rolls Royce high profile clientele are not liking this recall, even though there are no reported incidents of brake failure but the company is not likely to take any chance. Apart from the 74 Phantoms, Rolls Royce is also going to recall about 36 Ghost sedans manufactured in the year 2009 and 2011 for an anomaly with the turbo cooling pump which may create cracks causing the coolant to seep out  into the machinery and result into fire.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

This recall could dampen the pristine image of the British marquee but it is not going to take any chances in case something goes wrong. The brand reflects perfectionism and that’s what the customers expect when they pay a hefty price for their vehicles; however accidents do happen even with the immaculate machinery forcing the company to initiate this recall. The market aficionados say that the car companies are very cautious, and do not want any malfunction in the machinery, and if there is a miniscule possibility of something going wrong they opt for a recall. By and large this recall encompasses certain models whereas this is a full range recall.  Customers who shell out more than half a million dollars do expect more and that is why Rolls Royce cars are engineered with perfection to the T. The engineering is more in them as compared to a space shuttle, so this comes as a surprise that Rolls Royce would make a fault like that when you do not even expect a speckle placed here and there. 

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