Honda City Facelift - Is It Priced Right?

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Prices for the Honda City facelift are now out. Does it now offer better value than before? Let's see!

The Honda City has just received a mid-life update, and there's a rejig of variants as well. The City petrol that previously topped at Rs 12.27 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi for VX CVT) now costs Rs 13.53 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi for ZX CVT). The diesel-manual City facelift is slightly more expensive than its petrol-CVT counterpart and is priced at Rs 13.57 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The City facelift boasts of some features unheard of in this segment, but is the price hike that accompanies it justified? Let's go variant-by-variant and find out! But first head over to our launch story for Honda City price list and details.

*All prices ex-showroom, Delhi

Honda City facelift S – Rs 8.50 lakh (petrol)

Previous price – Rs 9.00 lakh (petrol)

Price difference – Rs -0.50 lakh

Features Gained – LED DRLs

Features Lost – Steering mounted controls, height adjustable driver seat

Our verdict – As VFM as before

The Honda City facelift isn't available in the E variant, and therefore, the City line-up starts with the S variant now, which is available with the petrol engine only. The S variant sees a price drop of Rs 50,000 compared to the pre-facelift City S MT, and it loses important features like steering mounted controls and height adjustable driver's seat in the process.

Compared to the pre-facelift City E (the entry-level variant previously), the price increase is around Rs 20,000 but features like audio system, LED DRLs, rear defogger and keyless entry are now standard.

A lower entry-level price will see Honda losing fewer customers despite the ouster of E variant, and therefore, the entry-level City is still as value for money as before.

Honda City facelift SV – Rs 9.54 lakh (petrol), Rs 10.76 lakh (diesel)

Previous price – Rs 9.53/10.61 lakh (petrol/petrol CVT), Rs 10.67 lakh (diesel)

Price difference – Rs 0.01 lakh (petrol), Rs 0.09 lakh (diesel)

Features Gained – LED DRLs, Power folding ORVMs with turn indicators, auto door lock-unlock

Features Lost – No CVT option

Our verdict – More VFM than before

The SV variant in the facelifted City is available with both petrol and diesel engines; however, Honda is not offering the CVT 'box in this variant now. As a result, the automatic City is now more expensive than before, and considering the current market expectations, that is not good news for buyers.

Auto door lock-unlock is an important feature added to the City line-up which was missing before. Power folding ORVMs is a convenience feature while turn indicators on ORVMs are purely cosmetic. DRLs are also standard now. With the other cosmetic updates, the SV variant gains enough features against the corresponding marginal increase in the price, and therefore, the SV variant is now better VFM than before.

Honda City facelift V – Rs 10.00/11.54 lakh (petrol/petrol CVT), Rs 11.56 lakh (diesel)

Previous price – Rs 9.99 (petrol), Rs 11.34 lakh (diesel)

Price difference – Rs 0.01 lakh (petrol), Rs 0.22 lakh (diesel)

Features Gained – LED DRLs, Engine start/stop button, Bigger 7.0-inch AVN, auto door lock-unlock

Features Lost – None

Our verdict – Petrol is more VFM than before

The Honda City facelift V is the new entry-level automatic City. This variant doesn't lose any features and gains LED DRLs, engine start/stop button and a bigger entertainment system with navigation. Surprisingly, the prices for the petrol City are the same while the increase in price for the diesel City is to the tune of Rs 22,000. So, the diesel City may seem priced slightly on the higher side, but the petrol City facelift looks far superior on paper to the outgoing one.

Honda City facelift VX – Rs 11.65/12.85 lakh (petrol/petrol CVT), Rs 12.87 lakh (diesel)

Previous price – Rs 11.15/12.27 lakh (petrol/petrol CVT), Rs 12.35 lakh (diesel)

Price difference – Rs 0.50/0.58 lakh (petrol/petrol CVT), Rs 0.52 lakh (diesel)

Features Gained – LED DRLs, Bigger 7.0-inch AVN, auto door lock-unlock, auto dimming rear view mirror, telescopic steering, LED headlamps and fog lights, one-touch open/close function with Sunroof

Features Lost – No

Our verdict – More VFM than before

The increase in prices in the VX variant goes over half a lakh rupees. The engine-transmission options are the same as before however the City facelift gets significant feature updates like LED headlamps and fog lamps, auto dimming RVM and telescopic steering adjustment. With that equipment list, the facelifted City VX justifies the higher sticker price.

Honda City facelift ZX – Rs 13.53 lakh (petrol CVT), Rs 13.57 lakh (diesel)

Previous price – NA (New variant)

Price difference – NA

Additional features (over VX) – Auto headlamps, rain sensing wipers, adjustable rear headrests, side and curtain airbags, LED tail lights, trunk spoiler, 16-inch alloy wheels

Our verdict – Expensive, ideal for those who prefer being chauffeur-driven

The top-of-the-line Honda City ZX is the newly introduced variant in the City line-up. It costs Rs 68,000-70,000 over the VX variant, and rear seat has been given high importance in this variant. The highlight is the addition of six airbags which ensures the safety of rear passengers as well, and you get detachable (and adjustable) rear headrests too for added comfort. For those who drive themselves, the VX variant will suffice all needs, unless the reason for buying the ZX variant is bragging rights.

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sagar ade
Mar 1, 2017, 9:21:56 AM

LEDs offered on ZX only does not gives much difference in performance. but they save fuel due to low wattage. cost of repair is also higher in LEds. similar to corolla Altis low beam (D4R buld).

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    sagar ade
    Mar 1, 2017, 9:17:37 AM

    Honda city does not have LED main Headlamps. LED is applied to DRL. hence no difference in night driving . These are standard Halogen bulbs. with power consumption around 55Watts. but pl. note the new city has seperate low beam and seperate high beam. so good performance.

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      a chatterjee
      Feb 16, 2017, 7:59:20 PM

      Like to know about the output levels of the Honda City LED Versus Normal Filament type bulbs in lower variants. Can any one provide some measure of the Lux level of both types or even output wattage. Really do not know which is better for night driving.

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