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Kia Sonet Prices vs Rivals: What Do The Prices Say?

Modified On Sep 28, 2020 10:25 AM By Dhruv Attri for Kia Sonet 2020-2024

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The Kia Sonet will be jostling for space in the crowded sub-4m segment. How does it fare when you bring value for money into consideration?

There’s no dearth of options in the sub-4m SUV segment. And that means the task’s cut out for the Kia Sonet which has been launched in the range of Rs 6.71 lakh and Rs 11.99 lakh (ex-showroom). Is it making more sense than the established players like the Hyundai Venue, Tata Nexon, Ford EcoSport and Mahindra XUV300? Let’s see what the prices have to say.


Comparison of similarly-priced variants

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue

Tata Nexon

Mahindra XUV300

Ford EcoSport

Maruti Vitara Brezza

HTE 1.2 MT: Rs 6.71 lakh

E 1.2 MT: Rs 6.75 lakh

XE: Rs 7 lakh


HTK 1.2 MT: Rs 7.59 lakh

S 1.2 MT: Rs 7.45 lakh

XM: Rs 7.85 lakh

W4: Rs 7.94 lakh


LXi MT: Rs 7.34 lakh

HTK+ 1.2 MT: Rs 8.45 lakh

S+ 1.2 MT: Rs 8.37 lakh

XM (S): Rs 8.37 lakh| XMA: Rs 8.45 lakh


Ambient: Rs 8.18 lakh

VXi MT: Rs 8.35 lakh


S 1.0 MT: Rs 8.51 lakh

XZ: Rs 8.85 lakh| XMA (S): Rs 8.97 lakh

W6: Rs 8.98 lakh

Trend: Rs 8.98 lakh

ZXi MT: Rs 9.10 lakh

HTK+ 1.0 iMT: Rs 9.49 lakh

S 1.0 DCT: Rs 9.65 lakh

XZ+ MT: Rs 9.65 lakh


Titanium: Rs 9.76 lakh

VXi AT: Rs 9.75 lakh| ZXi+ MT: Rs 9.75 lakh

HTX 1.0 iMT: Rs 9.99 lakh

SX 1.0 MT: Rs 9.84 lakh


W8: Rs 9.89 lakh


HTK+ DCT: Rs 10.49 lakh

SX 1.0 iMT: Rs 10 lakh 

XZ+ (S): Rs 10.25 lakh| XZA+ AMT: Rs 10.25 lakh


SX(O) 1.0 MT: Rs 10.90 lakh

XZ+ (O): Rs 10.55 lakh

W8 (O): Rs 10.96 lakh

Thunder MT, Titanium+ MT and Titanium AT: Rs 10.67 lakh

ZXi AT: Rs 10.50 lakh

HTX+ iMT: Rs 11.65 lakh

SX(O) 1.0 iMT: Rs 11.14 lakh 

XZA+ (S): Rs 10.85 lakh


S MT: Rs 11.21 lakh

ZXi+ AT: Rs 11.15 lakh

GTX+ iMT: Rs 11.99 lakh

SX+ DCT: Rs 11.46 lakh     

XZA+ (O): Rs 11.15 lakh


Titanium+ AT: Rs 11.56 lakh


GTX+ DCT: Rs 12.89 lakh

  • The Kia Sonet now commands the most affordable starting price tag among its rivals. That said, its price range is quite broad, starting at Rs 6.70 lakh going till Rs 11.99 lakh. Kia hasn’t revealed the complete pricing but we expect a near-Rs 13 lakh price tag for the top-spec GTX+ automatic (petrol DCT and diesel AT) variants when it’s out. So not just the affordable entry level price but the highest top-spec pricing will be credited to the Kia Sonet. 

  • The Tata Nexon and Hyundai Venue are quite close when it comes to the entry-point of the SUVs. This will serve buyers who are stretching their budget from a hatchback to buy an SUV.

  • The XUV300 might have an expensive entry point but it has a turbocharged 1.2-litre engine right from the base variant. Same is the case with the Nexon which offers a turbo-petrol at quite a bargain price. The Sonet and Venue are equipped with a 1.2-litre naturally aspirated unit which is comparatively inferior in terms of power and torque output.

Tata Nexon

  • The most affordable automatic (AMT) and sunroof options are available on the Tata Nexon. The XM (S) is priced at Rs 8.37 lakh while the XMA AMT will cost you Rs 8.45 lakh.

  • If you are looking for two-pedal convenience on the Sonet, you’ll have to spend at least Rs 9.49 lakh for the HTK+ iMT (clutchless manual). Even then you’ll have to take care of gear shifting. For a full-fledged dual clutch transmission, you’ll have to shell an extra Rs 1 lakh. 

  • Those who rate driving pleasure higher can buy the Venue S DCT (Rs 9.65 lakh), the most affordable turbocharged automatic offering in the segment with a sophisticated transmission option.

Ford EcoSport Titanium Automatic Launched At Rs 10.66 Lakh

  • The Maruti Vitara Brezza and Ford EcoSport also offer a torque converter automatic but the former’s unit is an archaic 4-speed in comparison to the latter’s 6-speed. That said, the automatic Maruti will be the more accessible of the two.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza front

  • The Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza  is the only option with a single powertrain option. But it will soon have company from Toyota’s Urban Cruiser.


Comparison of similarly-priced variants

Kia Sonet

Hyundai Venue

Tata Nexon

Mahindra XUV300

Ford EcoSport

HTE MT: Rs 8.05 lakh

E: Rs 8.15 lakh 

XE: Rs 8.45 lakh


W4: Rs 8.69 lakh

Ambiente: Rs 8.67 lakh

HTK MT: Rs 8.99 lakh

S: Rs 9.06 lakh

XM: Rs 9.20 lakh


HTK+ MT: Rs 9.49 lakh


XM(S): Rs 9.70 lakh| XMA: Rs 9.80 lakh

W6: Rs 9.69 lakh

Trend: Rs 9.47 lakh

HTX MT: Rs 9.99 lakh

SX: Rs 10 lakh 

XZ: Rs 10.20 lakh

W6 AMT: Rs 10.19 lakh

Titanium: Rs 10 lakh 

HTX+ MT| HTK+ AT: Rs 10.39 lakh


XMA (S): Rs 10.30 lakh

W8: Rs 10.74 lakh


SX(O): Rs 11.45 lakh

XZA+(S): Rs 10.85 lakh| XZ+ MT: Rs 11 lakh

W8 AMT: Rs 11.29 lakh

Titanium+ and Thunder MT: Rs 11.17 lakh

GTX+ MT: Rs 11.99 lakh


XZ+ (S) and XZA+: Rs 11.60 lakh

W8(O): Rs 11.74 lakh

S MT: Rs 11.71 lakh


XZ+ (O): Rs 11.90 lakh

W8 (O) AMT: Rs 12.29 lakh


XZA+ (S): Rs 12.20 lakh


XZA+ (O): Rs 12.50 lakh


GTX+ AT: Rs 12.89 lakh

  • Just like it was in the case of petrols, the Kia has the most affordable entry point but that might change in some months as its prices are introductory.

  • Those looking for two-pedal convenience with their diesel engines had to pick AMT’s by default. But that has changed with the advent of the Kia Sonet and its 6-speed torque converter automatic. 

  • It’s worth noting that the Kia Sonet’s diesel manual drivetrain is downrated to churn out 100PS/240Nm, which remains the case for the Hyundai Venue as well. However, the figures see a  bump when you pair it with the automatic to reach 115PS/250Nm. This is basically the same tune as the Kia Seltos. 

  • The only variant with diesel AT, however, is the HTK+ AT. It commands a rather acceptable premium of Rs 90,000 over the corresponding manual. That will change soon when Kia announces the prices of the GTX+ diesel AT option.

Mahindra XUV300 Prices Slashed By Up To Rs 87,000; Is It The Kia Sonet Effect?

  • Only the Nexon and XUV300 offer the option of a diesel automatic convenience but come paired with an AMT. 

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