Rolls-Royce Unveils Its Vision Next 100 Concept

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Rolls-Royce has always set the benchmark high in the car luxury segment. And when such a company tries to visualise how its cars will look a 100 years from now, you bet is bound to be special. Introducing the ‘Vision Vehicle’, a fully electric car from Rolls-Royce, the 103EX concept. This car has taken a step beyond the boundary of autonomous driving as we know it. It is Rolls-Royce’s Vision Next 100 vehicle and is a complete contrast to BMW’s Vision Next 100 car.

The car is completely different from everything that we have ever seen, and yet, resembles the iconic Rolls-Royce. The front grille and the ‘The Spirit of Ecstasy’ hood ornament makes it unmistakably a RR.  Apart from that, there is nothing normal about this car. The boot space is in front of the cabin and the roof opens up with the door. The 28-inch tall, but narrow wheels are hand-built from 65 individual pieces of aluminium. The cabin is suspended from the vehicle’s wheels via exposed arms and struts.

Have a peak inside the car and you will feel a little itch in your brain. That is because of the absence of any kind of dashboard and even a steering wheel or throttle pedals. Rather what you find is a wide display below the windscreen which features Eleanor. What is that you ask? Remember Jarvis from Iron Man, yes, Eleanor is 103EX Concept’s Jarvis. The computer voice which interacts with the user and follows all of its commands.

Rolls-Royce said, “Digitally connected to every aspect of her owners’ lives and her surrounding environment, Eleanor becomes their virtual assistant and chauffeur, freeing them of all effort and encumbrance. Imbued with her own artificial intelligence, she works intuitively to advise her owners on itineraries, schedules and options before they leave their residence, reminding about appointments and tasks and making suggestions to ease any anticipated impediments.”

Speaking about the event, Torsten Müller-Ötvös chief executive officer Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said, “Today, Rolls-Royce, the world’s leading luxury brand, has defined the future of luxury mobility. The Grand Arrival of the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 boldly points to a bright future for our marque where our patrons’ individual demands for complete and authentic personalisation will be met through an exquisite fusion of technology, design and hallmark Rolls-Royce craftsmanship.”

Giles Taylor director of design Rolls-Royce Motor Cars said, “With the Rolls-Royce VISION NEXT 100 we were mindful not to dwell on the past. We wanted to be as innovative as possible and at the same time transcend the design history of the marque”.

How eagerly do you want to see this car or such other technologies on the road? Do lets us know in the comments section below.

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