Mercedes-Benz adopts new nomenclature

Published On Nov 12, 2014 01:45 PM By Akshit

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Mercedes-Benz has announced a new nomenclature for its current product portfolio. Almost everything beyond the core A-, B-, C-, E- and S-Classes have gone under alteration, including the ML, the GLK, the GL, and the SLK.

Mercedes-Benz adopts new nomenclature

Under the new system, models will be centered around brand's five conventional letter names- A, B, C, E, and S, representing its size and positioning. All SUVs and crossovers will carry the ‘GL’ prefix and be followed by a letter that aligns them with the core car models. So the lineup will now include the GL'A', GL'C' (formerly GLK), GL'E' (formerly M/ML) and GL'S' (previously GL). The four-door coupes will get a ‘CL’ prefix, thus the CLA and CLS remain unaffected by this. Roadsters will all include the ‘SL’ prefix, so the SLK is now the SLC. While the G-Class SUV and SL-Class roadster comes as an exception in this new system, and will continue with the same names due to their iconic status. The '4Matic' tag signifying an all-wheel-drive vehicle also remains unchanged.

Mercedes-Benz adopts new nomenclature

Along with the names, Mercedes-Benz is also revising the individual model and powertrain designations. New lower-case letters will now describe powertrains- ‘c’ for natural gas (compressed gas), ‘d’ for diesel, ‘e’ for electric, ‘f’ for fuel cell, and ‘h’ for hybrid. Numerical suffixes that have referred less directly to engine size over the years will be kept, and will continue to correspond, generally, to relative size and power.

Though these changes aren’t as dramatic as those made recently by Infiniti and Cadillac, but the new names all does seem more logical and transparent than ever before. And according to the company, new nomenclature will begin to roll out with the face-lifted M-class and GL-Class next year.

Speaking about the changes, Daimler AG, Head, Brand Communications, Mercedes-Benz Cars, Dr. Jens Thiemer said, “After more than 20 years of continuity involving some of the most recognised and successful product names in the world, we are now making our system of vehicle nomenclature even more understandable. Bearing in mind the international appeal of our brand, our plan has been to devise an even simpler, more transparent and more logical system for the designations of our model series, with the aim of providing clear orientation for our customers.

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