Renault-Nissan Alliance Announces Collective EV Roadmap: Alliance 2030

Published On Jan 28, 2022 09:17 AM By Sonny

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The automotive conglomerate aims to introduce 35 new EVs across brands by 2030

  • Nissan-Renault to continue increasing shared product development going forward.

  • Five common EV platforms to underpin 90 percent of new EVs across all Alliance brands.

  • Nissan announces an upcoming compact EV that will replace the Micra hatchback in Europe.

  • Alliance to use a common battery strategy with the target of reducing costs by half in 2026.

  • Alliance will invest 23 billion Euros in the next five years as part of the electrification roadmap.

The automotive alliance between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors has announced its collective electrification roadmap from now until 2030. Its plan includes developing EVs on shared platforms, using common battery technology, and increasing investment and innovation.

While there are no plans for Mitsubishi to make a comeback in India, Renault and Nissan have a noteworthy presence here. We’ve already seen shared products between the French and Japanese brands before, most recently with the Renault Kiger and Nissan Magnite. The Alliance brands plan to enhance use of common platforms even further, especially for EVs.

With 35 new electric-only models to be introduced worldwide by 2030, 90 percent of them will be based on five common EV platforms:

  • CMF-AEV - The most affordable platform which currently underpins the Dacia Spring (Kwid EV).

  • KEI-EV - For ultra-compact EVs, likely for dedicated models in East-Asian markets like Japan.

  • LCV-EV - For commercial vehicles such as vans.

  • CMF-EV - A flexible EV platform that will truly cater to global markets and is the Alliance’s benchmark for new-gen EVs that can host a high-performance motor and an ultra-thin battery. It debuted in the Nissan Ariya electric SUV (not coming to India).

  • CMF-BEV - A compact EV platform, for models with range of upto 400km and scheduled to make market debut in 2024. It is expected to underpin the highest-selling EVs for Renault and Nissan going forward. 

Nissan also announced that it’ll be replacing Micra, its entry-level offering in Europe, with a new compact EV, based on the CMF-BEV platform. It had already stated in its own electrification roadmap strategy that it will be introducing 23 new electrified models, including 15 EVs, by 2030.

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With common EV platforms, the three brands will also be using a common battery strategy to achieve affordability through scale. The Alliance aims to reduce battery costs by 50 percent in 2026 and 65 percent by 2028. By 2030, it projects to have a total battery production capacity of 220GWh for EVs worldwide.

Different members of the Alliance will be leading varied aspects of the group’s roadmap for future products to leverage each brand’s skills. Nissan will be leading innovation in the area of developing all-solid-state-batteries (ASSB) which have double the energy density of current lithium-ion batteries (which equates to more range and smaller battery packs) and should reduce charge times to one-third.

Renault will be taking the lead in developing a common centralised architecture for the electrical and electronic components. This will also help all brands to collectively offer more benefits and experiences at optimal performance. It would include technologies for advanced safety assists, connected services with over-the-air updates and personalised experiences. The first fully software-defined vehicle for the Alliance is slated to premier by 2025.

In order to achieve its electrification and EV targets stated above, the Alliance plans to invest a total of 23 billion Euros in the next five years. The investment will be spread across the member brands and their respective areas of development.

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