New Sports Cars coming to India in 2012

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The mounting passion for the sports cars in India can be felt with each passing day. With Indians willing to philander money to pursue their focused interests, the craze has grown further with the recent Indian Grand Prix F1 race. The luxury sports cars manufacturers have used the Formula 1 race as the footage for introducing their sportscars in the country. The Lamborghini Aventador LP700 and Ferrari FF sportscars are two such examples to prove the building-up desire for luxury sports cars. The outrageous price tags are no longer a cause for worry, where owning a super car holds an iconic value among the elite social circles.

Ferrari FF

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The amazing Mercedes SLS Roadster gives you the very impression of the car ready to zoom into the air at an undefined speed. With the doors, which spurt out like wings, the new roadster poses  most alluring picture. The Mercedes SLS Roadster is more for the upper strata of the society at Rs 3 crore price tag. The simple lines of the 2012 Porsche 911 are deceptively sharp magnifying the power packed performance it is capable of delivering. The revamped version of Porsche 911 will now be offered with choice among most efficient automatic gearboxes. Going forward, the option is available between the 7 speed manual gearbox and a Porsche PDX dual clutch gearbox. 2012 Porsche 911 will be offered at a Rs 95 lakhs.

Porsche 911
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Another out and out Ferrari is going to make a debut in the country next year straight out from the Ferrari’s Marenello production factory. The Ferrari 458 Italia Spider is a thorough roadster with the perfectly cut lines with utmost precision to deliver maximum speed to the roads. Ferrari 458 Italia Spider paints the very picture of a super car ready to take the domestic car market by storm at Rs 3 crores price.The success of a super car cannot be measured by the sales volumes it drives, but its mere presence works as a barometer to measure the country’s growth in the luxury sports car segment. 

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