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    Ferrari FF
    Ferrari FF
    Rs   4.56 Cr*
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    Lamborghini Aventador
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    Ferrari FF
    Ferrari FF
    Rs   4.56 Cr*
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    Ferrari FF
    Ferrari FF
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    Ferrari FF
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    Ferrari FF
    Ferrari FF
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Ferrari FF

Rs 4.56 Cr*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
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Mileage 4.00 kmpl
Service Cost -
Fuel Type Petrol
Fuel Tank 78 Litres
Engine 6262 cc 
BHP 651.73
No. of Cylinders 12
No. of Gears 7 speed
Parking Sensor Yes
Airbags Yes
Duration 5 years
EMIRs 8,82,109
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Showing information of Ferrari FF GT - Petrol variant

FF highlights

October 31, 2011: Ferrari FF, the grand supercar is officially launched today in New Delhi. Priced at Rs 3.42 crore, this super car has got this name due to its 4 wheel drive and seating capacity for four people. This series which was already brought by this company India earlier this year has now been formally launched by the Italian car maker so as to encourage its sale tooth and nail. The supercar is grabbing attention due to the Grand Prix event which concluded just recently in India and which saw a lot of adrenalin-pumping action by smashingly performing sportscars. This series is the replacement for the old 612 Scaglietti which was yet another four seat grand tourer with a V12 engine. This car can disappear with just a blink of eye as the super car covers 0 to 100 km in a mere 3.7 seconds attaining a top speed of deluxe 335 kmph.

Ferrari FF price list (Variants)

Variant Ex-Showroom Price   Compare
6262 cc,  Automatic, Petrol, 4.0 kmpl
Rs 4.56 Cr*
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Ferrari FF Price in Other Cities

City Ex-showroom Price
New Delhi Rs 4.56 Cr*
Mumbai Rs 4.57 Cr*
Bangalore Rs 4.57 Cr*
Chennai Rs 4.57 Cr*
Hyderabad Rs 4.57 Cr*
Pune Rs 4.57 Cr*
Kolkata Rs 4.56 Cr*
Kochi Rs 4.57 Cr*

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*Ex-showroom price New Delhi

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Popular FF Reviews

  • Ferrari FF GT
    obi on 22 Dec, 2016
    The car is simply brilliant and looks simply fabulous in it maroon as well as the black avatar.This one is Ferrari for daily use. You can even haul your kids to that soccer match or their dance classes. The car has brilliant cubby holes and the bottle holders simply awesome.at roughly 11000 dollars it is a really sweet deal for the features that it offers. The car has a really laid back stance and often gives the feel of being a really cougar-ish estate. At 660 horsepower the beast seems a bit ... 7

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Ferrari FF Mileage

Variant Transmission Mileage (ARAI) Mileage City
Petrol Automatic  4.0 kmpl -

Ferrari FF review

This company is a name that has blazed on the trials of automotive history. Here is a company that has carved a unique, undefinable place for itself. It is a unique brand in that, it has pioneered all new innovations to the realm of sports cars, setting the standards a new and making itself a leader in the field, who has stood for the very finest excellence among car making for the span of a century. Among its overly appraised range of cars is the Ferrari FF, a machine of tongue watering grandeur. This is a machine built for massiveness on every scale of its production, from its high-tech infrastructure to its low and amazing profile. Like all this company's line-ups, this one is meant to dazzle its spectators on every level from high to low. Besides just its exquisiteness of character, this car is a machine that builds performance of the finest, combined with class and elegance that few sports cars manage. It guns the engines for the entire industry, raising automotive standards for years to come. The awe inspiring sports car is driven by the toughest engineering, with a performance capacity that nothing short of roasts the streets. A massive V12 engine fires this car, made for a spectacle of speed and performance on the streets. The extraordinary powerplant sends the car sailing to a top speed of 335 kmph, probably one of the fastest vehicles to every touch the roads. It has an acceleration that is nothing short of lethal for our roads, with the 100 kmph point broken in just 3.7 seconds, which is probably the time it takes for two blinks of the eye. Slowing down to the vehicle's expensively crafted outer design, it has a design that reflects elegance and artistic beauty on every level. The machine is low and trim, with a body that is refined for aerodynamic stealth. Its streamlined body is molded for stealth of the highest order. The metallic skin coating is sleek and glossy, riding the exterior with a flawless elegance. Its iconic scissors doors give it a futuristic touch. Carbon fiber technology further improves its exterior build, gifting it with qualities that almost beat that of F1. Built with the sound knowledge of Italian manufacture, it ensures adds the finest element of style and excellence to its exterior build and painting it with the beauty that only this company molds in her build.

Ferrari FF Exterior


This manufacturer makes its cars not only to stomp the streets, but to leave an imprint on dazzle and class like no other vehicle can. This series stays true to the grand and classy design that its compatriots from this company have managed. It has the most beautifully shaped exteriors, crafted to reflect artistic brilliance that few people would ever expect a vehicle to have. The metallic skin coating the vehicle is glossy, made so flawless that it seems hard to be of human hands. The build of the machine takes on a profile as low as it gets, meant to grip the streets. It is raised with aerodynamics of the very finest, streamlined and slim to rip through the roads. It is molded for stealthy driving, able to cut through the wind with effortless agility. The roof line slides down very lightly, and merges into the front bumper, so much so that they both seem to be one single stretch without distinction. The front lights are angular and trim, almost fierce in the look they exact on the car overall. The unique, scissor shaped doors are meant to swing outwards, their motion smooth and gentle. The roof line very delicately lowers towards the rear, which is propped higher, giving the backside a bold and menacing feel. All put together, the machine bears the resemblance of a bullet, low, sharp and striking.

Exterior Measurements:

It stretches to a total length of 4907mm. It has a wide build for hugging the ground, its width going for 1953mm. The sports car is built for the most low profile, with an impressively short height of 1379mm. It has a spacious wheelbase of 2990mm. The front track is 1676mm, and the rear track, 1660mm. The front overhang, along with its rear overhang, are also wide and of a decent, elegant build. The fuel tank capacity is massive, with the space to hold 91 litres.


The ground-breaking performance level that the car is suited for, does not, by any means, leave its interior degraded in the quality it is meant to give. The low and sharp build of the machine does not take a heavy toll on the inside, with the cabin space still large and lavishly coated. The Italian manufacturer has always meant to deliver luxury of the most refined sort, and with this model, they take to a new level. The most decoration of the cabin is savored only for the most expensive and unique of material. Premium leather upholstery cover the seats, made and examined for flawlessness on every seam. Rich leather also covers the steering wheel, enabling not only a firmer grip, but a most luxurious aura to bask in, while driving this machine. The interior kit, seat shell, and the dashboard kit are made of carbon fiber. The interior kit also has a neo piano design, meant to uplift its passengers to the heights of elegance. The e-gears are available in multiple colors and designs, with the company's inscription on all of them. Carbon fiber floor mats are available in different color stitches, all of them made for the most homely atmosphere a machine could possibly give.

Interior Comfort:

A host of features aid the passengers' comfort needs, making sure that nothing is left behind, when providing the best. Fine material layer the inside of the cabin, immersing it in the most luxurious of atmospheres. The seats are covered in flawlessly stitched, premium leather. The steering wheel is also formatted for the very best feel, allowing function to merge with style. It is made of carbon fiber, and covered with premium leather. The plush floor mats that are in it are also made of carbon fiber. Kits of personalized plugs are available for the floor mat. Rechargeable batteries are also provided, along with a 12V socket to charge devices of any kind. A storage compartment is present at the center, with a cover on it. Sun visors are also provided, customized to go along with the color of the car. A heated electric seat kit further adds to the comfort level of this advanced cabin. The seats are made of carbon fiber, as is the interior kit. The kick-plate is also made of carbon fiber. All in all, this is a cabin that lays out the very finest for its passengers, and keeps them cozy throughout.

Interior measurements:

The sophisticated outer format of the vehicle, along with its cutting edge performance, in no way takes a toll on the measure of space for the passengers. The insides are large and spacious. It leaves ample room for head and shoulders, also enough for taller people.

Acceleration & Pick-Up

Fired to maximum speed by the awesome V12 engine, the car produces an acceleration and top speed that guns past all city limits, meant to leave its driver breathless. A maximum speed of 335 Kmph makes this one of the fastest machines every built, edging closer to Formula One in its design than any other car has. It can shoot to the 100 Kmph mark within a stunning 2.9 seconds. The machine manages to reach 200 Kmph within 7 seconds or less. It stretches the limits with the ability to reach 300 Kmph in just around 15 seconds. These figures affirm why this company is destiny's chosen supercar manufacturer, and meant to stay so for years to come. This is perhaps a notch more advanced than all other offerings of this company, with most other sports machines built by this company slumping with a top speed of 300 Kmph to 325 Kmph. Furthermore, the acceleration rate of this exquisite range of cars is also raised with this machine, which goes well beyond most other offerings of this manufacturer, which dominate the roads at 4 seconds, while this one nails it at around 3.5 seconds.

Ferrari FF Engine

Engine and Performance

The twelve cylinder based engine is one of the very best in the world, and it is this choice that this company applies for this vehicle. The 6.3-litre, V12 powerplant has 48 valves, integrated through the DOHC configuration. It is capable of a peak power of 651bhp and a torque of 683Nm. This massive capacity is channeled through a flawless transmission, a 7-speed gearbox with a dry double plate clutch facility. The engine is cooled through an advanced water and oil cooling system in the rear with variable air inlets. A dry sump lubrication system assists with the lubrication, keeping the interior smooth always. Equipped with all this and more, the machine sets out to floor the streets. It shoots to a staggering top speed of 335 Kmph. The acceleration rate is even more stunning, with just around 3.7 seconds needed for the vehicle to zip to the 100 Kmph mark.


The most cutting edge technology involves itself in the production of this machine, and no stone is left unturned to bring the best of all features to the driver behind this wheel. The engine is made with both bold performance and efficient fuel consumption in mind. As a result, its fuel economy is at par with all other aspects of its razor's edge build, it delivers a mileage of 6.5 Kmpl, which is not just above average, but enormous. This is for the one reason that sports cars usually deliver a far lower mileage, but this one manages to rake up the standards with everything, and ensures that nothing falls back in the race for grandness on every level.

Power of Ferrari FF

When a conversation about speed on the roads occurs, the first thing that comes everyone's mind is a well modeled, elegant sports car with the Ferrari emblem adorned atop it. The reason for this is founded in the engineering that this car, and all others of this astounding company, boast of. The Ferrari FF is a machine that is set to defy all barriers set for city streets, and to leave its driver's heart fluttering. The V12 engine has a displacement capacity of 6262cc, possibly sliding behind a handful of sports marvels ever made in history. The mighty engine aims to grill the roads like few others would manage. It sends the machine soaring to a top speed of 335 Kmph, dominating all other vehicles setting foot on the road. Furthermore, the machine zips past the 100kmph point in a stunning 3.7 seconds. The engine revs a maximum power of 651bhp at 8000rpm, and a maximum torque of 683Nm, setting it well apart from the conventional cars on the road. All of this power is smoothly channeled through a 7-speed dual semi-automatic clutch transmission.

Braking & Handling

A machine with such a formidable speed and performance is to be balanced with top notch control, and the company's engineering more than accomplishes that. This vehicle is updated on the most sophisticated technological advancements for the field of vehicles. A dual hydraulic circuit brake system with a vacuum brake booster enables the very best braking and cornering. This is complete with superior brake calipers to equip the front and rear respectively. A front and rear mono tube damper with push rod system bring the vehicle a most rigid suspension system to take its handling and control even further. The machine also rakes up the best of technology for better control. The anti brake system aids the vehicle's control, providing the most precise assists for handling when needed.

Safety & Security

This series is only a notch or two below Formula One cars in its might and grandeur, one of the deadliest machines to cruise city streets. Safety, as a result, is not left compromised even for the mildest bit. The car is equipped with up-to-date safety aspects to seal it, and allow it to glide confidently through city roads. An impact resistant, carbon fiber body is meant for the most rigid protection in case the worst scenario should arise. Dual airbags shield the passengers throughout. A digital pressure gauge exists inside of the cockpit, letting the driver monitor the tyre pressure from where he sits itself.

Ferrari FF Wheels


It has a range of optional black alloy rims are meant to equip the vehicle with the very best control, and also to bring the car a its most attractive appeal possible. Pirelli Pzero tyres adorn the wheels, meant for carrying the performance of the powerful V12 engine, and to deliver it through flawless handling. There are R19 rims at the front, and R20 at the rear ensure that the weight of the car is distributed in a proper style.


1. Extraordinary performance, probably only behind a few others ever made.

2. Exteriors are crafted with the highest elegance and beauty.

3. Good handling for the level of power it delivers.

4. A good mileage is also delivered for the kind of performance capacity.

5. It makes for smooth handling to go along with its lethal speed ability.



1. The refined craft of its exterior leaves its interior suffering, with lesser space.

2. It has low ground clearance.

3. Lacks the usual comfort features that normal cars would be made with.

4. For its high performance, it could use additional safety features.

5. Its price range makes it one of the most expensive cars ever made.


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Ferrari FF in news

Ferrari to increase F1 driver's test period this time

It is well-known that the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari is one among many to have some large growth plans for the India. However, the sports car manufacturer is in news this time for an entirely different reason though. Ferrari is working hard to increase the testing period to improve the quality of drivers gearing up for the next F1 season. Luca Di Montezemollo, the President of Ferrari seems to be the one highly concerned to alter the testing methods to evaluate the right sort of drivers for its F1 team. Read Full News

Posted On | December 26, 2011

Ferrari Scuderia to unveil a new F1 Super car in February

Very soon, the Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari will deliver a good news on their new sports car. It is actually the Ferrari’s Formula One team, Scuderia Ferrari that’s going to unveil a new super luxury sports car in February. The new sports car will be tested rigorously at the Spains’ Jerez Circuit before it participates in any Formula 1 race in the upcoming season. Once again, the Scuderia Ferrari’s ace drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa will probably get their hands over the new sports car after the test runs. Read Full News

Posted On | December 17, 2011

New Sports Cars coming to India in 2012

The mounting passion for the sports cars in India can be felt with each passing day. With Indians willing to philander money to pursue their focused interests, the craze has grown further with the recent Indian Grand Prix F1 race. The luxury sports cars manufacturers have used the Formula 1 race as the footage for introducing their sportscars in the country. The Lamborgini Aventador LP700 and Ferrari FF sportscars are two such examples to prove the building-up desire for luxury sports cars. The outrageous price tags are no longer a cause for worry, where owning a super car holds an iconic value among the elite social circles. Read Full News

Posted On | November 21, 2011

Ferrari FF launched at Rs 3.42 crore

Ferrari FF is launched in India amid much fanfare at Ferrari showroom in Janpath , in New Delhi. Ferrari FF price in India is a jaw-dropping Rs 3.42 crore (ex-showroom Delhi). Since the car is launched just after the grand event of Formula 1 in India, this super-wagon is sure to have many takers. Read Full News

Posted On | October 31, 2011

Ferrari FF Supercar coming to India on October 31st

The Italian car manufacturer, Ferrari, is said to bring a brand new car, the Ferrari FF Supercar to the Indian car market soon after the Grand Prix F1 race. The Ferrari FF Supercar will be launched at the Ferrari sales outlet at Janpath in New Delhi on October 31st. The speculations are rife that the sports car manufacturer might have a few Formula 1 racing stars to promote the new car. The Ferrari FF price is likely to start from Rs 3.5 crores. Read Full News

Posted On | October 24, 2011
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