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GWM EV: 5 Reasons That Make It A New Age Pure Electric EV Brand

Published On Feb 13, 2020 12:33 PM By Sponsored for ORA R1

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Looking for an EV brand to beat all your range anxieties? Say hello to GWM EV

Electric vehicles (EVs) have been a rage at Auto Expo 2020 with manufacturers taking the covers off their latest and greatest EVs. However, not all of them fulfil the requirements and expectations one normally has from a high performing EV. This begs the question -- is there an urban EV that cuts down your carbon footprint without compromising on technology, range, and safety? Yes there is and it is called GWM EV, a pure electric EV brand from GWM. 

At Auto Expo 2020, GWM showcased its urban-centric compact hatchback, the GWM EV R1, and an electric fastback sedan, the GWM EV iQ. While the two might look like concept cars, they are already in production globally and have won critical acclaim for their intelligent technology and safety features. 

Here are 5 reasons why these cars, and the GWM EV brand, will accelerate EV adoption among the masses. 

1) Range, No Compromise

The biggest worry with EVs is range anxiety, an issue compounded by the fact that most existing EVs have small battery packs. But that is not the case with the GWM EV, whose EVs not only get a bigger battery pack but also longer range than existing EVs in the market. For instance, the GWM EV R1 has a single-charge range of 351km, which is similar to fuel-powered hatchbacks. The GWM EV iQ, on the other hand, has a stupendous cruising range of 401km on a single charge. 

Moreover, the GWM EV R1’s 33kWh battery can be charged to 80 per cent in roughly 40 minutes via a CHAdeMO fast-charger. It can also be fully charged with a normal Type A wall-charger in 10 hours. While that might seem long, do note it is still 6 to 8 hours faster than other EVs available in the market.

2) Design, No Compromise

Small hatches usually seem to be inspired by more established products in their line-up. But this is not the case with the GWM EV R1, whose design is not only fresh and stylish but also establishes a language of its own. The dual-tone paint job accentuates the compact design while the round headlight and squared tail lamps give the R1 a neat and manicured appearance. Although the overall design is conventional with a focus on maximising interior space, the GWM EV R1’s fascia, profile, and paint job make it stand out in the crowd.

The GWM EV iQ is similarly unmissable with its aggressive fastback styling. The highlight of the iQ from the front is its sleek LED headlamps and air scoops integrated into the front wheel arches. Its overall proportions and stance make it look like a car from the future. The same can also be said about the iQ’s interior, which is stylish, plush, and minimalist. Standing out in the GWM EV iQ’s interior though is a large floating centre console that also acts as a control pod for the EV’s various intelligent features. 

3) Space, No Compromise

Given the haphazard nature of urban traffic, driving in rush-hour can be a time-consuming and energy-sapping affair. The GWM EV R1, thanks to its compact size, can provide respite from these issues as it is easy to manoeuvre around. GWM has also used the interior design to good effect in the R1, resulting in an airy and roomy cabin where spending long hours will not be an issue. 

How is that possible in such a small hatch, you might think? The answer lies with GWM’s engineering ingenuity, which has managed to pair the GWM EV R1’s boxy design with a 2475mm wheelbase, easily longer than that of most entry-level hatchbacks in India. Topping off the GWM EV R1’s comfort factor is a long list of connected tech.

The GWM EV iQ has a lot more space to work with and this reflects in its large and well-appointed cabin space. And as with the R1, much of the credit for iQ’s cavernous space goes to its 2615mm wheelbase, which is comfortably longer than most midsize sedans sold in India.  

4) Connected-tech, No Compromise

There is little doubt that we now expect our cars to be as smart as our phones. Unfortunately, the entry-level hatchback segment still seems to be lacking on this front as most cars only get the bare basics. But the  GWM EV R1 is going to be a game-changer here as well.

The GWM EV R1 comes with a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system that doubles up as the control centre for all its intelligent tech. You can also remotely operate many of the GWM EV R1’s functions through a mobile app installed in your smartphone. This includes accessing the car without a physical key, turning on the AC before entering the car, and even locating the car in a parking lot. You can also access functions like playing music and switching on navigation via simple voice commands while keeping your eyes on the road.

The GWM EV iQ too gets an expansive connected car suite that includes remote vehicle control through a mobile app, geo-fencing, car locator, and voice commands. GWM has also bundled in a nifty TBK (Telematics Bluetooth Key) Sharing Key feature that turns your mobile phone into a key for accessing the iQ.  

5) Safety, No Compromise

Small cars and safety do not always go hand-in-hand. Part of the reason for this is the tight budget constraints small car manufacturers have to work with. This is one harsh reality that GWM has refused to reconcile with when it comes to its EVs.

The ME platform the GWM EV R1 rides on is made of new aluminium alloy and high-strength steel, making the structure highly rigid. This structural integrity is complemented by a slew of safety equipment inside the R1’s cabin, including all-around airbags for front occupants and a curtain airbag for all occupants. While this by itself is a benchmark in this segment, the GWM EV R1 is not done yet. GWM has also equipped the R1 with a host of active intelligent safety features unheard of in this segment. For instance, the GWM EV R1’s road monitoring system warns the driver about oncoming traffic and if there is no response from the driver, the system automatically engages the brakes to avoid a collision. 

The GWM EV iQ gets a similar high-rigidity body structure and a host of safety features for its occupants, including all-round airbags for driver and co-driver, curtain airbags for rear passengers, ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System), rear parking assist, and front blind spot warning. The GWM EV iQ also gets an automatic power off feature that stops charging immediately if the charging cable is forcefully or improperly removed.  

The EV Brand India Deserves

With the GWM EV brand, GWM has once again proved it is capable of engineering a wide range of automobiles, from conventional fuel-powered SUVs to ultra-nimble electric hatchbacks and futuristic fastback sedans.

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