Top Five Features Of MG’s i-SMART Connected Infotainment System

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The MG Hector is the first connected SUV in its segment, with more than 50 connected features to make everyday commutes easier and safer

The MG Hector had started the iconic Britsh automotive marque’s Indian innings with a bang. The SUV was well received and has racked up more than 21,000 bookings. The Hector has the perfect SUV features that has made it a hit with Indian customers.

  • It looks butch and modern, which makes you want to give it a second glance.

  • It is big and comfortable enough with exceptional legroom and class-leading 587 litres boot space, which makes it the perfect companion for that long vacation!

  • The 2.0-litre diesel engine has class-leading power figures while the 1.5-litre petrol comes with a 48-V mild hybrid system for torque boost and 12 per cent additional fuel efficiency. 

  • Value for money pricing. The Hector range starts from Rs 12.18 lakh and goes up to Rs 16.88 lakh (ex-showroom  Delhi). 

The main talking point in this smart SUV is the 10.4-inch vertically stacked infotainment system that comes with the i-SMART connected-car technology. Apart from your regular Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, it boasts more than 50 connected features. A few of these can also make your life easy on your daily commute. 

All MG Hectors are fitted with the i-SMART infotainment system that comes with an embedded Airtel 4G SIM. Thanks to the e-SIM, your Hector is linked to the internet and external servers. This makes the Hector a connected car. 

Voice Command Based Features Activation:

The Hector’s infotainment system features voice command based feature activation. It can be activated via a button on the steering wheel or by simply saying the keyword ‘Hello MG’. And here’s the party trick: Unlike other models where you can activate certain features of the infotainment only, you can operate certain key features of the Hector using voice commands. For example, you can open and close the sunroof, make the cabin cooler or warmer and change songs using voice commands. That’s not it. You can also ask the Hector to navigate you via voice commands. All of this while keeping your hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road. And to top things up, the voice command system that has been designed by Nuance understands Indian accents quite easily.

Pulse Hub:

The SIM card in your Hector can send out information to the Pulse hub which is a command centre set by MG. It is useful in various situations. For example, if you're visiting a new city and want to know the places of interest, you can ask the Pulse Hub for assistance. It will then display the navigation route on the infotainment system. 

Then there are situations where the Pulse Hub comes useful in case of emergency as well. 

In case of an accident the information is sent to the Pulse Hub and a call is sent to the head unit. If there’s no response, it then makes a call to the owner’s primary number and then to emergency services. And if you require any general or roadside assistance, you can make a call to the Pulse Hub at the touch of a button.

Audiophiles Rejoice!

Missed your phone or pen drive and don’t want to listen to that boring radio. The Hector has got you covered here as well. Its infotainment system is pre-installed with Gaana, an online music streaming service. Thanks to the presence of the e-SIM, you can now stream your favourite music online or download them to the infotainment system thanks to 16GB of onboard storage. Apart from that, the Hector also comes with preloaded content from the factory and these can be refreshed with every update received over the air (OTA). To top things up, the awesome-sounding 8-speaker Infinity system seals the deal here. 

Online Navigation:  

Let’s admit it: Using Google maps on your phone drains your phone battery. To prevent that, you can navigate to your destination using the Hector’s online navigation system powered by TomTom. Thanks to its online functionality, you get route updates, alternate route plans, live traffic and parking options based on the destination. It also provides you with information like the nearest fuel pump, and location-based speed alerts. And as mentioned above, the Pulse Hub comes to your help in case you need any queries regarding places of interest. 

Over-The-Air Updates:

This might not sound as important as others. But thanks to the Over The Air (OTA) updates, your infotainment system always stays up to date. Also, with OTA updates, you get additional features if introduced, more personalisation options, free content and a snappier interface. Last but not least, to make your life easier, new voice commands will also be added to the system with every update.

Apart from the infotainment system, certain connected features of the Hector can also be controlled from the i-SMART app on your phone. This includes geo-fencing, remote lock and unlock, find my car function, pre-cooling and heating function, tracking and immobilising the vehicle in case of  theft. You can also view vital statistics and health function of the vehicle through the i-SMART app. 

As seen above, the 10.4-inch infotainment system with i-SMART feature has plenty of features on board to make your life a whole lot easier while behind the wheel. Coupled with enough space for five and powerful engines, the Hector is the perfect SUV for those want an all-rounder at a value for money price. 

MG Motor India is set to introduce more models down the line. Coming up next from the British manufacturer is the all-electric eZS SUV that’s slated to launch in December. Come 2020, the manufacturer will launch the 7-seater variant of the Hector as well.

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