BMW 3 Series Sedan vs BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo: How Do Their Specs Compare?

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The 3GT might be a generation older, but the price tag is too tempting to ignore. How does it fare against the newer 3 Series sedan?

BMW’s 3 Series models are among the entry-level products in the German carmaker’s lineup but picking between the sedan and GT variants can be a bit of a task. Both offer similar levels of performance and are quite close in size as well as price. So, which of these 3 Series models will suit you better? We’ve compared the specs of the two cars, so you can make a more informed decision before committing to one of these baby Bimmers.

Let’s start by taking a look at their dimensions first.



BMW 3 Series



4709 mm

4824 mm

Width (including mirrors)

2068 mm

2047 mm


1435 mm

1508 mm


2851 mm

2920 mm

The 3 GT is longer and taller, and even has a longer wheelbase than the 3 GT. The 3 Series sedan is, however, wider by a whisker than its Grand Touring companion. BMW sells the 3 GT as an option for those who like to travel longer distances in their cars, in which case, the longer dimensions help in liberating more space inside the cabin.

The 3 Series sedan, on the other hand, is oriented towards a more sporty and luxurious experience. Its tighter dimensions are one of the reasons why the 3 Series sedan is revered by many as one of the better handling cars to come out of Europe.



BMW 3 Series



2.0-litre turbo-petrol

2.0-litre turbo-petrol

Max Power

258PS @ 5000rpm

252PS @ 5200rpm

Peak Torque

400Nm @ 4400rpm

350Nm @ 1450-4800rpm


8-speed automatic

8-speed automatic

0-100kmph time

5.8 seconds

6.1 seconds

ARAI claimed fuel efficiency



The sporty bits of the 3 Series sedan are further accentuated by its powertrain. While both the sedan and GT cars have similar displacement petrol engines, the 3 Series makes slightly more power and a bucket-load more of torque, than its GT companion. As a result, it reaches the 100kmph mark in just 5.8 seconds, a whole 0.3 seconds faster than the GT. Surprisingly, the more powerful 3 Series sedan is also the more fuel efficient car here, by ARAI standards at least.

If fuel efficiency is a big criterion for you and you would like to go for a diesel version, it is the 3 Series sedan that offers that choice in this comparison.

Colour Options

BMW 3 Series






  • Alpine White

  • Mineral Grey

  • Black Sapphire

  • Mediterranean Blue

  • Portimao Blue

  • Sensatec Canberra Beige (with Sport)

  • Sensatec Black (with Sport)

  • Leather ‘Vernasca’ Canberra Beige (with M Sport)

  • Leather Vernasca Cognac (with M Sport)

  • Leather ‘Vernasca’ Mocha (with M Sport)

  • Alpine White

  • Black Sapphire

  • Melbourne Red

  • Estoril Blue

  • Sensatec Black/Red highlight

  • Sensatec Veneto Beige

A major decision point before buying any car is the colour. The BMWs in this comparison not only offer a host of exterior colour options, but you also get to pick the colour of the interior from the given options.

The 3 Series sedan offers more choices when it comes to both exterior and interior colour options. However, the interior material and colour options are split between the variants. The higher spec M Sport variant gets a more premium leather upholstery with different colour options.

The 3 Series GT on the other hand can be had in a host of exterior colour options. Its interior is however limited to a choice between two colours,and can’t be draped in premium leather like the 3 Series sedan.


Ex-showroom Prices For Delhi

BMW 3 Series



330i Sport

330i M Sport

330i GT M Sport Shadow Edition

330i GT M Sport


Rs 41.70 lakh

Rs 48.50 lakh

Rs 42.50 lakh

Rs 50.70 lakh

Both cars here are offered in two variants, with the prices of their lower and higher variants being close to each other. Thus, the decision between the two comes down to your preference.

The new generation 3 Series sedan is an engaging car to drive and has progressed leaps and bounds when it comes to quality and features. However, the obvious difference between it and the 3 GT is the rear passenger space and the amount of boot space. 

The 3 GT on the other hand is a generation older and looks slightly dated compared to the sedan. However, its new Shadow edition variant makes it a good value for money offering. You miss out on features like gesture control and an LCD instrument cluster but if those features are something you don’t really require, the 3 GT makes a lot of sense.

Hence, if you are going to be the one driving most of the time, the 3 Series sedan will be a better pick due to its sporty dynamics but if you will be chauffeured around mostly and want a luxury car for the family, the older 3 GT still makes a case for itself.

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