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Maruti Suzuki Launches Ecstar Products In India, Claims Mileage Increase Of 3 Per Cent

Published On Oct 03, 2017 09:56 AM By Jagdev Kalsi

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Suzuki’s range of lubricants, coolant, and car care products will initially be available across Maruti Suzuki’s Nexa service stations, and later across all Maruti service stations and over-the-counter as MGP (Maruti Genuine Parts) as well

Maruti Suzuki launches Ecstar car care product range

Maruti Suzuki has introduced its Ecstar range of lubricants, coolant, and car care products in India. The company says that Ecstar products have been rigorously tested on their cars and claims that Ecstar branded products (read engine oil, automatic transmission oil, etc.) can improve a car’s fuel efficiency by 3 per cent. Initially, the Ecstar range will only be sold through Nexa workshops. However, the company says it will soon introduce Ecstar products at all Maruti Suzuki service stations and in the aftermarket as well.

At present, the Ecstar range includes injector cleaner, automatic transmission oil, underbody coat and screen wash. More products will be added soon. Ecstar products are made in India and will be available for all Maruti Suzuki cars. The Ecstar branded products, like engine oil, will be available for both petrol and diesel cars.

The brand Ecstar will be available as MGP (Maruti Genuine Parts) and will be up for sale in the aftermarket as well. So car owners, and even roadside service stations, will be able to purchase Ecstar products over-the-counter from any MGP retail outlets.

Ecstar branded engine oils, coolant, and chemical products were first launched by Suzuki Motor Corporation, Japan, in 1984, and these products are available across Europe, America, Mexico, Australia and South East Asia.

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