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Kia Sonet Gets Choice Of 11 Colours

Modified On Sep 18, 2020 12:59 PM By Sonny for Kia Sonet

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The stunning new Sonet will be offered in many colours but which one suits it best?

Update (18/09/2020): Kia has launched the Sonet with prices beginning from Rs 6.71 lakh (ex-showroom). Read more about it here.

As the newest entrant to the sub-4m SUV segment, the soon-to-be-launched Kia Sonet has already grabbed the attention of many with its stunning design. While bookings are yet to be officially opened, Kia has confirmed that the Sonet will be offered in a total of 11 exterior paint options: eight monotone and three dual-tone. Thanks to the 360-degree configurator, let’s take a look at all of them:

Intense Red

It’s the hero colour for the new Sonet and we can see why. The red paint accentuates the sporty design of the Kia sub-4m SUV, especially with the red accents in the GT Line variant. It is a striking but tasteful colour.

With dual-tone black roof

What’s sportier than red? Red with a black roof. Given that Kia has given the Sonet a more aggressive design, we expect this dual-tone paint option to be quite popular in higher variants.

Beige Gold

This was the colour of the pre-production Sonet concept. We’re glad to see it being offered on the final model as well as it is unique to the Sonet in the Kia lineup as well as in the segment. It is a slightly muted shade that lends it a more premium feel.

With dual-tone black roof

Kia is offering the beige gold colour with the option of a blacked-out roof as well which actually suits the Sonet better in our opinion. On its own, it might be a bit much for some buyers but the black roof option broadens its appeal.

Glacier White

You’d be hard-pressed to find a model that doesn’t get some form of white paint option and the Sonet is no exception. Given that the Kia configurator only lets us see the fully-specced Sonet for now, it doesn’t look bad in white. Not an exciting colour by any means, especially compared to the previous options. But it is quite pleasant and will likely be popular too. It looks better in the GT Line trim with the red accents.

With dual-tone black roof

A big part of the appeal of dual-tone colour options is contrast and it doesn’t get more contrasting that black and white. It adds a bit of sportiness to the otherwise plain white colour of the Sonet and looks best in the GT Line trim with the red accents. This is also the last of the three dual-tone options listed online. Given its distinct design, we would have liked Kia to offer some more exciting dual-tone colour options than just a black roof.

Steel Silver

Another staple colour for just about any car ever, Kia’s shade of silver is one of the least exciting options for the Sonet. But if you only want the Sonet for its creature comforts and prefer to subtly blend in while retaining the car’s premium look, this might be the option for you.

Gravity Grey

If you’re looking for understated sportiness, you should consider the Sonet in Gravity Grey. The GT Line’s red accents add just enough contrast to make it noticeable up close without drawing too much attention on a day to day basis. Meanwhile, the Tech Line trim in this colour accentuates the Sonet’s premium design while being more interesting than white or silver.

Aurora Black

A nice black paint option is not as common in this segment and even the Hyundai Venue doesn’t offer it. But the Kia Sonet will get the same black paint option as the Kia Seltos that looks best with the contrasting red elements and black interior of the GT Line variant. It is the meanest-looking spec for the Sonet.

Intelligency Blue

Moving back to the more colourful options from Kia, we have the bright and cheery Intelligency Blue. It’s an odd name but a pleasing colour option for the Sonet and even reminds me of one of the hero colours of the Hyundai Creta. It looks good in both Tech Line and GT Line variants.

Punchy Orange

This colour is actually not listed on the Sonet’s online configurator but we have spied it as an iMT variant. It is the same shade that Kia offers with the Seltos. Like its bigger sibling, the Sonet also looks good in this tastefully bright colour option. The Punchy Orange is not for everyone but those who like bright and cheery paint options will be happy to have the option.


Inside the Sonet, the Tech Line variants will feature a dual-tone black and beige cabin while the GT Line trim gets an all-black theme with red stitching for the upholstery.

Kia is expected to launch the Sonet around late-August or early September. We will likely have a confirmation about the variant options and colour combinations that will be on offer once bookings are officially open.

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