Five Most Fuel Efficient Petrol Cars We Tested In 2019

Published On Dec 28, 2019 12:00 PM By Dhruv

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Two of the five cars on our list use an automatic transmission, that too AMTs, which only highlights how far automatic transmissions have come

Buying a new car is a different experience for everyone. Some prioritise looks over everything else, then there are people who want performance over everything else. Meanwhile, there are others who want every possible convenience and safety features that one could think of. However, the second thing that most of these people look at is the fuel efficiency a car.

To make that buying decision easier for them, we have put together a list of the five most fuel-efficient cars we tested in 2019. We tested the fuel efficiency of cars by doing a highway run and a city run, and have combined these two figures based on the assumption that half your driving will be in the city and while the rest will be on the highway.

5. Maruti WagonR 1.2 MT

Tested efficiency in city: 15.2kmpl

Tested efficiency on highway: 20.73kmpl

Average of city and highway efficiency: 17.97kmpl

Claimed ARAI efficiency: 21.5kmpl

Engine Displacement/Max Power/Peak Torque: 1.2-litre/83PS/113Nm

Price: Rs 5.10 lakh to Rs Rs 5.44 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi)

The WagonR underwent a full gen-change at the start of the year and with that, Maruti introduced the 1.2-litre petrol engine it uses in its other models in the tallboy hatchback. And surprisingly, it's quite efficient too. What this means is that you get more power despite an engine that can be frugal with a lighter foot.

4. Renault Kwid 1.0 AMT

Tested efficiency in city: 17.07kmpl

Tested efficiency on highway: 21.15kmpl

Average of city and highway efficiency: 19.11kmpl

Claimed ARAI efficiency: 24.04kmpl

Engine Displacement/Max Power/Peak Torque: 1.0-litre/68PS/91Nm

Price: Rs 4.63 lakh to Rs 4.92 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi)

The Kwid is one of the most budget-friendly petrol hatchbacks out there and it is called budget-friendly for a reason. A reason which places it at the fourth spot on our list. With the demand for automatic cars increasing every year, it is good to see one on the list.

 3. Maruti Swift MT

Tested efficiency in city: 16.1kmpl

Tested efficiency on highway: 22.43kmpl

Average of city and highway efficiency: 19.27kmpl

Claimed ARAI efficiency: 21.21kmpl

Engine Displacement/Max Power/Peak Torque: 1.2-litre/83PS/113Nm

Price: Rs 5.14 lakh to Rs 7.53 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi)

The Swift is in its third-generation and its love affair with Indian car buyers continues to grow. Known for its sporty characteristics, the fact that the Swift bagged the third spot in this list is what makes it an all-rounder. The fact that it’s the manual transmission model that made it to the list is all the more important as its sporty nature won’t be dulled by the presence of an AMT.

2. Toyota Glanza MT with Mild Hybrid System

Tested efficiency in city: 17.13kmpl

Tested efficiency on highway: 24.25kmpl

Average of city and highway efficiency: 20.69kmpl

Claimed ARAI efficiency: 23.87kmpl

Engine Displacement/Max Power/Peak Torque: 1.2-litre/90PS/113Nm

Price: Rs 7.22 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi)

We know what you are thinking right now - that this just a Baleno with a Toyota badge. Well, you are right for the most part. However, the Glanza we tested is priced significantly lower than the corresponding Baleno variant and the Toyota hatchback comes with a warranty which is way better than what Maruti offers with the Baleno. What’s more, the mild-hybrid system actually works!

1. Maruti S-Presso AMT

Tested efficiency in city: 19.96kmpl

Tested efficiency on highway: 21.73kmpl

Average of city and highway efficiency: 20.85kmpl

Claimed ARAI efficiency: 21.7kmpl

Engine Displacement/Max Power/Peak Torque: 1.0-litre/68PS/90Nm

Price: Rs 4.68 lakh to Rs 4.91 lakh (ex-showroom New Delhi)

The S-Presso is the latest offering from Maruti and is also the second AMT on the list. The fact that it takes the top spot, despite only coming with two pedals, did surprise us. However, this is all due to its excellent city efficiency. It is interesting to note that its highway efficiency is not the best among other cars on the list, but it is the small gap between its city and highway efficiency that puts it at the top of the list.

The fuel efficiency of a car is largely based on the style of driving, the health of the car and the driving environment. And the numbers could easily change if any of these factor are affected. Do you own any of the cars on the list? Let us know the fuel efficiency you are able to achieve in the comments below.

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