Explained: New Mahindra INGLO Platform For Electric SUVs

Published On Aug 16, 2022 07:36 PM By Sonny

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It can house an 80kWh battery pack and a 395PS dual-motor AWD powertrain

Mahindra INGLO

The newly unveiled lineup of Mahindra electric SUVs are underpinned by a new platform called INGLO. Its name represents the manufacturer’s roots and its aspirations - IN for India and GLO for Global.

Modular design

The INGLO platform can underpin models of different sizes for varying segments. It is scalable in terms of wheelbase, length and width. That’s how it can underpin everything from the 4.7-metre-long XUV e8 to the 4.3-metre-long BE 05 to the nearly 5-metre-long BE 09.

Mahindra BE 05
Mahindra XUV e8

Like most EV platforms, this one also offers the benefit of a flat floor, except for XUV-based models that also have ICE counterparts. The flat floor allows for increased cabin space, versatile seating configurations and a frunk (front luggage space instead of an engine).

Battery pack details

The INGLO platform can house battery packs of two different capacities - 60kWh and 80kWh. The battery back design will be common between Mahindra EVs and uses two different cell architectures -  ‘Blade’ for the larger battery and ‘Prismatic’ for the smaller battery pack. 

These batteries can handle fast charging of up to 175kW for charging up to 80 per cent in under 30 minutes. The 80kWh battery is good for a WLTP-rated range of 450km.

Mahindra INGLO

The electrical architecture of INGLO-based EVs also have Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) functionality. It allows one to use the energy stored in the car’s battery pack to power other electronic items such as household appliances and gadgets.

Powertrain options

Mahindra EVs on the INGLO platform will get the choice of rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive powertrains. They feature a single unit design that combines electric motor, inverter and transmission into one neat package. 

Mahindra INGLO

The rear eEngine setup can be tuned to produce between 231PS and 285PS with the torque output ranging between 360Nm and 560Nm. Meanwhile, the AWD variants will offer between 340PS and 395PS of performance. The front eEngine on its own is rated at 109PS and 135Nm.

Shared parts with Volkswagen

While the INGLO platform is developed by Mahindra, it will have EV-centric components built by the Volkswagen Group. The aforementioned battery packs and electric motors are shared components from the VW MEB dedicated EV platform. As a result, these India-made EVs will boast of German technology as well.

Built for efficiency

The design of the INGLO platform offers underbody weight saving, especially with its skateboard layout. It is built for enhanced aerodynamics and houses the electronic architecture for a clever battery management system that maintains the balance between range and performance from the electric drivetrain. Mahindra EVs based on this platform will use clever brake-by-wire technology optimised for energy recuperation. 

Mahindra INGLO

Built-in superbrains

The Mahindra INGLO platform is designed to house the computing performance required for advanced technological features. This would include tech for infotainment, autonomous capabilities, safety features and vehicular dynamics (like the semi-active dampers in the suspension). As a result, EVs built on this platform can offer more ADAS tech, OTA updates for software and new features and 5G connectivity.

Mahindra INGLO

All five EVs that were showcased are equipped with at least three large displays on the dashboard, which would need serious computing power for the long list of features Mahindra plans to offer.

Mahindra BE 07 interior

Safety is a high priority

Mahindra has been one of the leading brands in India when it comes to offering safe cars, as tested by Global NCAP. The new range of EVs based on the new INGLO platform are also targeting five out of five stars as per the latest GNCAP regulations. The carmaker has stated the EVs feature a structural cage around the passenger cabin for increased protection.

Mahindra INGLO

The battery pack design also has a key focus on safety with a robust housing to keep it from getting too damaged in an accident. Additionally, the cell chemistry is heavily tested for thermal and chemical stability in various environments to avoid battery-related incidents as well.

Market debut

The first Mahindra EV based on the INGLO platform will be the XUV e8 which is slated to be launched in the market by December 2024. It is the all-electric version of the XUV700 and will feature the AWD dual-motor setup.

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