Everything You Need To Know About Mahindra’s Two New Electric Brands: BE And XUV

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It helps to make clear distinctions based on powertrains when every model is an SUV

Mahindra has detailed its immediate vision of an electric car lineup, unveiling five new pre-production electric SUVs. Following our assumptions, Mahindra also announced that it will differentiate its future line of EVs by offering them under two new sub-brands - XUV and BE.

What will be offered under the new XUV brand?

The XUV lineup will be for the all-electric versions of ICE -- petrol and diesel -- Mahindra models, like the XUV.e8 is the electric version of the XUV700. The only other XUV model showcased so far is the XUV.e9 which looks like the coupe version of the e8 with a more premium cabin.

Mahindra XUV.e8

What will be offered under the BE brand?

The BE lineup is for the dedicated EV models with no ICE counterparts. While not confirmed by Mahindra, we expect these initials for ‘Born Electric’. These models will follow the same Heartcore design philosophy as the other Mahindra EVs, but still look quite different and futuristic. According to the manufacturer, the brand is pronounced the same as the word ‘be’.

Mahindra BE 05

Why two different brands?

Since the Indian carmaker will be offering two types of EVs, it makes it easier to distinguish each type from the rest of the portfolio. Just the way Hyundai has models with petrol and electric versions in its regular lineup while its new-gen dedicated EVs are part of the Ioniq brand, Mahindra can offer different names and experiences between petrol, electric counterparts, and dedicated EVs with multiple sub brands.

Isn’t XUV already the Mahindra brand for monocoque SUVs?

While the likes of petrol and diesel powered XUV300 and XUV700 will continue to be part of the traditional Mahindra lineup, they’re not under a separate XUV sub-brand. However, the all-electric versions of those models such as the XUV400 and the recently unveiled e8 will now be part of the newly established XUV lineup. It may be a bit confusing at first, but it will likely become easier once the models start co-existing on the road. Both will feature the Mahindra Twin Peak logo but the electric XUV models will feature that logo in a distinctive copper colour.

Mahindra XUV.e8 front

Both based on the same INGLO platform (roughly)

Even though Mahindra is bringing out two different types of EVs in two different sub-brands, both will be underpinned by the new INGLO platform. Modular by design and capable of both skateboard and ICE-related EV models, the XUV and BE electric SUVs will be based on modified versions of the same architecture. The BE models will get the skateboard layout or peak design efficiency. There will be two battery sizes - 60kWh and 80kWh, with choice of rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive powertrains.

Mahindra INGLO

When will Mahindra XUV and BE models be launched?

Mahindra has already outlined the launch schedule for four of the five EVs it showcased on August 15. The first to arrive will be the EVs from the XUV lineup, starting with the e8 in December 2024 followed by the XUV e9 in April 2025.

The first Mahindra BE model to make its market debut will be the Creta-sized BE 05, scheduled to arrive in October 2025. The Harrier-sized BE 07 is due a year later with no date confirmed for the flagship BE 09 electric SUV.

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