2019 Ford Endeavour Mileage: Claimed Vs Real

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Armed with a massive 3.2-litre engine, how much diesel does the updated Ford Endeavour guzzle in real world driving conditions?

2019 Ford Endeavour

Quite recently, the 2019 Ford Endeavour received mild updates in the form of cosmetic tweaks and additional features. But have these updates helped improve the fuel efficiency of the SUV? To find out, we tested the new Endeavour in a range of driving conditions. But before we take a look at the results, let’s just go over the Endeavour’s spec sheet:


3.2-litre, 5-cylinder diesel engine






6-speed AT

Claimed Mileage (ARAI)


Tested Fuel Efficiency (City)


Tested Fuel Efficiency Highway


Here’s how much efficiency you can expect from the Ford Endeavour under varying driving conditions.

2019 Ford Endeavour









When driven on the highway, the 2019 Ford Endeavour surpasses the claimed fuel efficiency figure of 10.91kmpl. But, the number dropped to single digits when driven in city conditions. Expect it to reduce further than the results we achieved if you drive it during peak hours. If your daily commute takes you primarily through free flowing highways and a bit through crowded city streets, the Endeavour should ideally return around 11kmpl. Under a balanced driving condition (city:highway 50:50), expect the brawny SUV to return around 1kmpl more. Finally, if your drive is primarily limited to the city streets rather than the highway, expect the mileage to drop below 10kmpl. This goes to show that the Ford Endeavour will deliver an average fuel efficiency of 10kmpl on most occasions. It is important to note that your car’s fuel efficiency will depend on your driving style and road conditions.

2019 Ford Endeavour

Do you own the 2019 Ford Endeavour equipped with the 3.2-litre diesel engine? Then let us know what your SUV’s average fuel efficiency figures are along with the type of driving conditions you face on a daily basis in the comments below.

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