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My right foot was pressed all the way down to the floor. Less than 5 seconds ago I was at a dead stop. I looked down at my speedometer and I was doing just over a 100km/hr. My stomach was being pushed into the seat. It wasn’t a feeling like butterflies but something better, slightly different. I stepped on the brake pedal as hard as I could and at the same time had to change lanes. This along with the slalom was the training exercise we had to go through so as to acquaint ourselves with the ABS systems and the handling of Audi’s new chariot in its Indian portfolio, the S6.

Audi S6

The venue is what got the experience etched into my memory bank, India’s distinguished F1 Racetrack- the Buddh International Circuit, located in Greater Noida. The day was pretty perfect as well. Overcast skies, a cool breeze and 3 Audi S6 vehicles lined up; ready to be taken around the 3.2km asphalt playground.

Audi S6

After a very short briefing we were off. Right off the mark the power from Audi’s new 4.0-litre V8 Twin Turbo engine was noticeable. Ease on the throttle and there is barely any lag when it comes to accelerating. Since it is a turbo charged, the engine is not high revving, but that does not affect the get up and go of this bulky sedan. Audi has kept all the luxury features found in the A6 and have added some more bells and whistles, some different badges and now on their hands they have a luxury sedan capable of reaching 250km/hr.

Audi S6

Audi’s ace-driver, Aditya Patel, lead the convoy of S6’s around the track for 6 blistering laps. The S6 does have some under steer to it, but it has been cut down as compared to the older Audi vehicles. The engine is now smaller than the naturally aspirated 4.2-litre V8, hence it sits a little behind the front axle, making the front end comparatively lighter, when coming into a corner too hot or accelerating immediately.

Audi S6

Bombing around the track with this hulky sedan was one hell of a thrilling experience. It’s a little hard to imagine a car of this vastness moving at the pace it does. Reaching 200km/hr on the back straight was a breeze for the engine.  After a quick drizzle it got even more exciting as now we could really experience Audi’s Quattro system, that helps in keeping the car planted to the road. Follow a correct racing line and this car is a pleasure to drive. Throw it into a corner, guns blazing and this chariot will be unforgiving. Under steer followed by over steer correction and then back on the track, rear wiggling.

Audi S6

Life in the car was very plush and relaxed. The Active Noise Cancelation system makes it so that the driver and the passengers do not need to hear what’s going on outside in the traffic. One feature we got to see was that the car can be made to run on 4 cylinders instead of all 8. This helps when it comes to the emissions and economy of this car. To be completely honest, the track doesn’t seem to be the S6’s ideal home. Yes, it does perform well on the track but it seems forced and slightly struggled. We were pushing the car to its limits as well. I expect it to be more fun on winding country roads in the hills coupled with nice long straights to give those 8 power punchers a full workout. The RS6 is relentless track car, but then its power is too much for the highway, so the S6 is a blend of race car and road car, not to forget the luxury frills it offers.

Audi S6

It is a car you can take the kids to school in, go to work in and whenever you feel like, at your own leisure, unleash the beast and have fun with it’s power. As the sun went down, I was in the taxi heading towards the airport and a thought came to my mind. This one Audi S6 is one sensational, sporty sedan!!

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