Video: Sadhguru Gets Stuck Off-roading In A Hummer H2 SUV

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See what he uses to get his massive 4x4 car out of this sticky (slippery) situation

Yogi and mystic Sadhguru was recently at the Isha Foundation’s Tennessee centre in the United States. To get to a different part of the centre, he had to take an off-road trail and cross a stream in his Hummer H2 SUV. Watch how the SUV gets stuck in the stream, and what Sadhguru does to pull it out of trouble. 

The trouble starts at 0:57 when the SUV suddenly drops into the water. It still manages to maintain traction with 4-wheel-drive engaged, and then stops. Luckily, the winch, attached to a tree or rock that’s not visible in the video, pulls out the Hummer to a shallower part of the stream. The large SUV then redeems itself by towing out the accompanying Ford F-150 pickup truck. 

Believe it or not, the Hummer H2 has an Achilles heel: an open front differential. The rear differential gets an electronic locker that only engages when the transfer case lever is in the ‘4-low’ position. We can’t tell from the video if Sadhguru has engaged the lowest transfer case ratio.  

To save weight and possibly production costs, General Motors had specced the second-generation Hummer with a Bosch traction control system instead of mechanical locking diffs. The system has wheel speed sensors that it uses to find out which wheel has low traction, then brakes that wheel. This is why you see the kerbside front wheel intermittently throwing water, but the SUV stays stuck. 

Once the mighty winch has pulled the SUV to safety, Sadhguru’s team ties the F-150 to the rear of the Hummer. You can see at 1:19 that the truck also has 4-wheel-drive engaged, but the tall grass makes for a slippery surface at the edge of the water. The heavier Hummer keeps the F-150 in tow for safety as it proceeds along the stream towards Sadhguru’s destination, a beautiful pond.  

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Sadhguru claims that the SUV is 18 years old, a 2003 model. That makes it one of the early models of the Hummer H2. These trucks have held their value over the years. In the United States, you can buy one of these used, but in good condition, for anywhere between USD 17,000 and USD 25,000 (about Rs 12.5 lakh to Rs 18 lakh). 

We’ve always known the GM Hummer H2 as a capable off-roader, but Sadhguru’s video shows us that it can still hold its own against a modern pickup truck. A set of mechanical differentials could have made the Hummer H2 indomitable in the market. Thankfully, the 2022 GMC Hummer EV certainly seems to take its off-road abilities seriously. Its top-spec variant has 1,000PS of power, four-wheel-steering and adaptive air suspension that gives it a maximum of over 400mm of ground clearance! 

Sadhguru has a penchant for motorcycles and cars. He has been spotted driving an Alien Green Mercedes-Benz AMG G63 luxury SUV in India. In one of his videos, he drives on a racetrack in a heavily modified first-generation Scion tC coupe that reportedly produces 1,000PS of power. In addition, he has been spotted in a Mahindra Scorpio, a different Hummer H2, and a J40-series Toyota Land Cruiser.

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