7 Things You Need To Know About The Hummer EV

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The new, all-electric Hummer SUV has been unveiled and it’s as exciting as you’d hoped it would be

The Hummer is an automotive icon, originally built for military use and then popularised by pop culture in American movies. It was massive, heavy, a gas guzzler and extremely impractical for normal usage. It underwent a few generational updates to make it slightly less absurd before finally being discontinued in 2010. In recent years, GMC (General Motors Truck Company) has been working on an EV supertruck which is bringing back the Hummer brand. Now, it’s finally been revealed in its final avatar. Here are 7 key things you need to know about the Hummer EV:

Both SUV and pickup body styles will be available

The first-generation Hummer was based on the military-spec Humvee with a four-door cabin and a pickup-styled load bay. When GMC debuted the new Hummer EV near the end of 2020, it was showcased in the pickup avatar only. Now, it has been unveiled in the more “practical” SUV version as well. This one resembles the shape of the later-generations of the original Hummer, smaller than the pickup version and with smoothed edges to its boxy proportions.

Its new illuminated grille design also seems to be inspired by its predecessor, with the Hummer lettering between the headlights which have special animations when switching on, turning off and while charging.

More than 15,000Nm of torque and over 560km of range

GMC will offer different powertrains with the Hummer EV, also varying between the SUV and pickup versions. The more affordable options will use a twin-motor setup that is estimated to deliver up to 625PS of power and 10,033Nm of torque. In its least expensive variant, it will use a 16-module battery pack that claims a range of over 400km and has a 400V fast charging infrastructure. The more premium versions use a 3-motor setup that offers upto 830PS of power and 15,592Nm of torque with a claimed range of over 480km from its 20-module setup. Its 800V charging infrastructure allows for upto 300kW of fast charging.

The top-spec Hummer EV pickup will be capable of 350kW fast charging and its 24-module battery pack claims a range of over 560km. Even the estimated peak performance figure jumps to 1000PS of power while the peak torque is the same at 15,592Nm.

It can drive sideways

Four-wheel steering with rear wheels that can turn up to 10-degrees in either direction. With the rear wheels turned in the same direction as the front ones, it can move diagonally, a feature GMC calls Crabwalk. When the front and rear wheels are turned in opposite directions, it allows the Hummer to navigate tighter spaces by reducing the turning radius and corner better at slow speeds.

A Hummer with a practical, comfortable cabin? Yes

Like its exterior, the interior of the Hummer EV has a lot of boxy design elements. It has a 12.3-inch digital driver’s display and a floating 13.4-inch touchscreen infotainment display on the centre console. The air vents on either corner of the dashboard are large, vertically-aligned rectangles with central vents under the screen. Its thick central console tunnel has plenty of cubby spaces, a large drive-select lever and a rotary dial for the various driving and off-roading modes.

Gets some modern technology too

The Hummer EV will get a bunch of advanced driver assist systems. It has a feature called Super Cruise which allows for hands-free driving on roads where this tech is legally allowed, and it can also change lanes without steering input from the driver. Then there is the slew of cameras, a must for any off-roading machine, as a feature called UltraVision which offers 17 views (18 views with the pickup). These cameras offer a surround-view angle to make it easier to navigate off-road terrains and tight spaces.

Serious off-roading credentials

As a Hummer, the new EV version has to be just as capable to survive tough conditions. Its suspension can raise the ride height by as much as 6-inches in “Extract Mode” while also featuring continuous damping adaptive ride control for better driving dynamics on and off-road. The Hummer SUV comes with 22-inch wheels while the off-roading package gets 18-inch wheels wrapped in 35-inch all-terrain tyres. This package also adds underbody armour (additional protection using steel plates under the car to protect important components like the battery packs) and other drivetrain components better suited for off-roading.

Pricing and production timelines

The Hummer EV, when unveiled in its pickup avatar, was slated to begin production by the end of 2021. The electric Hummer SUV, however, is scheduled to begin production in early 2023. GMC has also revealed the pricing for the SUV to start from just under $80,000 (Rs 58.66 lakh). Meanwhile, the top-of-the-line Edition 1 variant with the off-roading package is priced at $110,595 (Rs 81.10 lakh).

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