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Tata's Trinity - Decoding Designs!

Modified On Mar 01, 2018 04:59 PM By Arun

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If there was one manufacturer I’d have to credit for being outright blunt about bringing in a change - it would have to be Tata. Now, let’s discount the Safari for a bit and look at what they brought to the table at the 2016 AutoExpo. Cover the Tata badge for a bit and you’d be easily fooled into thinking the car is from some other, possibly European brand (well, almost!). Tata has positively shattered the norm that Indian cars cannot be as well designed as their European counterparts. 

Three really, really interesting Tata cars that will go into mass production were showcased at Tata’s massive pavilion. Let’s see why they’re the best we’ve seen!

Tata Kite5 (now called the Tata Tigor)

Watch our quick review to know about the Tigor in under 300 seconds. Scroll right down to the bottom for a more in-depth review.

Tata Kite 5

The Kite5 is the sedan derivative of the Zica hatchback. While the face is unmistakably Zica, the side shows off, what is, in all probability - the best silhouette we’ve seen on a compact sedan. The notchback approach to the sub 4 metre dilemma is clever and needless to say, impressive looking. Round to the back, the sleek tail-lamps flow into a large slab of chrome. Viewed dead on from the rear, it does not look disproportionate at all (like the Zest does, for example).

Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon

Tata’s Nexon practically screams for attention. Honestly, we think it deserves all the attention it demands. In person, the Nexon is beefy and appeals to both the loony 5 year old, as well as the practical 35 year old. This is something that very few designs manage to pull off. The flared proportions, split colors and that friendly Tata face goes is amongst the cleanest and hatke  designs we’ve seen.

Tata Hexa

Tata Hexa

I never thought it was possible, but Tata have managed to make the Aria look good. The reworked front now houses smoked out projector headlamps, there’s plenty of faux bashplates around, the 18 inch wheels look gorgeous...the list goes on and on! Out goes the van-like styling, only to be replaced by a fresher SUV-inspired Crossover design. 

What do we like?

Impact Design

All three cars are in-line with their new Impact design language that debuted with the Zica. All three cars are amongst the best designs in their respective segments. The lines are clean, choice of colors are spot on and the stance is just right. 

Then there are likeable quirks in every design, be it the spoiler spats on the Zica hatch, the kink in the window line of the Hexa or the high waistline on the Nexon. These little additions go that extra mile in completing the design. Attention to detail - key takeaway here. 

With a double whammy of misses in the form of the Bolt and the Zest, these three (and the Zica, of course) have a lot to carry on their shoulders. And we are positive these will. Tata has upped the ante. There's no other way of saying it.

A special mention to Pratap Bose and his team on the design and execution of the Impact philosophy. We can only pray these cars sell well - simply because they deserve to! Way to go, Tata!

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