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Here’s How To Sell A Used Car Across States

Modified On Dec 16, 2020 10:21 AM By CarDekho

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Selling your car in a different Indian state and transferring its ownership can be tricky involving additional paperwork

When you register a newly purchased car at the RTO, your address determines the state where the car is registered. Most states have varied taxes which is why the on-road prices depend on the city or state of purchase. You usually buy a new car from your nearest dealer but the scope of buying or selling pre-owned cars is a lot wider. The process is relatively hassle-free if you’re selling your used car or buying one in the same state as it is registered. However, when you’re buying or selling a used car across state lines, there is some extra paperwork involved.

We’ve explained all the documents required in the sale of pre-owned cars in detail here, but here’s a quick recap of what all you need:

Car-related Documents

Personal Documents

RTO-issued Documents

Registration Certificate (RC)

Valid insurance certificate

Pollution under Control (PUC)

PAN Card

Address proof

Self-attested photographs

Sales affidavit

Form 28

Form 29

Form 30

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, you will need the following to sell your car in a different state:

No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Registered RTO 

If you’re looking to sell your car interstate, you’ll need an NOC from the RTO where the car is originally registered. This document is required by the RTO of the buyer’s state for the transfer of vehicle ownership. It is not to be confused with Form 28 which is also a type of NOC for the transfer of ownership. The second NOC is in addition to that one.

Road Tax Receipt 

Road tax has to be paid to the new state in which the car is to be registered and the receipt of that payment needs to be enclosed with the documents. This amount is subject to the tax slab applicable in that particular state and the value of the car (not the ex-showroom price for the first buyer).

NCRB Report 

You also need to submit a report from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), verifying that your vehicle was not involved in any criminal activity, to the RTO where the car is being freshly registered. This report can be generated from www.ncrb.gov.in by entering details such as the vehicle’s registration number and chassis number.

Please note that the seller should immediately initiate the ownership transfer process, or at least within 14 days of completing the sale. That includes intimating the RTO about the sale and submitting the application for the transfer of ownership with the documents stated above.


If all of this sounds a bit too tedious, we have an easier alternative: a visit to the CarDekho Gaadi store. All the procedural requirements are handled by their executives free of cost and the team will also guide you through the documentation stage. There are no restrictions on selling your car across states with the CarDekho Gaadi store which currently has a network of over 1,600 channel partners across the nation.

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