Avanti Supercar to be tagged at Rs. 25 lakh: Dilip Chhabria

Published On Feb 20, 2013 05:41 PM By Rajpal for DC Avanti

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DC Designs is famous for super luxury car lounges and designs. First the company amazed us all with their Tarzan,(the super-car used in the movie Tarzan) and Aston Martin Vanquish Prototype for the  James Bond movie 'Die Another Day', then came the unveiling of Avanti Supercar, India’s first supercar, at 2012 Auto Expo. Avanti, in Italian, means 'to take forward'. Stading true to its meaning, it comes packed with superb looks and features holding true to a supercar. What amazes us is its speculated price tag of Rs. 25-30 lakh, combining all of which, the looks, the features, the price, the whole package is enough to attract not just car enthusiasts, but for that matter, just anyone! Well, it’s a year after the Expo, and many questions still remain unanswered, questions that could perk-up all those who wait for Avanti.

DC Avanti

Mr. Dilip Chhabria, while on the launch of Luxura Magical bus, gave us a few hints on this much-anticipated car in a private interview. To the question of its launch date in India, he told us that car will most probably be launched in December 2013 with the deliveries starting in the same month.

DC Avanti

With the car being pitched as the first Indian Supercar, expected at quite an affordable price tag, the question about the actual price kills many, about which Mr. Chhabria tells us that the car will have a price tag of Rs. 25 lakh (ex-showroom). If DC Avanti Supercar enters the Indian market with this price, it will be met with exuberant response.

DC Avanti

A treat to the eyes, Avanti packs a lots of style and substance. Not stopping merely at looks, the car carries all supercar features, like there are two seats up-front, mid-mounted engine and rear-wheel drive. Fetching power from Ford’s 2.0-litre EcoBoost motor, this foxy machine generates a maximum power output of 240bhp with a peak torque of 366Nm, technical digits such that are equivalent to any other 3.0-litre engine.

DC Avanti

DC Designs fits all the necessary equipments to handle this huge power; the chassis itself is a space-frame construction which becomes more rigid with square, rectangular and round sections. Avanti gets unmatched stability and great handling due to this chassis and gets doubled with unequal length double wishbone suspension at all four wheels with coil-over springs. Avanti Supercar features aesthetically designed 19-inch alloy wheels that not only look good but with 255/45 section front and 285/40 rear the tyres also give it a reptilian grip over all the surfaces, thus giving a safe and smooth drive in all terrains.

DC Avanti

DC Designs has loaded all the necessary safety features in this beyond-imagination car, Avanti. It gets 330mm disc brakes at all four wheels with AP racing calipers. The car also gets Bosch designed ABS system and SRS airbags, the car can attain a maximum speed of above 250kmph; however, it won't rev up beyond this limit because of an electronic speed limiter of 250kmph.

DC Avanti

With such specs and looks, Avanti Supercar is a wonderful package and the company is pretty much assured that the car will ‘take forward’ the Indian automotive scenario.

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