DC Avanti

Rs 48.0 Lakh*
*Ex-showroom Price New Delhi
Mileage10.0 kmpl
Service Cost-
Engine1998 cc 
Cruise ControlNo
Sun roofNo
Parking SensorYes
Duration 5 years
EMIRs 92,853
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Showing information of DC Avanti 2.0 L - Petrol variant

Avanti highlights

December 14, 2015: DC has unveiled a special edition Avanti 310. It is a limited edition as only 31 units will be made. The 310 in the name stands for 310 BHP which is a massive 60 BHP more than the regular version. Tuned through the same engine, the Limited Edition Avanti costs Rs 44 lac (ex-showroom), approx Rs. 8 lac more than the regular version. Bookings for the Avanti 310 are on and deliveries will commence in 2016.

DC Avanti price list (Variants)

Variant Ex-Showroom Price   Compare
2.0 L
1998 cc,  Manual, Petrol, 10.0 kmpl
Rs 48.0 Lakh*
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    DC Avanti
    Rs 48.0 ffff Lakh*
*Ex-showroom price New Delhi

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    kapil on 23 Jan, 2017
    DC Avanti 2.0 L
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    Rishabh on 12 Nov, 2016
    DC Avanti 2.0 L
    DC Avanti means Dilip Chabriaya. The famous man about his car modification.DC is a very high performance car. Or it is know as low price sports car. I have experience the avanti.Its in my society. It is comfort. i loved the car most. But is is petrol varient and it is not auto transmission.DC has unveiled a special edition Avanti 310. It is a limited edition as only 31 units will be made. The 310 in the name stands for 310 BHP which is a massive 60 BHP more than the regular version. Tuned throug read more 42

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Avanti colors

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  • Silver

DC Avanti mileage

Variant Mileage (City) Mileage (Highway)
Petrol8.0 kmpl 10.0 kmpl

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DC Avanti review

Originally rolled out in 2012, DC Avanti has turned out to be the first ever super car developed in India. Perhaps, it is also the most affordable sports car available in the country. Now, a special edition of this model series has been introduced in the series with a price tag 9 lakh higher than the existing versions. Also, it is 60bhp more powerful than the existing variant. The firm has stated that only 31 units of these editions will be put on sale for the buyers. This new trim comes with new set of cosmetics like a two-piece carbon fibre front splitter, rear diffuser and sill extensions. Additionally, it also gets a contrasting rear wing, made out of carbon fiber, which helps in improving down-force at high speeds. In terms of specifications, its suspension has been lowered by 20mm. Furthermore, this latest trim gets new set of alloy wheels and LED head and taillights for a dynamic character. The insides of the car also gets some new features like Alcantara leather seating upholstery for sports seats and steering wheel as well. This model is shaped low and sleek, bringing forth an aerodynamic prowess preserved and utilized only when making cars that are meant to roast the roads with power and performance. The 2.0-litre 4-cylinder turbo-petrol engine powering this machine is assembled by Ford. The power plant is of an EcoBoost format, with its 4-cylinders incorporated through the DOHC configuration. It has the ability to fire through the roads with a top speed of 250kmph, making this perhaps one of the fastest machines let loose on our roads, and indefinitely the fastest of an Indian origin. The acceleration of the car is also top notch, with just 7 seconds needed for it to soar to the 100kmph mark. All brought in command, this is a marvel for both the automotive realm, and one to be kept up for our nation as well. Now shifting to the slower and more subtle surface, the vehicle is made out of a fabric of elegance and comfort, meant to serve the finest of auras to the passengers gifted a ride in it. It shines forth with prominence both inside and out, with an outer format built to make the loudest statement on the roads, and an interior conditioning that soothes and eases everyone in it and takes them to a ride in paradise. Its low, sleek and trimmed profile is built to gun through the streets, taking speed and acceleration to a new frontier. Aside from this, it is also made for the most stunning impression on its beholders. Its bullet like, well trimmed sculpture evokes the engineering gravity of some of the world's finest supercars including Ferrari's and Lamborghini's world class models. The inside of the vehicle functions as a resort of sorts for the passengers. It delivers a taste of the very finest lifestyle and atmosphere that a machine could built for its owner. It is made of premium upholstery, with accents of wood and metal layering all over it. It carries a taste of the most exquisite grandeur in its formation, with an interior conditioning that imbibes the qualities of all the best luxury cars in the world. It is complete with an array of all reaching accessories and features, which pamper its passengers, from the standard air conditioning to the most advanced audio system in play. All brought together, this is a machine that rakes up the field for Indian automotive engineering, making a fine imprint on history with Indian hands and breaking all barriers that had held us back till now.

DC Avanti Exterior


The limited edition version of Avanti boasts an aggressive character with its intimidating cosmetics. As we can see, its front facade gets a new carbon fiber splitter of two-piece design and is complimented by LED headlights. On the sides, it gets new set of alloy wheels and sill extensions that enhances its sporty look. As for the rear, it gets a new carbon fiber rear wing along with a diffuser and LED brake lights that compliments its intimidating stance. The existing trim is available without any update. The stylishly made sports machine is low and slim, built to cut through the space ahead as bullet would. The carbon composite body format enforces this machine as one of most rigid manufactures out there, made of far denser fiber than that of regular road cars. Besides offering a good protection for the car, the carbon fiber two door format also enhances its visual appeal, making it the most attractive feat one would expect of our roads. The gift of the most precise aerodynamic build gives this machine the added benefit of a great look and honed performance as well. It has a refined exterior sheath that gives it elegance, as well as streamlined superiority to take on the roads with ease. It has a sophisticatedly built, roll-cage body design that invokes some of the finest other compatriots in this field, including even Ferrari and Lamborghini. Its front portion is slim and compressed, angular like any specific sports model. Its bonnet slides upwards and blends with the roof. The front grille is large and striking, with a massive air inlet right beneath it. Positioned on either sides are well cut, slender headlamps made for the most alluring and fiendish appearance altogether. Bi-Halogen projector headlamps and a variety of other sophisticated lighting technologies are incorporated into the headlight cluster. Its side profile is accentuated by the well tended, sleek design that it has, meant for both elegance and speed. The governing body format of the car matches that of the Lamborghini Huracan and the Ferrari 458, some of the most refined body builds in the history of cars. The roof slides down and merges into the rear portion of the car, which imposes the most grand appearance with a tough, lowered build and a wide rear bonnet with the most imposing look possible. Its rear lights are shaped vertically, slim and styled like a boomerang so that the rear profile is hit with the most menacing touch a car could have. The rear headlight cluster is integrated with LED lights, courtesy lights and turn indicators to make the appearance of the car go along with the best function as well. Two wide exhaust vents sidle up on either side of the car's bottom, completing the overall grandeur of the car and making it one of the most irresistible machines set loose on our roads.

Exterior Measurements:

This series stretches for a length of 4550mm, an overall width of 1965mm, giving this vehicle its much needed generous of build. The machine stands at a low, trimmed height of 1200mm. It has a ground clearance of about 170mm.

DC Avanti Interior


The insides of the new limited edition trim comes with an exclusive Alcantara leather upholstery for covering seats and steering wheel. Also, it gets an advanced instrument cluster with TFT display with sporty gauges. Besides these, its entire design remains identical to the existing version. Wide, spacious interiors are spread out over this vehicle, energizing its inner appeal and giving it the most fulfilled atmospheres possible. Beside just being large and spacious, it is loaded with luxury and comfort, ranged with the best of elements to rake up the ride quality and to lock in the finest experience for its passengers. It has premium upholstery decorating it from inside, the seats and the sidebars of the doors. The instrument panel is designed with a clever and elegant touch, giving the driver the attractiveness he would have stored only for the best make in his vehicle. It has a reverse camera incorporated with the instrument cluster, and this raises the ride quality to a new level, and also puts a much needed techno touch to the inside of this car. Furthermore, the best air conditioning system also plays a part in the atmosphere building of the car's cabin. Going many miles further is a programmable TFT set, and all brought together, the ride quality that this series has to offer is beyond normal, and definitely remarkable as an achievement for this company.

Interior Comfort:

The exterior sophistication, and the streamlined agility that the car's build has goes not take a toll on its inside and the comfort it hosts. The cabin space is sufficient and larger than most other sports car, and the seats are well cushioned, wide and palatable in terms of spaciousness and luxury. The instrument cluster is designed for the utmost benefit of its passengers, complete with many gizmos that make this ride not only thrilling, but also fulfilling. It has a rear parking camera that provides utmost safety when reversing. Furthermore, the stereo and audio systems are up-to-date, equipped with all the standard measures that one would expect in their audio systems of their vehicle. A programmable TFT set hones the inner atmosphere and brings the very best grandness to the feet of its passengers. The upholster and the material covering the seats are of premium quality. The entire range of assorted materials that come together to build the inside of the cabin are all greatly well picked and of the quality of high class luxury.

Interior Measurements:

Although this is a high end, well sculpted sports model, its low and bullet like exterior format does not leave its insides suffering from lack of space or function. Tall, broad shouldered and lanky people can all share the beauty of craft that this car is, fitting inside the machine without trouble at all and making for the most enjoyable ride experience together.

DC Avanti Gear

Acceleration & Pick-Up

It has a maximum speed that tops at a stunning 120 Kmph, affirming this as one of the most dazzling innovations coming from Indian hands. It races from naught to 100 Kmph within a rib-cracking 6 seconds, probably filing among the second layer of the best sports cars all around the world.

Engine and Performance

It is packed under the hood with a Renault sourced 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. It is a lethal four cylinder model brought together through the DOHC configuration which delivers a displacement capacity of 2000cc. This manage a maximum output value of 250bhp and can churn out a torque of 340Nm. The limited edition trim also houses the same power plant, but some modifications has spurred up its power output to 310bhp. However, its overall torque remains the same. The mighty drivetrain funnels its power through the aid of an efficient 6-speed gearbox for the most flawless manual transmission. The new limited edition is also available with a 6-speed AMT transmission as an optional feature. Interesting fact is that this AMT transmission is developed in-house.

DC Avanti Mileage


Its mighty performance prowess go hand in hand with a great design element that brings it a greater fuel economy. Its mileage is enhanced, and fuel savings are improved, so that 10 to 14 kmpl adjusts itself as a decent fuel economy for a sports car of its make.

Power of DC Avanti

The 2.0-litre petrol that powers this car means the toughest business among its segment, and the car does not fall back on the race with its competitors. It commands a mighty displacement capacity of 2000cc, which is rather astonishing for its design limitations. Going hand in hand with this is a maximum output of 250bhp and a torque that peaks at 340Nm seals the figures that this road hogger has woven around itself. however, the same power plant in the newly launched limited edition churns out 310bhp of power.

DC Avanti Accessories

Stereo & Accessories

The cabin is given the much needed luxury of holders and compartments for spare things, with a compartment upfront and a holder for other equipment also present by the sides of the doors. The centre console has a pocket for holding drink cans and other things. The well designed interior layout also includes a radio system that is incorporated with all the standard functions. It has a good resolution screen posted right atop it, from which the driver gets access to the playlist and to running things in the system. Furthermore, it is also gifted by a numerous other accessories like a rear parking camera, assisting the vehicle, when reversing and parking. A programmable TFT system brings the best of everything to the inside of this machine. This is one of the most luxurious models of Indian origin, and also the most edgy in terms of the quality of interior it offers.

You can now buy DC Avanti accessories online. Great discounts available.

Braking & Handling

Its suspension system is also well bound, with both axles equipped with torsion beams for good control. With this mighty a performance, an efficient braking and handling system is a must, and this car conquers that arena as well. It has brakes armed with superior brake calipers. Anti brake system ensures that the braking is always kept fluidic and in the finest groove possible.

Safety & Security

The carbon fibre body build ensures a rigid structure for the machine and as a result, impact resistance and collision absorption are gifted. In addition to this, high cushioned airbags shield them always, with a minute deployment time for the finest safety possible. Tight seatbelts strap all passengers in at all times, keeping them well secured through all the tough rides. This funnels a mighty performance and speed capacity through a well guided, wholesomely safe channel for its passengers.

DC Avanti Wheels


These are fitted with tubeless radials, which are made of high quality Italian rubber. The wheel arches are fitted with a set of 20 inch wheels.


1. Highly impressive external design.

2. Performance equivalent to some of the fastest machines.

3. Raised on the engineering principles invoked by other supercars.

4. Delivers performance withholding great control too.

5. High ground clearance is a plus with Avanti.


1. Mileage delivery could be enhanced.

2. Its interiors lack sophistication.

3. Safety features could be improved.

DC Avanti price

Variants New Delhi Bangalore Mumbai Chennai Pune Hyderabad Kolkata Find On Road Price in Your City
2.0 L
48.0 Lakh 35.93 Lakh 35.93 Lakh 35.93 Lakh 35.93 Lakh 35.93 Lakh 35.93 Lakh   Get On Road Price  

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DC Avanti in news

DC Avanti 310 Special Edition Revealed

DC Avanti 310 is a limited edition as only 31 units will be rolled out. The 310 in the name stands for 310 BHP which is a massive 60 BHP more than the regular version. Read Full News

Posted On | December 14, 2015 | 54278 Views

First DC Avanti to be delivered on April 16th

Deliveries of the India’s first indigenous sports car- DC Avanti will commence on 16th of the on-going month. Priced at INR 35 Lacs (ex.showroom), the car was first unveiled in concept form at the 2012 Auto Expo, while the production-ready model marked its presence at the 2014 Auto Expo and did turned a lot of heads. Read Full News

Posted On | April 07, 2015 | 8592 Views

2015 batch of 500 DC Avantis almost sold out!

Post four years of planning, three years of execution and a delay of almost two years, India’s first indigenous sports car- DC Avanti is finally ready to hit the tarmac next year. To be priced close to INR 40 lacs, the first deliveries of the much-anticipated sports car will commence from March 2015. Read Full News

Posted On | December 27, 2014 | 8965 Views
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