Advantages The Mg Ezs Has Over Regular Cars

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MG leads the way with an electric car that trumps fossil fuel-powered counterparts in every way 

The world is changing and sadly it is not in a good way. Due to the burning of fossil fuels for over a century the planet is a warmer place today. Today 15 percent of carbon emissions are due to the use of fossil fuel for transportation. It is time for us to step away from our beloved oil-burning motor to an electric one. Morris Garages is one company that has stepped up the ante against global warming with their electric SUV, the ZS EV

Here are the advantages electric cars have over fossil fuel-powered vehicles. 

1. Low maintenance thanks to less moving engine parts. 


A regular engine has over 1000 moving parts, which includes pistons, valves, drive chain to name a few. How an internal combustion engine works is simple in principle; in the real world things are different. Tightening emission norms combined with the need for better fuel economy has made modern engines very complex. 

The MG eZS’ electric motor has 80 percent less moving parts than conventionally powered petrol or diesel cars. This leads to cheaper maintenance bills. On an average ownership cycle of 8 years, the maintenance cost of an MG eZS electric car can be half that of a regular car.  

And we haven’t got to the best part yet: the fuel economy. 

2. Cheaper to run than petrol or diesel cars

Given that a large part of the ownership cost for a conventional car is fuel, EVs like the MG eZS are more efficient here as well. Even in advanced internal combustion engines there is a massive energy loss by the time the motor turns fuel into kinetic energy. On the other hand, an electric motor converts 85 percent of its electrical energy into mechanical energy. 

To put this into perspective, say you are spending Rs 5,000 (diesel) to Rs 6,000 (petrol) in fuel travelling 1,300km a month. Running an EV on the same cycle can slash your fuel bills by around 70-75 percent. 

3. Charging time as quick as your coffee break 

This might be a place that internal combustion engines still have an advantage over EVs, but not for long. On average it takes 3-5 minutes to fill fuel in a regular car. And while it is true that most EVs can take hours to fully charge up, modern breakthroughs employed in cars like the ZS EV has drastically cut down these numbers. Sample this: 80 percent of the battery can be charged in just 40mins. So it will take as much time as your coffee break. 

Our environment needs to get cleaner now and MG knows this. It has taken the first step to a green future with the eZS EV. It is not only good for nature but also trumps regular-powered cars in terms of overall ownership cost.

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