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MG ZS EV User Reviews

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  • MG ZS EV Zero Emissions, Maximum Adventure

    The MG ZS EV offers an enticing package for eco conscious drivers. With its sleek design and zero emission electric powertrain, it promises a guilt free driving experience. Boasting a competitive range and rapid charging capability, it s well suited for daily commutes and weekend getaways alike. The interior impresses with its modern amenities and ...Read More

    By leena
    On: Feb 29, 2024 | 10 Views
  • Practicality For The Eco Conscious Family

    MG ZS EV views modern style and spacious comfort at the same time combining to present a futuristic electric SUV. Its elegant design, spacious cabin and clever technology all make for a great driving experience. This type of electric motor runs quietly and smoothly, engaging punchy acceleration. Nimble maneuverability provides a surprising quality ...Read More

    By mamta
    On: Feb 28, 2024 | 39 Views
  • The MG ZS EV Is A Game Changer

    The MG ZS EV is a game changer in the EV market, offering impressive range, performance, and cutting edge technology. Its minimalist design, spacious interior, and intuitive touchscreen interface set it apart from the competition. With rapid acceleration and long range capabilities, the MG ZS EV delivers a thrilling driving experience while also be...Read More

    By akshay
    On: Feb 27, 2024 | 74 Views
  • MG ZS EV Electric SUV Powerhouse

    The MG ZS EV is an electric hustler on Vehicle, not exclusively an SUV. The ZS EV is the classic of electric SUV interpretation thanks to its electric motor and ample cabin. The ZS EV is a corroboration to MG s fidelity to offering motorists an electric SUV that adroitly blends Power and practicality, guaranteeing that every drive is a important st...Read More

    By pasmina
    On: Feb 26, 2024 | 119 Views
  • Two Wheeled Award

    As we all know that MG is known for its amazing and dashing car which is so perfect that any one will notice them on roads. MG ZS EV is one of the masterpieces cars delivered by MG and I am owning this SUV form last year and I can bet that this amazing car will never fail you in timing or and feature failure. It has a battery capacity of 50 kwh and...Read More

    By tonnistha
    On: Feb 23, 2024 | 78 Views
  • A Reasonable Well Equipped Electric Ride

    An electric SUV with a large roomy interior, well executed ride quality and the image of green mobility, the MG ZS EV has a 50.3kWh battery pack that provides it with an range of approximately 370km on one recharge. Fast and quiet performance of ZS EV also exhibits a speed response 0 100kmph launch in only 8.5 seconds. Other features include panora...Read More

    By meenakshi
    On: Feb 22, 2024 | 123 Views
  • MG ZS EV Electrifying Excellence, Redefined For Urban Living

    With the MG ZS EV, the Best galvanized perfection is reimagined for megacity life. With this electric SUV, MG's devotion to fashionable and environmentally friendly transportation is realized. A homage to MG's fidelity to elevating every City hassle, the ZS EV is Beyond exclusively an auto. In the demesne of electric vehicles, the MG ZS EV makes a ...Read More

    By shilpi
    On: Feb 19, 2024 | 117 Views
  • Excellent Car

    The MG ZS EV stands out as a futuristic, compact, and reliable electric SUV, offering a smooth and comfortable riding experience. While the engine is somewhat noisy, it provides ample power for navigating rough terrains. The premium and bold interior design, coupled with spacious cabins, enhance passenger comfort during travel. The car prioritizes ...Read More

    By meghna
    On: Feb 16, 2024 | 179 Views
  • Fantastic Car

    The MG ZS EV is creating a significant impact in the electric SUV market. With its sleek design and spacious interior, it caters to families seeking an electric vehicle. The impressive electric range makes it practical for both daily commuting and extended trips. Users commend its responsive acceleration and smooth driving experience. The inclusion...Read More

    By caroline
    On: Feb 15, 2024 | 96 Views
  • MG ZS EV Zero Emission Luxury For Modern Urban Living.

    As an unchallenged hold of zero emigration luxury, the MG ZS EV is MG s clever reaction to the paradigm revise towards sustainable City life. The ZS EV, which is powered entirely by electric machines, glides through cityscapes with quiet dexterity, finessing emigrations and furnishing a sumptuous driving experience. Its ample cabin, seasoned with s...Read More

    By ashish
    On: Feb 14, 2024 | 87 Views
  • Electrifying Drives My Journey With The MG ZS EV Electric SUV

    India does not carry much respect in MG s eyes. The price is three to four lakhs more than in Nepal, and there is no facelifted version. There is also no 73 kilowatt hour battery that comes with it. I am eternally grateful to God for allowing me to cancel my. The 73 kilowatt hour battery variant would sell like hotcakes if MG introduced it for a fe...Read More

    By user
    On: Feb 13, 2024 | 251 Views
  • Electrifying Elegance

    The MG ZS EV is a game-changer in the electric vehicle realm. As an owner, the seamless blend of eco-friendliness and luxury is striking. The electric powertrain delivers a silent yet powerful drive, and the range is impressive for daily commutes. The spacious interior, premium materials, and advanced tech features create a comfortable and futurist...Read More

    By srilakshmi
    On: Feb 12, 2024 | 125 Views
  • MG ZS EV Electric SUV Powerhouse

    The MG ZS EV is an electric hustler on Vehicle, not exclusively an SUV. The ZS EV is the classic of electric SUV interpretation thanks to its electric motor and ample cabin. The ZS EV is a corroboration to MG s fidelity to offering motorists an electric SUV that adroitly blends Power and practicality, guaranteeing that every drive is a important st...Read More

    By mahfd
    On: Feb 09, 2024 | 76 Views
  • Electric Elegance For Modern Explorers

    An electric vehicle with style, the MG ZS EV is an embodiment of a harmonious intersection between sustainability and sophistication. It is equipped with a powerful electric motor, which provides both efficiency and also performance for the eco friendly city conqueror. Distinctive LED lighting, a bold grille and a spacious interior converge to crea...Read More

    By gopalkrishna
    On: Feb 08, 2024 | 208 Views
  • MG ZS EV Electric Adventure With Style And Substance

    Start on an electric adventure with style and substance in the MG ZS EV, an electric SUV that combines sophistication with sustainable driving. Driving this electric SUV is a journey into the future of mobility, where the stylish design is matched by substantial electric performance. My experiences with the ZS EV highlight a vehicle that not only s...Read More

    By k
    On: Feb 07, 2024 | 164 Views
  • Thrilled With My MG ZS EV

    I must express how delighted I am with my MG ZS EV. This electric SUV has surpassed all my expectations. I am really happy with its sleek design, superior infotainment system and most importantly its eye catching electric powertrain. The car runs remarkably smoothly providing a blissful silent driving experience. The MG ZS EV has proven to be a rea...Read More

    By vidisha
    On: Feb 05, 2024 | 302 Views
  • Well-Rounded Electric SUV

    MG ZS EV is a versatile electric SUV that provides not only comfortable and fun driving, but also plenty of space in the cabin with many useful features ? it?s an environmentally friendly substitute for regular cars. it has a strong motor that can go from standstill to 100km/h in just 8.5 seconds, also includes an impressive battery with the abilit...Read More

    By ramendra
    On: Feb 01, 2024 | 146 Views
  • MG ZS EV Electrifying Urban Sophistication

    The MG ZS EV embodies stimulating civic complication, seamlessly blendingeco friendly driving with coincidental phraseology. With its satiny project, commodious innards, and advanced electric powertrain, the ZS EV stands out as a hallmark of MG's devotion to delivering an electric SUV that meets the demands of ultramodern civic cultures. This elect...Read More

    By ravish
    On: Jan 31, 2024 | 180 Views
  • Electrifying The SUV Experience

    The MG ZS EV is a top notch electric SUV. It combines big space with good terrain stuff while being energy friendly. Powered by an electric motor, it gives a noisy but strong driving experience. This helps in making our cosmopolises more environmentally friendly and moving fluently. The modern style with big chassis and satiny lines makes the ZS EV...Read More

    By jeeta
    On: Jan 25, 2024 | 93 Views
  • The EV Of New Era

    I am grateful for my decision to purchase the MG ZS EV. The car offers a unique combination of performance and cost-effectiveness in an electric SUV. I'm always amazed at this car is strength, even over the long haul. There is also enough room for passengers and my children. Sports equipment is a real winner. My family and I always feel safe when t...Read More

    By sumanth
    On: Jan 24, 2024 | 149 Views
  • MG ZS EV Electrifying MG Experience

    The MG ZS EV is one of my faves and a significant electric SUV that's ready for the unborn thanks to its numerous helpful features. With its commodious innards and slicebite technology, MG's electric SUV is a significant and ultrapractical agent. The robust electric motor, together with its SUV- suchlike expression and appearance, make it a protean...Read More

    By swetha
    On: Jan 23, 2024 | 76 Views
  • The Rising Star

    Since it is a very environmentally friendly car, the MG ZS EV is a very practical and well-thought-out car model. My choice and of course the choice for our better environment. My recommendations for this model are aimed at anyone who wants to make a worthwhile purchase in exchange for excellent quality and functionality. It has large seating and p...Read More

    By gopi
    On: Jan 22, 2024 | 78 Views
  • MG ZS EV Electrifying MG Experience

    I precisely grasped the future with the MG ZS EV, and I'm fully in love. It stands out due to its futuristic expression and unusual shape. In extension to furnishing a reassuring sense of independence, the 461 km ARAI rated range and electric only mode are harmonious with my environmental valuations. I was blown down by the cerebral Design, which w...Read More

    By joanna
    On: Jan 19, 2024 | 79 Views
  • Cherishing My Rides In The MG ZS EV

    I am thankful for my decision to purchase the MG ZS EV. This vehicle provides an unbeatable combination of an electric SUV which has practicality with a cost efficient character. The car has gutsy performance even on long routes never ceases to amaze me. Besides, the generous space available for passengers and my kids. Its sports gear is a real win...Read More

    By wasif
    On: Jan 17, 2024 | 62 Views
  • Accelerates Quickly

    I'm a very blissful MG ZS client. The vehicle provides me with a scope of more than 350 kilometers, and it speeds up rapidly and mindfully. My movement costs have fundamentally diminished thanks to the car, as its fuel costs range from 50 to 80 Paisa for each km. Firmly exhorted for people who make continuous excursions. The elements and administra...Read More

    By tushar
    On: Jan 15, 2024 | 62 Views
  • Green Innovation, Electric Prowess Redefined

    The MG ZS EV is at the vanguard of electric driving, where eco-conscious design meets cutting-edge innovation. Its exterior with its sleek and modern silhouette has become a new threshold for electric vehicle elegance. The interior of the ZS EV not only makes ample space but is also tech-savvy, redefining the driving experience with comfort and fut...Read More

    By jehan
    On: Jan 11, 2024 | 79 Views
  • It Accelerates Quickly And Responsibly

    I am an extremely happy MG ZS client. The vehicle gives me a range of more than 350 kilometres, and it accelerates quickly and responsibly. My travel expenses have significantly decreased thanks to the automobile, as its fuel prices range from 50 to 80 Paisa per km. Strongly advised for individuals who make frequent trips. The features and services...Read More

    By debashish
    On: Jan 09, 2024 | 125 Views
  • Quick And Responsive Motor

    MG ZS EV offers better practicality and comfort and a good driving range and gives good value. It is a very good electric SUV with amazing style fun to drive and great safety features but the boot space could be better. The interior quality of this electric SUV is very nice and get food features and the build quality are up to the mark. It has a qu...Read More

    By darshan
    On: Jan 08, 2024 | 63 Views
  • Stylish Car

    A visually appealing, eco-friendly car equipped with a spacious roof window, delivering an incredibly comfortable driving experience that makes you feel as though you're not merely driving a car.

    By ruban shantha pukky
    On: Jan 08, 2024 | 64 Views
  • MG ZS EV Competes With Popular SUV

    Inside, the MG ZS EV facelift has a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, cruise control, drive modes, an electric parking brake, an air purifier, rear AC vents, a panoramic sunroof, a fully digital instrument cluster, a 360-degree camera, and wireless charging. Seventy-five linked car functions will also be...Read More

    By justin
    On: Jan 03, 2024 | 150 Views
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  • Electric
  • ZS EV ExecutiveCurrently Viewing
    Rs.18,98,000*EMI: Rs.38,546
    Key Features
    • ZS EV ExciteCurrently Viewing
      Rs.19,98,000*EMI: Rs.40,539
      Pay 1,00,000 more to get
      • 10.1-inch Touchscreen
      • 4-speaker sound system
      • 6 airbags
      • Rear parking camera
      • Electric parking brake
    • ZS EV ExclusiveCurrently Viewing
      Rs.23,98,000*EMI: Rs.48,469
      Pay 5,00,000 more to get
      • Panoramic sunroof
      • 6-way powered driver seats
      • 360-degree camera
    • ZS EV Exclusive DTCurrently Viewing
      Rs.24,08,000*EMI: Rs.48,668
      Pay 5,10,000 more to get
      • Panoramic sunroof
      • 6-way powered driver seats
      • 360-degree camera
    • ZS EV Exclusive ProCurrently Viewing
      Rs.24,98,000*EMI: Rs.50,459
      Pay 6,00,000 more to get
      • ADAS
      • 360-degree camera
      • 6 airbags
    • ZS EV Exclusive Pro DTCurrently Viewing
      Rs.25,08,000*EMI: Rs.50,658
      Pay 6,10,000 more to get
      • ADAS
      • 360-degree camera
      • 6 airbags

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    What is the max power of MG ZS EV?

    Vikas asked on 26 Feb 2024

    The max power of MG ZS EV is 174.33bhp.

    By CarDekho Experts on 26 Feb 2024

    Is the MG ZS EV available in different trim levels?

    Devyani asked on 24 Feb 2024

    Yes, the MG ZS EV is typically offered in multiple trim levels, each with its ow...

    Read More
    By CarDekho Experts on 24 Feb 2024

    How does the MG ZS EV handle in terms of driving dynamics?

    Devyani asked on 24 Feb 2024

    The MG ZS EV offers responsive handling and a smooth driving experience, thanks ...

    Read More
    By CarDekho Experts on 24 Feb 2024

    Can the MG ZS EV be preheated or cooled remotely?

    Devyani asked on 24 Feb 2024

    Yes, some versions of the MG ZS EV come with remote climate control functionalit...

    Read More
    By CarDekho Experts on 24 Feb 2024

    What type of warranty does MG offer for the MG ZS EV?

    Devyani asked on 21 Feb 2024

    MG typically offers a comprehensive warranty for the MG ZS EV, covering various ...

    Read More
    By CarDekho Experts on 21 Feb 2024

    What is the tyre size of MG ZS EV?

    MG ZS EV is available in 1 tyre sizes - 215/55 R17.

    What are the specifications of the music system?

    Radio,Speakers Front,Speakers Rear,Integrated 2DIN Audio,Wireless Phone Charging,Bluetooth Connectivity,Touch Screen,Android Auto,Apple CarPlay.

    Does MG ZS EV have automatic climate control?

    MG ZS EV has automatic climate control.

    Does the MG ZS EV have a sunroof?

    MG ZS EV does not have a sunroof.

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