Mitsubishi Motors plans to bring "Thai Eco-Car" in India

Published On Dec 10, 2010 04:23 PM By Vidyadhar for Mitsubishi Montero

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Mitsubishi Motors, the Japanese car manufacturer has planned to establish a small car in the Indian auto segment which is already crowded with various other small cars. It leaves everyone with a question that what difference this Japanese auto giant plans? The Japanese auto mobile maker is in the course of manufacturing a new small Eco Friendly car for the global auto market. The car is being developed in Thailand and the project is ventured under a government scheme. The new small car is christened as “Thai Eco-Car”. The small baby will be an environment friendly car but don't mistake it to be less in power. Mitsubishi Motors is well known for its technologically advanced and unique designs. In this eco friendly car, the company will come with advanced technology for greater fuel efficiency and controlled Co2 emissions.

The sketch of the Eco car leaves a very good impression as it looks savvy and stout. But it subtracts the fighter jet grille in the small car, as per the report.

The Japanese auto giant has unfolded the sketches of its new car in the media while it was the inaugurating the company's new manufacturing unit in Thailand.

As per the reports, Mitsubishi will be coming with the new small car in March, 2012. It is also being heard that, Mitsubishi would affix it with 1.0 litre or 1.2 litre fuel efficient engine for its Eco car. If experts in the auto sectors are to be believed, Mitsubishi is looking forward to utilize the growth in the small car segment globally, just like its rivals Nissan, Honda and Suzuki. These Japanese auto manufacturers are already enjoying the second fastest growing Indian auto market. Currently, the domestic auto market holds 70 per cent of the small car market which is priced in and around 5 lakhs. 

Mitsubishi Motors new manufacturing unit will be capable of churning as many as 150,000 units every year when reaches its full capacity. From this plant, the company will be shipping the car majorly in the Asian markets such as India.

Mitsubishi Motors looks forward to invest in the sub continent regions especially, India as it is the second fastest growing auto sector and the company is gaining its momentum now which it had lost previously. The company expects to capture the growing domestic auto sector. It is being speculated that, Mitsubishi plans to assemble its small car from its CKD kits from Thailand in India.

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