What Makes The MG ZS EV As Smart As Your Smartphone?

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The ZS EV comes with several internet connectivity features that make driving easier, safer, and more enjoyable!

Can you recall at what point mobile phones became indispensable to our lives? It is tempting to say it was when touchscreen technology became mainstream or when phones gained multimedia capabilities. But the real turning point was when mobile phones got smarter, i.e. when they became internet-enabled.

We are on the cusp of a similar revolution in personal mobility. The personal vehicle of the future will be internet-enabled, which makes it part of a connected environment that lets you switch from one aspect of your life (e.g. work) to another (e.g. home) in a cleaner, safer, more convenient, and smarter way.

In other words, the personal vehicle of tomorrow will do what the MG ZS EV does today!

That’s right, the MG ZS EV is India’s first fully electric internet SUV. Here are some standout internet connectivity features that make it a truly smart car:


Battery & Range Status – With this feature, you can find out your ZS EV’s battery-level and real-time remaining range by simply firing up the mobile app.

Charging Information – You also don’t need to move about to know the charging status of your ZS EV. The mobile app provides you with essential info like time remaining to charge and charging current/voltage (which are different for AC wall chargers and DC fast chargers).

360 Spider Navigation – Having a hard time figuring out how a road’s condition and traffic will impact your ZS EV’s range? MG’s 360 Spider Navigation feature takes all the guesswork out by calculating the dynamic range in each direction from your current location while factoring in traffic/road conditions.

Range Alert & Charging Station Info – And if your intended destination is beyond your ZS EV’s remaining range, MG’s Range Alert feature will alert you. At the same time, it will also draw up a list of charging stations at the location where your EV’s range will end. How does it do that? By simply looking up the ZS EV’s inbuilt maps, which are regularly updated to include newly established EV charging stations.

Find My Car – Parked your ZS EV in rush hour and can’t remember its location? MG’s Find My Car feature on your mobile app not only gives you the EV’s exact location but also the shortest distance to it.

Voice Recognition – And, of course, in true ‘smart car’ style, you can get all the above information through voice commands. Greet your ZS EV with a ‘Hello MG’ and choose from over 100 voice commands to inform, entertain, and enjoy yourself on a drive!

Smart Drive – How do you like the idea of analysing your driving style? Do you accelerate or brake too hard? Is your ZS EV running idle for too long? What routes do you take and which one is the best? It is precisely these questions and more that MG’s Smart Drive feature answers for you. It collects and analyses data on several parameters to help maximize your ZS EV’s range while making your drives a stress-free affair.

M2M Embedded Sim & Wi-Fi Connectivity – But how does the MG ZS EV latch onto the internet and work all this magic? It comes with an embedded 5G-ready SIM that is IPv6-compatible, thus truly making it a car from the future.

And if you think your mobile or home Wi-Fi connection can do faster, MG lets you connect the ZS EV to any external Wi-Fi network as well.


Preloaded Entertainment Content – Apart from an inbuilt Gaana premium account, MG bundles a host of pre-loaded entertainment content in the ZS EV’s head unit. Comprising both video and audio, this content will also be periodically refreshed via OTA (over the air) updates.  

Eco-Friendly Updates – The ZS EV also lets you flaunt your eco-friendly credentials by letting you know your carbon footprint when driving. The feature calculates the amount of CO2 emissions you saved by opting for an EV and lets you share it with your friends on social media.

Over The Air [OTA] Update – Much like your smartphone’s operating system and apps, your ZS EV gets updates over the air, i.e. wirelessly through the embedded SIM or an external Wi-Fi connection. From the latest entertainment content to new voice recognition commands and software features, OTA updates ensure that while your ZS EV might get old, it will never get boring.

Safety And Security

Know Your Vehicle Status – As apparent from the name, this on-demand feature gives you a quick lowdown on various aspects of your ZS EV. From battery status and exact current location to charging station info and tyre pressure, the Know Your Vehicle Status feature is virtually the ZS EV telling you how it feels before a drive!

Remote Vehicle Control – Unsure if you left your ZS EV’s door unlocked or the lights on? The Remote Vehicle Control feature on MG’s mobile app lets you remotely control an entire Christmas basket of functions like switching the AC on/off, locking/unlocking the doors, and even honking.

Geofencing & Security Alert – This feature helps you secure your ZS EV by setting an outward or inward Geo Fence of up to 100km. If and when your ZS EV breaches this safety perimeter, a notification pops up on your phone instantly.  

You’ll also get similar alerts on your phone when the safety and security of your ZS EV are compromised, i.e. when there’s an attempted break-in, an abnormal ignition of your EV, or overspeeding.  

E-Call & I-Call – The MG ZS EV is also one of the best vehicles in India to crash in. Surprised? Well, that’s because the car comes with an amazing E-Call feature, which automatically sends a message and your location details to a 24x7 pulse hub whenever your ZS EV’s airbags are deployed. The pulse hub then immediately calls the car owner (i.e. you) to arrange for assistance.

But MG’s assistance isn’t meant for only when your ZS EV’s airbags are deployed. Whether you need any roadside assistance or a mobile charging solution when you’re stranded, pushing the i-Call button on your ZS EV’s dash puts you in touch with MG’s pulse hub for any help.

These are the standout internet connectivity features that, in addition to making the MG ZS EV India’s first fully electric internet SUV, also make it the perfect car to move about in an increasingly digital world.

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sanjeev kapoor
Jun 12, 2020 5:48:35 PM

It's a Shame that CarDekho and some other car experts are still pedalling Chinese cars. It will be a bigger shame if Indians continue to buy Chinese products, despite our country been stabbed by China

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jai prakash
Jun 28, 2020 7:52:13 AM

Absolutely right

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