MG Motor MGB: Legacy Of A British Sports Car

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The car that was the best selling sports car of its time and remained in production for nearly 30 years

The 1960s was perhaps the golden age of motoring. This period saw the birth of some of the most iconic sports cars, in design and in performance, ever to be made. In that very period, the brand called MG recognised the desire and the demands of the people and launched its very own small sports car - the MGB. 

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While most of its contemporaries were priced for the super rich, the MGB was a British sports car for the people. In its time, the MGB was the world’s best selling sports car with over half a million units sold during its production run from 1962 to 1980. It had many appealing factors other than just its relative affordability. The MGB was fun-to-drive, mechanically sound, easy to work on and looked stunning. It was a daily-drivable sports car that made every drive special.

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The MGB was offered in both convertible Roadster and coupe forms, the latter being called the MGB GT. While the Roadster was the first to be introduced and the best selling version of the MGB, the GT featured a 2+2 seat layout and a notchback design much like modern sports cars. The MGB GT was also referred to as James Bond’s every day ride. This two-door sports car was easy to drive, looked good enough to star in a movie and within reach of any driving enthusiast. Both the Roadster and the GT were offered in a number of colourful options for both the exterior and the interior upholstery.

Source: MG Car Club FB

The standard powertrain option for the MGB was a 1.8-litre, four-cylinder engine that produced around 95PS of power and 150Nm of torque. It could reach a top speed of 160kph in the Roadster and almost touch 170kph in the GT Coupe. These figures may not sound like much by today’s standard but given its lightweight monocoque chassis and agile handling, it was still quick for the 1960s and 70s. And lets not forget, the MGB was engineered for driving pleasure rather than outright speed.

MG never wavered from its core principle for the MGB - a fun and easy to use sports car that answered the demands of the people at the time. Even today, modern MG cars retain the sporty legacy with the current range of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs). The British carmaker still has its finger on the pulse of the customer and offers cars with features that meet the needs of the time with new-age technology. 

The Hector was the first in its segment to offer connected car technology with voice commands and remote functionality combined with stunning looks and impressive cabin space. Meanwhile, the ZS EV is the most powerful EV in its segment with the biggest battery and it's sporty too with a 0-100kph time of 8.5 seconds. It also comes equipped with class leading features like a panoramic sunroof, inbuilt air purifier and heated outside rear view mirrors.

In the online age, MG added internet connectivity to its cars, switched to an electrified powertrain for cleaner air and will continue to push tech that makes their cars ahead of the pack.

To know more about MG's glorious legacy please click here.

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