MG Gloster: Rewriting The Luxury SUV Rulebook For 2020 And Beyond

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Whether on paper or on the road, the Gloster dominates the full-size SUV landscape like no other. Here’s why.

What does a modern luxury SUV look like? You certainly won’t get the answer to that question by looking at the current crop of full-size SUVs in India. That’s because they stick to a tried, tested, and outdated rulebook; one that is woefully out of touch with the needs and the wants of an Indian SUV buyer in 2020. But all that is set to change with the Gloster, MG’s latest offering that follows the British carmaker’s USP of best-in-class technology and features in a modern design package. 

Here’s what makes the MG Gloster the luxury SUV to buy in 2020 and beyond. 

Size Matters and MG Knows It

An SUV wouldn’t really be an SUV if it doesn’t look the part. And boy does the Gloster look the part! At 4985mm and 1867mm, the MG Gloster is by far the longest and tallest SUV in its class, respectively. It further runs a close second in terms of width by extending a massive 1926mm. While these numbers impress on paper, they impress upon onlookers a sense of awe and intimidation.

But it’s the exact opposite for those who sit in the Gloster as these figures translate into a cabin that offers best-in-class legroom and headroom. And don’t let the width’s podium finish distract you from the fact that it seats three passengers in complete comfort. Such a roomy cabin makes it easier to spend long hours in, making the MG Gloster ideal for long highway jaunts. 

Outmuscling the Competition

The large cabin though forms only one part of the equation that makes the MG Gloster an effortless mile muncher. The other parts are the SUV’s engine, a 2-litre BS6 diesel unit that cranks out 218PS of power and a prodigious 480Nm of torque at just 1500-2400rpm, and an 8-speed automatic transmission.

MG has achieved these segment-topping power and torque figures by using a twin-turbo on the Gloster. The advantage of this setup is that it helps reduce turbo lag by using two smaller turbochargers instead of one larger unit. In the real world, this not only makes the Gloster a dream to drive on the highway but the reduced turbo lag also makes driving in slower-moving urban traffic an easy affair. 

Ready to Run Roughshod

The MG Gloster’s appetite, however, is not restricted to paved highways and congested city streets alone. Point it at broken tarmac and the SUV shoots ahead like it’s nobody’s business. Credit for this goes to the Gloster’s ground clearance, which at 210mm is among the best in its class. No matter how poor or non-existent the roads, the Gloster chugs along nonchalantly.

The Gloster’s 2950mm wheelbase, again the longest in its class, also plays a part here by aiding the SUV’s stability on the highway. Whether you’re driving solo or with a cabin full of people and a boot full of luggage, the MG Gloster’s ground clearance and wheelbase ensure road conditions never play spoilsport. 

More Gadgets than a Bond Car

Apart from beating rivals at their own game, the MG Gloster also lays down new rules for what the game will look like henceforth. The SUV is packed to the brim with features, many of which are segment-first and seem like they belong in a car twice as expensive.

For instance, the Gloster offers you a taste of autonomous driving tech with ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). The feature includes several driver aids such as adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and autonomous emergency braking to make piloting the Gloster even more relaxing and effortless.

Adaptive cruise control, for example, is an improved version of conventional cruise control and helps the Gloster maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front while cruising on the highway. If and when the vehicle in front slows down, your Gloster follows suit only to accelerate again to your chosen cruising speed once that vehicle pulls away. 

Similarly, the autonomous braking tech engages the Gloster’s brakes faster than the average human driver can when it detects a sudden obstruction or vehicle ahead. As for lane keep assist, the tech alerts you every time the Gloster leaves its designated lane.

But as tempting as it is to crown these features as the Gloster’s technology centrepiece, that tag belongs to the 12.3-inch HD touchscreen infotainment system, comfortably the largest in its class. Besides phone pairing technology such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, the infotainment system also gets MG’s i-Smart internet suite, making the Gloster the smartest full-size SUV you can buy in India. 

A Penthouse on Wheels

As obvious by now, MG has set several segment benchmarks with the Gloster. But the one that matters the most to the buyer of such an SUV is comfort. The Gloster simply knocks it out of the park here as it offers features that can give luxury sedans a run for their money.

For starters, the SUV comes with a panoramic sunroof that, coupled with the spacious interiors, makes the cabin feel even roomier. Also helping you keep fatigue-free and fresh are the second-row captain seats, sporting a leather finish, separate armrests, and a slide and recline function.

But if you prefer the commanding view offered by the Gloster’s driver seat instead, there are several features to help you enjoy that view uninterrupted for hours together. Chief among them are the 12-way electronic seat adjustment, two sets of seat memory function, and a seat massager!

Setting a New Standard for Luxury SUVs

An SUV where the letter S stands for special? That wouldn’t be an overstatement given how MG has loaded the Gloster with class-leading space, power, technology, and luxury features. And by doing so, the British carmaker has also set a new standard for full-size luxury SUVs in India and more importantly, defined what a modern SUV should look and feel like. 

If that’s something you’d also like to experience yourself, get in touch with your nearest MG dealership today.

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