BMW India: Reclaim Your Passion For Driving In The New World

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Can’t wait to get behind the wheel again? Here’s how BMW makes it easier and safer for you to do so.

There are changes and then there are CHANGES. What the world is currently grappling with falls squarely into the latter category. But with change being the only constant, it’s imperative to find a way to adapt and get back to doing things you love the most. 

BMW India, with a storied tradition of putting its customers at the heart of every decision, sensed this need for change early on and has transformed itself into a brand that fulfils the needs of its customers as they reclaim their passion for driving in this new world. 

A New Logo for a New World

The gravity of BMW’s transformation can be gauged by the fact that its famed roundel logo has been redesigned for the fifth time since its debut in 1917. While the basic shape and the Bavarian flag’s iconic blue and white colours remain, the outer ring is now clear instead of black and the BMW moniker gets a new retro font -- symbolising a coming together of transparency and time-tested quality. 

Just Can’t Wait

That this transformative change is not just skin deep is apparent the moment you lay your eyes on BMW’s ‘Just Can’t Wait’ campaign, which beautifully captures the yearning of people to do things that make them… human! It heralds a break with the past and an easier and safer way for those who just can’t wait to experience the familiar joy of driving, but in an unfamiliar new world.

BMW Easy Start Plan

In keeping with that aim, BMW has introduced the Easy Start Plan, making it easier for you to be a part of the BMW family in India and reclaim your passion for driving in this new world. The company’s Easy Start Plan lets you drive home your favourite BMW car at immensely attractive terms such as:

  • Friendly EMIs with an effective ROI starting from 5.99 per cent

  • Up to 38 per cent lower EMIs for the first 30 months

  • Additional benefits of up to Rs 2.5 lakh

  • Up to 5 years of complimentary service and maintenance

  • BMW Advanced Hygiene Package

BMW Advanced Hygiene Package

With this transformation, BMW India has addressed another challenge presented by the changed world: How to ensure dealership-grade care for your car from the comfort of your home? 

The answer lies in the BMW Advanced Hygiene Package, a collection of premium care products that are tailor-made for your BMW. These products not only help you keep your car looking like a million bucks from the comfort of your home but also thoroughly sanitise it from the inside. 

For instance, the Hygiene Package includes products such as air-conditioner system cleaner, ozoniser, and 2.5PM filter to help you breathe cleaner inside your car by filtering pollutants and allergens.

BMW Contactless Experience

But in a world that requires us to do things that are antithetical to the very essence of being human -- social distancing, for instance -- indulging in your love for driving can be a challenge. Whether it’s buying your car or getting it serviced, stepping out of your home and into a showroom full of people is unavoidable. 

BMW’s answer to this dilemma is the BMW Contactless Experience, whereby the legendary German carmaker comes to your doors instead. The company has adopted a digital-first experience that lets you enjoy all the benefits of a conventional brick-and-mortar dealership, sans the risk and hassle of leaving your home. 

From selecting and customising your favourite BMW model to getting all your questions answered by the nearest BMW dealership and buying, the entire process is online. BMW delivers your new car right at your doorstep, just as it picks up your car when it’s time for a service. In both cases, BMW completely sanitises your car before delivery. 

Embracing Change in Letter and Spirit

From its early days as a manufacturer of aircraft engines to its modern-day standing as a maker of world-class cars and motorcycles, BMW has never shied away from adapting to its customers’ needs and aspirations. These measures, as such, are proof of the company’s readiness to embrace the changes of this new world in letter and spirit. 

To know more about this transformation and associated initiatives, you can get in touch with the BMW dealership nearest to you. With 49 dealerships across 37 Indian cities, BMW India has ensured driving enthusiasts can once again get behind their favourite set of wheels and blaze the trail towards a fresh start.

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