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  • TATA Tigor | Quick Review

    2017-03-22 15:35:24.0
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    Tata Hexa | Quick Review

    2016-11-14 18:19:41.0
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    “There is a storm looming in the horizon, waiting to sweep the world in its wake”. A Storme bundled with advanced features so dynamic that it sweeps you off your feet!
    The same 2.2 liter Dicor mated with the new G76 MKII gearbox provides for better gear shifts. The 2179 cc diesel engine churns out 140 BHP of power at 4000 rpm and 320 Nm of torque at 1700-2700 rpm. The Tata Storme has a “Best in class” spacious cabin in terms of headroom and legroom. The enhanced wheelbase of 2650 mm increases the rear legroom. The boot space of Tata Storme is 981 liters. The plush interiors done in a wood finish and high class upholstery add to the sophisticated looks of the SUV. The wooden panel is intelligently designed and makes it look subtle. Other improved features include Hydraulic power assisted steering, 4.1 synchromesh gearbox with overdrive, 5 link rear suspension with coil springs, Independent double wish bone front suspension, adjustable steering, foldable rear seats, best in class ground clearance, under floor mounted spare wheel, ventilated disk brakes, ABS with EBD, best in class turning radius and dual elliptical exhaust pipes.

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    You must have celebrated Indian and other festivals during your short or long time span of your life but have you ever celebrated Youness, Kickassness, Epicness, Magicness. In fact have you every celebrated Awesomeness. If not then celebrate it with the new Tata Nano. That is what the lately aired promo of the car suggests. The video or the promo is full of colours, youth and most importantly features the new variants of Tata Nano. Through the video, the makers clearly show their intentions that this car is made especially for the youth. Its is as lively as the youngsters of the time. They enjoy, have fun, sing, dance, run and celebrate their youthfulness through their actions. The manufacturer want to say that the new Tata Nano joins the celebration and makes it bigger. The entry of the Indian street magician Ugesh Sarcar adds magic to the video as he comes and disappears in a trice. We see some incredible scenes in the promo for instance; a girl's dress gets stuck between the doors and in place of trying and getting it resolved she gets rid of the entire dress, however, it she is seen in another dress. Some stunt work is also seen in the video. Overall, come and join the party with Tata Nano.   
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    Tata Motors charmed the world by launching the world’s cheapest car, Tata Nano. The small car came in as a storm and took away the entire car bazaar with it. In spite of being a small car, Tata Nano is filled with numerous features. Starting with engine, the car has a tiny but powerful engine that has been coupled with four-speed manual transmission pushes the car in delivering a superb mileage of near 25 km per litre. The 106kmph of pick and acceleration is impressive. The looks of the car is compact and cute at the same time. The bumper on the front is narrowed down, while the rear features styled tail lights. On the inside, the comfort features comprise of effective air conditioning system, power steering, comfortable seating arrangement with ample of legroom and headroom. Overall, Nano by Tata Motors is a perfect small car for you.
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    The car that put Tata Motors on the world map has come up with a beautiful commercial that has a sunshine yellow Tata Nano being eagerly awaited by a little girl in a small town. The entry of the tiny car in the town is celebrated and envied by all around. The commercial is bang on target and might do some good to the car’s tarnished image.
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    Tata Bolt is the latest hatchback introduced by the home grown automobile giant. It is currently the talk of the town not just for its first-in-segment features but also for its compelling design. This vehicle is stylish from both inside and out, thanks to its flawless design and breathtaking cosmetics. This hatchback gets a signature radiator grille, which is accompanied by a horizontally positioned strip with matte black finish. At the same time, it is also decorated with compelling features like 15-inch dynamic alloy wheels, flame-shaped taillights and smoked projector headlamps. Its interiors are done up with an attractive Java Black color scheme, which is further highlighted by a lot of metallic and chrome accents. This hatchback is blessed with a series of innovative aspects like ConnectNext infotainment unit that supports voice command recognition technology, smartphone enabled navigation system and video playback along with image viewing facility with the help of USB device. This vehicle is currently available with a 1.2-litre Revotron petrol and 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel engine options. Both these power plants are coupled with a five speed manual transmission gearbox. On the other hand, its petrol variants are blessed with an advanced 'Multi-Drive' function that has three modes including Eco, Sport and City, which recalibrate the performance of the vehicle. With all these next-generation features, Tata Bolt is going to be a tough competitor in this lucrative hatchback segment.
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    Do you miss your comfortable sofa and abundant space while travelling in a car? You won’t miss it anymore if you’ve got the Indigo XL. Comfortable and homely like that couch you have at home. Feel relaxed and feel pampered as you take a drive around the chaotic city sitting on you cosy couch.

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    Tata Indica V2 has got a fine exterior design which adds impressive appearance to the car. The two variants of the car come with body colored bumpers. The aggressive front grille and large headlamps offer it a muscular front look. The new blue color of the Indica V2 is refreshing. The car is already available in six colors and the blue color is a new addition in the existing variants. The colors which are available are- Mint White, Salsa Red, Arctic Silver, Carbon Black, Amazon Blue, Cavern Grey and Arizona Ochre. The styling features that Tata Motors offers with Tata Indica V2 are – New Clear Lens Headlamps, New Clear Lens Tail-lamps, Clear Lens Side Repeater Lamps, Wheel Arch Flaires with Sill Valence Covers, Chrome-Plated Strip on Hood, New Stylish Front Grille with Chrome Strip, Body Colored Bumpers, Half Wheel Covers, Door Rub Rails and ORVMs. The car is spacious and is a five seater hatchback.

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    There are a number of changes have been made to the country's leading car maker, Tata. The maker does not only be in the top three car manufacturers, however, they want to set a benchmark for the other car makers as well. And to prove it, they have got Indica eV2 and that is what the latest video features. Our experts describes it a car with a number of features. The Indica eV2 gets a lot of alterations as far as its interiors are concerned. The quality of the engine has been improved by a great extent. It has the same CR4 1396cc, 1.4 diesel engine, which also powered the car previously. This engine produces a power of around 69bhp and 140Nm torque. It would be better to say that this car has not got more mechanical upgrades, nevertheless, it got a few cosmetics alterations e.g. Bluetooth and panels, which are lighter,


    On the other hand, if something seems to be changed, is the shift-mechanism and the gear shift nob which can be handled with only two fingers and this is quite different than the previous one as the car looks in the video. As far as the driving dynamics are concerned, they are still the same, however, one more change has been observed that the clutch has become lighter. This allows the car move smoothly on both city and highway roads without making the driver tiresome as seen in the video. On the whole, the upgraded Indica eV2 has got all the missing features and it has become more advanced than before as well. As per our expert, the car is one of the best entry level hatchbacks available in diesel engine options.

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    One of the most awaited hatchbacks, Tata Bolt has finally arrived in the Indian automobile market. This time, Tata Motors has opted for a unique advertising campaign for this hatchback by highlighting all its exclusive features. To start with, it has underlined the new signature multi-functional steering wheel that has electric power assisted function along with speed sensitive control and active return system. The video also showcases the stylish instrument cluster featuring number of information based functions. At the same time, the car maker has also highlighted its attractive Java black interior color scheme and its dual front airbags. On the other hand, it has specifically emphasized the advanced ConnectNext infotainment system designed by Harman, which includes a touchscreen device several input ports and a touchscreen device. This system provides touch controls for audio unit and fully automatic air conditioning system as well. This hatchback is claimed to be the most spacious vehicle in its segment with unmatched leg and shoulder space. At the same time, its cabin is furnished with segment's first rugby shoulder seats, which provides better comforts and offers a fatigue-free driving experience. Not to forget, this Tata Bolt is powered by the advanced Revotron 1.2-litre petrol engine that offers constant torque delivery of 140Nm for a smooth driving experience.

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    Tata Motors is moving aggressively to promote its newly launched premium hatchback, Bolt in the car bazaar. It has filmed several short videos, which highlights the exclusivity of its exteriors, interiors and features. In this 30 second video, it has managed to shoot its modernistic exterior design and cosmetics. For the first time in the segment, this hatchback gets a smoked projector headlamps. At the same time, it is also fitted with a signature radiator featuring a unique humanitarian line in piano black finish. This hatchback also gets a set of 15-inch Dynamic alloy wheels with company's emblem, which emphasizes its elegance. Beside these, the manufacturer is also offering it with premium features like body colored outside mirrors with LED turn blinkers, sporty rear spoiler featuring high mount third brake light, floating roof with matte black pillars and flame-shaped taillight cluster. This Tata Bolt also gets a rear defogger along with smart rear windscreen wiper, which makes it a unique vehicle in the hatchback segment. The company is offering it with a latest generation 1.2-litre Revotron petrol engine, which is mated with a five speed manual gearbox. It is further assisted by Multi-Drive function featuring three different modes, which includes Sport, City and Eco. It is also available with a 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel engine that delivers mileage in the range of 23 Kmpl.
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    Tata Bolt is the latest hatchback introduced by the Indian automobile giant. It is currently the talk of the town not just for its first-in-segment features but also for its compelling design. This vehicle is stylish from both inside and out, thanks to its flawless design and breathtaking cosmetics. This hatchback gets a signature radiator grille, which is accompanied by a horizontally positioned strip with matte black finish. At the same time, it is also decorated with compelling features like 15-inch Dynamic alloy wheels, flame-shaped taillights and smoked projector headlamps. Its interiors are done up with an attractive Java Black color scheme, which is further highlighted by a lot of metallic and chrome accents. This hatchback is blessed with a series of innovative aspects like ConnectNext infotainment unit that supports voice command recognition technology, smartphone enabled navigation system and video playback along with image viewing facility with the help of USB device. This vehicle is currently available with a 1.2-litre Revotron petrol and 1.3-litre Quadrajet diesel engine options. Both these power plants are coupled with a five speed manual transmission gearbox. On the other hand, its petrol variants are blessed with an advanced 'Multi-Drive' function that has three modes including Eco, Sport and City, which recalibrate the performance of the vehicle.

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    Tata Motors rolls out its first crossover Aria in the Indian Auto market. The virgin car is sure to take you on a royal ride with wealth of comforts. Four contrasting variants come with a price range of 12,90,000 to 15,50,000 (ex-showroom New Delhi). This crossover assures a mileage of 14.5 kmpl. The high styling provided to Tata Aria is impressive and makes head turn wherever you take it.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-02-23 18:05:17.0

    Check out the all new Tata Aria in the animated video that displays its various features, especially the abundant space, brilliantly. The car has a huge boot and once the third row is folded you can carry a whole lot of things in there. And when you fold the second row as well, there is more space in there than you would ever need. Go take a look.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-02-23 18:05:17.0

    India's first four wheel drive crossover, Tata Aria is a result of tough engineering which will promise you nothing less than luxury and comfort. This wonder is designed to cross 100 kmph mark in just 14 seconds and touch the top speed mark of 162kmph. The beautiful piece from Tata would range between Rs 12,90,901 - Rs 15,50,000 and assures your safety with stand out measures. Here is a view to get the idea of technology behind the beauty...

  • Via:YouTube  |  2015-02-23 18:05:16.0

    Tata’s first crossover and that too a premium one found its way into the Indian car market recently. The car was first showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo in January 2010, take a look at the launch video of the car that has a colorful performance and the brawny Tata Aria making a grand entry. Sit back and enjoy the performance.

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    When it comes to SUVs or MPVs one name which strikes hard in out head is Tata's SUMO and it is a 'SUMO' as it sounds, another widely accepted vehicle on Indian roads. It is tough, hard and at the same time ravishing and that is what the latest aired video of Tata Sumo Gold displays. 


    In the video, we see this SUV standing tall firm on urban tracks. It seems so calm and composed like a big bull and at the same time it looks like it is preparing for something bigger. The video further takes us closer to it where we can easily have a microscopic look of its beauty and firmness. First off all the camera rolls over its front portion where we can see 'GOLD' written in bold and just below, a bog badge which signifies the ultimate brand Tata. In addition, at the side wall, it we can some graphic art done to make it look more valuable. As if the maker is stating that its a diamond in the form of GOLD. Along with that a completely new and re-designed back, which looks commendable. 


    Our expert in the video lets us know the details of this SUV. He starts with the engine which is a 3.0L powerful diesel engine with 2956 displacement and produces 80.5 to 83.1bhp of power and 250 Nm of torque. He further adds that the CR4 technology which is used to make it strong has already power Tata Safari till 2007. The expert seems to enjoy the drive as the drivability of this SUV is pretty smooth, as he states. 


    The video shows that the new Tata Sumo Gold features new and attractive interiors and far better than the ones we saw in old Sumo. The best thing about this car is that it has rear AC, which is the first in this segment. Another handy feature of the vehicle is its steering which feels so light that you do not even feel that you are driving a big SUV. Especially, it shows its true colours in city and on traffic-packed terrains.  

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    The second gen Tata Indica Vista has been available in the market since the year 2008 and the vehicle was rendered with new features in the year 2012 to increase the premium feel of the car. Along with the new features, Tata also enhanced the quality of plastics used in the vehicle. The powertrain used to propel the vehicle is also enhanced to offer better fuel economy as the the petrol cost these days are going out of reach from a normal man’s reach. The Indica Vista D90 package has been made available is with the top variants VX and new ZX+ variants which takes their top class features a notch higher.  There is a special body kit available with the ZX+ variant that includes a body kit for the bumpers plus a spoiler. The D90 insignia is imprinted both the variants and the ZX+ logo in the high end variant. What’s different in the entire range is the roof design which has contrasting effect and is common across the range. The 1.3-litre quadrajet engine that comes with the regular quadrajet variant is also seen under the hoods of Indica Vista D90. The variations comes in with the  turbocharger, the Indica Vista D90 is offered with variable geometric  turbo that offers out 15bhp more power  than the conventional quadrajet engine.

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    The new Tata Manza sedan introduced by Tata Motors is stylish and very classy. This sedan is actually Tata Indigo, which went under the knife and came out to be the beautiful Tata Manza Club Class. This second generation Indigo has not got much of a change on the exteriors. The basic body frame and shape are very close to the previous mode. The horizontal chrome slats grille and triple barrel headlamps are still the same. But the different roof and 15 inches of alloy wheels make it more interesting. On the inside, this time as seen in the video above, the interiors of the new Tata Manza Club Class are much more comfortable and lavish. The NVH levels are also been reduced substantially in the diesel variant. However, the overall interiors dimensions have been kept the same giving you the same old comfort and legroom/headroom space. With the price tag of Rs. 8 to 11 lakh, this one has come out to be worth a buy.

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    Front fog lamps, body colored bumpers, chrome plating for exhaust pipe, stylish full wheel covers, body colored door handles, body colored ORVMs and roof antenna are just some of the deliverables that make the new Tata Indica Vista a pleasurable experience. “Get ready to get surprised” with more such state-of-the-art features. To start with, it has lots of interior space; a very comfortable seating position, plenty of legroom and excellent ingress & egress comfort. There's a new steering wheel, a new audio system with Bluetooth connectivity ABS added to its list making it a much safer hatchback with segment leading interior space. The surprises continue to unfold with the new chrome grille with striking four barreled headlamps, body colored ORVMs, folding rear seats, light intensity adjustment for instrument cluster, pen holder, coin box, card holder, power outlets, rear wipers, rear wind screen demister etc. Adding to it the Vista offers stylish and luxurious interiors.

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    Once in a long while comes an idea that changes your drive, changes your style, changes your life and in the process changes everything”. The Indica Vista is a great car for those looking for a roomy hatchback with low purchase and running costs. The Tata Indica Vista offers a pretty good ride quality without compromising too much on the handling front. Considering the ample space, ride quality, frugal engine, safety features and low ownership costs that Tata vehicles are renowned for, it can safely be said that it is a complete value for money VFM package with a high credibility. It is a hatchback with the looks of a sedan and it offers a best in segment interior space. Other stylish features that add more style in the Tata Indica Vista interiors includes – fully fabricated comfortable seats, stylish dual tone dashboard, and a smooth gear shift knob.

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    Tata Motors unveiled the latest Safari Storme for the Indian market at the Auto Expo, 2012. Both the exteriors and interiors for the new Tata Safari Storme have been revamped to give it a fresh look. A closer look at the exterior of this vehicle reveals that it has been provided with a new front grille along with the latest projector headlamps. The refurbished headlamps give it a fashionable advantage over the previous Safari. The bonnet has received a power bulging and under the bonnet lies a 2.2 liter, 2179 cc DICOR engine capable of producing 140 BHP of power at 4000 rpm and a peak torque of 320 Nm at 1700-2700 rpm. The interiors have been done in a pseudo wood finish, while the high quality beige upholstery further adds to the stylish charm of the SUV.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-05-24 15:40:21.0

    Tata Motors have given a complete makeover to its aging SUV, Tata Sumo. The face-lifted version of this SUV is known as Tata Sumo Grande. It’s bigger and better than the previous model. The 2.2 litre of DICOR has been installed to give out great power and the exclusive exteriors that ooze out ample of masculinity and practicality. The interiors of new Tata Sumo Grande are extremely comfortable and the huge amount of storage space makes it easy for you to go on long trips. The driving comfort has been taken care of and the pickup and acceleration of the car is no less as compared to other SUVs and sedans in the market today. On the whole, the new Tata Sumo Grande is a perfect car, which has the looks of an SUV and a soul of a family car.

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    Tata Manza Diesel, the luxurious sedan, got associated with the most glamorous event in the country – the Wills India Fashion Week to showcase two specially accessorized models of Tata Manza. In collaboration with the world-renowned fashion designer, Rajesh Pratap Singh whose knowledge about design aesthetics will help Tata Motors to enhance the design and stylise the interiors and exteriors.
    The Tata Manza has been given a fresh new look with refined premium dual tone interiors & fabric seats and exterior make-over, delivering “a class apart” driving experience in the sedan market at an unbelievable price. Rajesh Pratap’s attempt in the Tata Manza design project is to achieve the right mix of handmade and high-tech, where one enhances the other, providing real solutions, a pure aesthetic with constant innovation. Tata Motors will be developing 1,000 limited editions of Tata Manza, incorporating design inputs from Rajesh.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-05-24 14:49:11.0

    The unveiling of the Manza Nova- an epitome of style and performance, was aimed to brighten the appeal of the Manza in what otherwise is a boring landscape. The new Manza Nova is packed with more chrome and exciting features. The top-end variant has a chrome lining running around the entire car, the radiator grille has chrome slats, the door handles have chrome and there’s even a thick chrome plate above the rear number plate. On the exterior, the brown shade and alloy wheels are new. Interiors look dashing with the plum and black color scheme, cozy leather seats, auto-dimming rear view mirror, new 2 DIN stereo with more powerful speakers, and reverse park assist. There are chrome accents around the cabin including the gear lever and hand brake to lend it a sophisticated look.

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    Reliable, spacious, economical and stylish, the Tata Manza Diesel is a dream come true. With all the features and comforts of a sedan and the aggression of a SUV, Tata has redefined the benchmarks in car designing for the cars of this segment. Manza has stunning chrome-detailed exteriors, courtesy the stylish grille, petal shaped sporty headlamps and fog lamps at the front, body colored bumpers and side molding with body colored Outside Rear View Mirrors and the sharp crease line on doors. Sleek body graphics, chrome finish door handles and the attractive logo of the company embossed on the front grille gives the feeling of trust and faith associated with the brand. Advanced technology, comfort, up market looks, high end features, and plush interiors dressed in beige and burgundy- all make the Manza exceed expectations.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-04-20 16:23:42.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-04-20 16:05:14.0
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  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-04-20 15:10:39.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-03-15 17:45:07.0

    Tata Sumo Gold is the new generation SUV which has best-in-class features and typical features to perform keeping in mind the new age customers who wish for a stylish looking, new-age vehicle that is powerful and van be taken on any terrain without any problem. The SUV was present in the Indian automobile market since 1994 and has been updated twice after it hit the automobile market of the India. The Sumo Gold is sharing its platform with Tata Motors' 207 pick-up. The SUV shares a lot of mechanisms of the Tata Motors' 207 pick-up. Some of the interior features have been taken from the Tata Safari SUV and the Tata Indigo sedan to enhance the interior looks of the car. the Tata Sumo Gold has BSIV 3L diesel CR4 engine that delivers 84bhp power for enhanced driving pleasure and gives the maximum torque of 250Nm torque. Tata Sumo Gold will redefine the market with its sheer might and reliability features and will claim to be the most powerful SUV in its category.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2012-03-05 17:12:07.0
  • Tata Sumo

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  • Via:YouTube  |  2011-11-11 17:03:00.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2011-09-30 18:59:15.0

    Tata Motors is doling out its most frugal cars Tata Indica eV2 and Tata Indigo eCS. Both the wagons are offering an exceptionally nifty fuel efficiency of 25 kmpl. Both the cars have actually set a pedestal for other cars in India to reach such a mileage. Tata Indica eV2 and Indigo eCS are sure to have innumerable takers in India where mileage sits on price while prioritizing a car.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2011-06-28 18:41:52.0

    Tata India's Tata Manza is literally creating waves in the Indian auto market. This car is chic and trendy and is much roomier than other cars in the same range. Thsedan is available in both petrol and diesel variants. The petrol version of Tata Manza is powered by 1368cc engine, which keeps the capacity of churning put 90 PS of power, where as the diesel variant is powered by 1248cc of engine, which could produce 90PS of power. Both the variants of the car are pretty fuel efficient.

    Tata Manza surely has class and style. since Tata Manza has been launched, it has showed up some impressive sales figure, as it managed to the sales mark of selling 4 Lakh sedans. The interiors as well as the exteriors both are pretty stylish. The exterior of Tata Manza is also very striking. The wheel base of Tata Manza is pretty long, which is approximately 2,520mm. The power steering control along with digital intelligence further adds more charm to this car. Currently, Tata Manza price in India lands between the price range of Rs. 5,39,129 to Rs 7,72,699.

  • Tata Manza

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  • Via:YouTube  |  2011-03-10 15:03:49.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-24 15:32:27.0

    Indulge in passion and luxury with the all new Tata Manza. Take a look at the video to find out the amazing features of the sedan that will blow your mind. From finely crafted interiors to ABS and airbags – she has it all. And above all she comes with the Tata logo that inspires confidence and spells affordability to many a car buyers. Look no further and pamper your senses, just check out the Tata Manza video to discover more about this amazing sedan.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-20 17:14:27.0

    Discover luxury and power like never before. Tata Manza dispels all previous notions about Tata cars and stands in a league of its own. Take a look at the witty video and fell the joy of driving a Manza. Spacious, comfortable and loaded Manza is the answer to your affordable luxury sedan. Go take a look!

  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-11 12:27:22.0

    Believe in the statement that looks can deceive – if not, just check out the Sumo Grande. Tough, rouge and sturdy on the outside, the car is very different from the inside. With the right kind of power, torque and dynamics the Sumo Grande is a great performer and a fun to drive MUV. Priced between Rs 5.80 to 7.79 lakh the MUV is a value for money product. Check out the amusing video that brings out its mysterious character.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-11 12:25:37.0

    The mean and aggressive looking grill, stylish head lamps and much better lines than any other Tata sedan – the Manza stands out as an elegant car. Like the video says you would find everything else less than perfect once you have been in a Tata Manza. This perfectly crafted beauty sells for about Rs 5.2 to 7.10 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-11 12:16:23.0

    The love affair between Tata Safari and Indian SUV buyers is an old one. From the country’s mountains and ghats to sea beaches and desserts, the SUV has treaded almost every terrain in every season. With a good performance record, attractive features and a price tag of about Rs 7.5 to 12 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi) the car has a huge fan following. Check her out zooming across a hot burning desert in the video…

  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-10 15:41:17.0

    Boared with the same old drive, feel a change with Tata Indica Vista. Talk about the spacious interior or eye catchy exterior, Vista has it all. The sensational model lies between a range of Rs 3.39 lacs to Rs 5.6 lacs (as ex-show room price, New Delhi). New grille with a striking pedal shaped headlamps will keep your eyes glued to it. Go become a part of a revolution in style with Tata Indica Vista

  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-10 12:58:23.0

    Bring success home with a sensational beauty. Indigo CS is sure to make you stand out of the crowd with its style. The special car is available with four exclusive variants. The price for new Indigo CS ranges from Rs 4,08,968 to Rs 5,14,651 (ex-showroom New Delhi) and is available with both petrol as well as diesel engine. This beauty promises you the best drive of your life.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2010-11-10 12:56:52.0

    Here comes the Tata Indigo turning your dreams to reality. The car is a special creation from the company that offers an accountable mileage with great speed. The ever favourite Tata Indigo comes with six different variants and you can definitely grab it as per your choice. The one and only Tata Indigo is available with a nominal price tag of Rs 4,70,922 - Rs 5,89,227 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The car is sure to accommodate you comfortably and enhance your personality.

  • Via:YouTube  |  2016-03-30 11:24:52.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2016-03-30 11:25:01.0
  • Via:YouTube  |  2011-11-22 18:46:08.0

    Indica is the most successful car in the diesel hatchback segment. The MPFI engine of Tata Indica delivers higher amount of torque providing smoother drive and works with 32 bit microprocessors and sports sensors that along with knock control sensors which are helpful in providing good fuel economy and good mileage. The car has a good mileage on the Indian roads and has a stylish exterior and interior. Tata Indica also had a rugged built for miles of pot-hole ridden roads. The new version of the Tata Indica is more powerful in terms of engine, fuel efficiency and it also confirms the BS IV emission norms of the country. The 1405cc, 475 IDI Turbo Intercool Diesel engine produces a top power of 70bhp at 4500rpm and generates a peak torque of 135Nm at 3500rpm. All the variants of the Tata Indica V2 are mated with 5 speed manual transmission.

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