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MG Motor: Making The World A Cleaner And More Connected Place

Published On Feb 05, 2020 12:35 AM By Sponsored for MG Hector 2019-2021

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The storied British carmaker is building the cars of tomorrow today. Here’s how.

MG Motor is one of the most iconic names in the automobile industry. It started by innovatively turning everyday cars into thoroughbreds that offered an unforgettable driving experience without blowing a hole in one’s pocket.

This trait of offering innovative tech and spirited performance in an affordable package soon became MG’s calling card, reflected in brilliant cars like the TC, the ZB Magnette, the MGB, the Metro, and the TF. Come the 21st century and MG has continued to stay ahead of the curve by building cars that appeal to modern buyers.

Connected Car Technology

The reach of technology is no longer constrained to your devices. With the internet, it goes beyond them and is part of a larger connected world. The breakneck growth of smartphones and IoT (the Internet of Things) devices like smart bands, smart apparel and smart appliances is proof of the consumer’s appetite for connected technology to make life easier, more productive, and safer.

MG recognised this tectonic shift in consumer preferences and started working towards personal mobility solutions for this new connected world, and thus the i-Smart was born. MG launched the Hector and the ZS EV as India’s first internet-enabled ICE and fully-electric vehicles, respectively. Both get the i-Smart suite of internet features which gives you access to a variety of info while letting you control several functions through MG’s mobile app. Powering these internet-enabled features in both cars is an inbuilt 5G-ready eSIM (embedded SIM) from Airtel with at least two years of free unlimited data.

Some landmark features of MG’s i-Smart system include a touchscreen infotainment system, AI-based voice commands, online navigation, preloaded entertainment content, remote vehicle control, vehicle status check, live weather information, drive analytics, OTA (Over The Air) updates, over speed alert, find my car, and geo-fence. MG has also bundled some EV specific smart features in the ZS EV’s i-Smart suite like battery and range indicator, range alert, 360-degree spider navigation, and charging station info.

The company also recognises the role a connected car can play in ensuring your safety as both the Hector and the ZS EV come with E-Call and I-Call. While the former automatically sends an SOS message to MG’s 24/7 Pulse Hub with your location details if your car’s airbags are deployed, the latter can be manually activated to seek assistance from the Pulse Hub.

A Cleaner and Quieter Personal Mobility Solution

While the world is becoming increasingly smaller due to connected technology, it is also battling against the ill effects of climate change and pollution. Conventional vehicles contribute to this problem in two ways: tailpipe emissions and the inherent noise of IC engines. The need of the hour, as such, is a personal mobility solution that reduces air and noise pollution.

The MG ZS EV does both admirably. It’s powered by a fully-electric motor that produces 143PS and 353Nm of torque. The motor draws energy from a 44.5kWh IP67 battery pack, which gives the ZS EV a single-charge range of up to 340km. And when you consider the comprehensive technology and safety suite it boasts of, the MG ZS EV comes across as a no-compromise electric vehicle that can easily replace your ICE vehicle, the complete eradication of the noise is only the icing on the cake.

MG has also taken a lead in addressing a major concern with electric vehicles in India – range anxiety. The company is setting up a network of 50kW fast-charging stations at its dealerships across the country. This fast charger is capable of charging the MG ZS EV up to 80 per cent in approximately 50 minutes. MG also installs a 7.4kW AC wall charger at either your home or office free of cost, that can fully charge the ZS EV in 6 to 8 hours.

At the same time, MG also recognises the move towards electric mobility will be gradual and must be assisted by bridging technologies. The latter is exactly what the Hector's mild-hybrid petrol engine option is. The mild-hybrid petrol Hector is not only quicker and more fuel-efficient than its fully-petrol variant but also quieter and smoother than its diesel variant.   

What the Future Holds

Despite packing in world-class tech and features, both the Hector and the ZS EV come across as value-for-money offerings. With these two cars MG has stayed true to its ethos of offering technologically innovative automobiles that are also accessible. Future MG cars are likely to carry forward that legacy, irrespective of which propulsion system they use.

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