Here’s How Great Wall Motors Plans To Take India By Storm

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Starting your first innings in India’s automotive sector is not an easy job, especially when you’ve got to go up against seasoned players. However, here’s how GWM, which made its debut at Auto Expo 2020, plans to raise the bar in one of the world’s highly competitive auto markets.

Great Wall Motors is a global brand that has become a key player in major markets around the world. And with the brand announcing its entry into India by showcasing its lineup at  Auto Expo 2020, here are five things you should know about GWM that make it great for our market.

1. Production facilities all over the world

GWM already has a strong presence in many international markets. So much so that currently, the brand operates in 60 countries. To cater to this demand, GWM has nine manufacturing facilities and five assembly plants throughout the world. The brand has enough and more experience working in different countries and different markets, allowing it to use all that experience to cater to the Indian market. On top of that, GWM has had a research facility in Bengaluru since 2016.

2. Clear path for the future 

GWM has clearly defined how it sees the future. The Vision 2025 concept shown at Auto Expo 2020 was a testament to what it sees in cars from the future. It even conducted the world premiere of the Concept H, a hybrid SUV that will cater to the luxury segment, at the expo. Both concepts show the high quality and technical innovation the brand wants to get to India. 

3. Current products appeal to Indian buyers as well

Haval F5
Haval F7

While the future is the key for GWM, it hasn’t lost sight of what lies in front of it today. The brand showcased its Haval range of SUVs, the F7X, F7, F5, and H9, at Auto Expo 2020. All of these are production vehicles which are already hot-selling models in many countries across the globe. The engine options and fit-and-finish levels of these SUVs are excellent and could give the forerunners in multiple SUV segments a run for their money. These cars come loaded with plenty of intelligent features like self-parking assist, remote AC & engine control, traffic jam assistance with autonomous driving, lane-keeping assistance, and more. If introduced here, these would become new and unique features in the Indian market.

4. Affordable electric vehicles in the offing


The world is moving towards electric cars but the one big hurdle is that electric cars are still quite expensive. GWM plans to break that barrier with the GWM EV R1. It's a well-packaged hatchback that despite having compact proportions, is able to deliver the promise of range, a spacious cabin, a healthy feature list and most importantly, advanced safety features. It can deliver a range of more than 300km and for that, it is priced competitively in the Chinese market.  

5. The Indian buyer now dreams bigger and GWM understands that

There was a time when just being able to buy a car was an aspiration in itself. It was a time when the narrow lanes of our cities, that are now overflowing with cars, would probably have had only one or two cars parked on it. Now, however, we dream bigger and expect more out of our cars, and that is a sentiment that GWM understands. Take a look at the cars it is making currently or the concepts that showcase its future vision. In both these cases, GWM is offering the very best of intelligence, safety, premium build quality, and futuristic design, something that will give its products an edge over the competition. 

Great Wall Motors plans to start selling cars in India sometime in 2021 and we can’t wait to lay our hands on them.

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