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3 Things That Make The MG Hector Human

Modified On Mar 19, 2020 05:02 PM By Sponsored for MG Hector 2019-2021

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With a host of smart features, the MG Hector is not just the perfect SUV for a journey but also the perfect companion 

Humans have been one of the most successful species the world has ever seen. Our unquenchable thirst for knowledge and adventure has seen the human race spread to all parts of the world over the past millennia. As humans, we have strived to be the best and in this pursuit, we keep creating objects that mimic our qualities. Something that has the same thirst for knowledge and exploration as we have.

Welcome to the MG Hector that mimics the same qualities as we do with a host of tech features like voice command, SOS calls and navigation that make it your trusty companion for any journey.

Voice command: Hello MG

The Hector’s infotainment system features voice command-based feature activation. It can be activated via a button on the steering wheel or by simply saying the keyword ‘Hello MG’. Unlike other cars that offer similar features to activate certain infotainment functions, with the Hector, you can do a lot more. 

For example, you can open and close the sunroof, make the cabin cooler or warmer and change songs using voice commands. You can also ask the Hector to navigate you via voice commands. And to top things off, the voice command system that has been designed by Nuance understands Indian accents quite easily.

Know your surroundings better: Pulse Hub

If you're new to town and want to explore places, you can simply ask your MG Hector for assistance. The SIM card in your Hector can send out information to the Pulse Hub, which is a command centre set by MG. It will then display the navigation route on the infotainment system so you are not a stranger to your new surroundings anymore. 

Apart from exploring your surroundings, Pulse Hub can also assist you and your loved ones in case of an emergency. In case of an accident, the information is sent to the Pulse Hub and a call is sent to the head unit. If there’s no response, it then makes a call to the owner’s primary number and then to emergency services. And if you require any general or roadside assistance, Pulse Hub can assist you with that too.

No need to ask for direction: Online navigation

Have you ever been lost after reaching close to your destination and asking random people on the road has just made matters worse? Yes, there are times even when Google Maps don’t point you in the right direction. To avoid all that last mile confusion, you can navigate to your destination using the Hector’s online navigation system powered by TomTom. Thanks to its online functionality, you get route updates, alternate route plans, live traffic and parking options based on the destination. It also provides you with information like the nearest fuel pump and location-based speed alerts. And as mentioned above, the Pulse Hub comes to your help in case you have any queries regarding places of interest near you.

These features make the MG Hector a perfect companion for any journey. The voice commands help the driver to focus on the road ahead. The Pulse Hub features see that help is never out of reach and the online navigation system ensures that you reach your destination on time every time.

The MG Hector is all set to personalise your in-car experience, just like it did for Benedict! #ItsAHumanThing

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