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for 2.0L TDI Highline
On: May 03, 2013 | 15511 Views

Look and Style I have been forced to write to you so that you are aware of what is happening at volkswagen india Goa service Centre.PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS CAR UNLESS THEY GURANTEE YOU THE SPARESIn December 2012 as an error was appearing on my Jetta car 1 1/2 years old with extended warranty saying errorESP I took the car to the service centre in Goa who after half a day said it was okay and delivered the car outside the service centre .I put the car off and again started the car and the same error appeared.I immediadely called the service guy and he took the car in and after two hours got the car out saying that it will not give you problem even though it may show error/ESP.and that you bring the car after 1st January when the new dealer takes over.On the way i had to visit my lawyer hence I halted at Panjim and after about 2hours I tried to start the car it would just not start .I tried at least 10 times finally fedup I called up the service executive and he promised to send someone it was now night around 8pm. As a last try I prayed to god and tried to start it started. I went straight home and parked the car. As I was informed that the old dealer had quit and a new one was to take over  from 1st January 2013 i brought the car to the service centre around the 15th of January. on the way it started showing red light and saying something about the engine.At the centre they refused the car however after much argument it was taken in and after almost two and a half month the car was given to me. It was okay for two days. Thereafter it ocasionally started showing once again the errorESP and after about 15 days the same problem once again.My car was back in the garage on 15th April2013. I followed up repeatedly only to be informed we have ordered the part and it is on its way. Finally I was informed to pick the car up on 30th April2013 only to be informed after a two hour wait that the car could not be delivered. I do not know how  long more I have to wait and what happens to my warranty, as my car is now in the service centr for almost 4 months, I am still waiting for the call to come and pick the car.I am fed up to the extent of selling the beattle as well as the Jetta NO MORE VOLKSWAGENAntonetto Comfort   Pickup   Mileage   Best Features   Needs to improve   Overall Experience  

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