You Don’t Have To Give A Driving Test At The RTO Anymore To Get Your Driving License

Published On Jun 16, 2021 04:51 PM By Tarun

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Up to four weeks of training and you can have your driving license in hand

Don’t have a driving license just yet, or planning to get one shortly? You will soon be able to get yours without the hassles of navigating through endless red tape at your local RTO, thanks to the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways’ (MoRTH) latest release of rules for a new class of accredited driver training centres whose students don’t have to go through the RTO’s mandatory driving tests for their license. 

In a country whose exploding population is rapidly adopting automobiles, regulating them is becoming harder and harder every single day. The new rules, which will be effective from July 2021, will create a relatively easier way to learn driving for many. But mostly, you won’t have to stand in long queues at the RTO anymore. 

Here are five things you should know about the this new training service: 

1. Simulators and Test Tracks

The government will ensure that these training centres will be equipped with learning simulators and dedicated driving test tracks to provide high quality training. 

2. No Driving Test For License

Like we said, you won’t have to take a driving test while applying for a driver’s license. Candidates who successfully pass the test at these centres will directly be eligible for a driver’s license. 

3. Specialized Courses

You can also avail remedial and refresher courses at these driver training centres. Basically, if you want just a course or refreshment on a specific part of driving, it can be done through these centres. You won’t have to take the entire training. 

4. Course Duration

The course for LMV (light motor vehicle) drivers will be a maximum of 4 weeks spread across 29 hours. Out of which 21 hours will be practical training, including reversing, overtaking, parking and driving on different road conditions (City, Highway, Mountain And Rural). The rest of the 8 hours will be reserved for theoretical training concerning vehicle indicators, road signs and driving etiquettes. 

5. Training for all vehicles will be available here

You can get the training for cars, two-wheelers, medium and heavy motor vehicles all under one roof. You can literally learn to drive anything at these centres. 

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