Vazirani Ekonk: India's Fastest, and World’s Lightest, Electric Hypercar

Published On Oct 26, 2021 02:21 PM By CarDekho

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Packs 700PS, but weighs only as much as a Maruti Suzuki Alto

Vazirani Automotive, a Mumbai-based independent carmaker, has officially revealed its upcoming electric vehicle (EV), the Ekonk hypercar. This beautiful, roofless single-seater boasts 700PSand an unbelievable 0-100kmph time of 2.54 seconds that could make it the fastest-accelerating car ever built in India. We can’t tell you when it’ll go on sale or how much it might cost. But the startup carmaker says that its technology will be used on the upcoming Shul hypercar, and it could make electric cars lighter and more energy efficient in the future.

We first saw the Vazirani sports car in 2018, when the carmaker had introduced the Shul hybrid hypercar in the UK. It was scheduled to arrive in the market in India by 2021, but similar to other carmakers, plans were likely disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. The company now says that it is gearing up for the Shul, and we might hear more news early next year. 

Unlike the Shul, the Ekonk is fully electric, and has the body style of a modern-day ‘speedster’ -- a stripped-down, minimalist sports car that’s built to go fast. Vazirani says the Ekonk has been tested at the NATRAX facility test track, where it managed to clock 309kmph! That’s a higher top speed than most electric sports cars and supercars, including the Porsche Taycan (which tops out at 260kmph). 

According to Vazirani, the Ekonk weighs 738kg, or about 20kg lighter than India’s lightest production car, the Maruti Suzuki Alto. While the venerable hatchback gets along fine with 48PS, Vazirani has equipped its hyper speedster with a 732PS electric motor. With that much power, 0-100kmph comes in just 2.54 seconds (claimed), making it quicker than a Lamborghini Huracan Evo! 

Vazirani’s engineering team has built a novel battery technology that eliminates the need for a liquid cooling system mostly seen in modern electric cars. Instead, the air that enters from the vents is enough to keep the battery at optimum temperature. This ‘solid state direct cooling’ technology can help reduce the battery’s weight (a significant concern for all electric cars), make them safer and cost effective, and improve the performance and range, Vazirani says. However, the carmaker hasn’t revealed the range figures yet. 

After the Shul’s launch, the camaker says the Ekonk might also see limited production for customers to purchase. We hope Vazirani’s timelines for the Shul and Ekonk aren’t disrupted any further by the ongoing pandemic. The Vazirani Ekonk had been unveiled a few months after Mean Metal Motors showcased its own EV supercar, the Azani, which packs a 120kWh battery pack. You can read more about it here. And, of course, watch this space for the next announcement about these made-in-India hypercars.

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jit mukherjee
Oct 26, 2021 4:19:16 PM

Is it Ferrari ? It looks like Ferrari. What will be the price at Indian market?

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Oct 26, 2021 5:41:43 PM

The Ekonk hypercar is designed by Vazirani Automotive, a Mumbai-based independent carmaker. We can’t tell you when it’ll go on sale or how much it might cost yet. Stay tuned.

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