MMM Azani Could Be India’s First EV Supercar With 1000PS!

Published On Aug 05, 2021 07:34 PM By Sonny

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The first functional prototype is expected to be ready by 2022 but interested parties can already reserve a slot for the Azani

  • Mean Metal Motors (MMM) was founded in 2014 to produce high-performance EVs.

  • The Azani has been previewed as its halo offering with 1,000PS and 1,000Nm of performance.

  • It has a 120kWh battery pack for a claimed range of around 550km to 700km.

  • MMM intends to reform the EV manufacturing process in India with modular products and microfactories.

  • The Azani has a starting price of around $120,000 (Rs 88.98 lakh) with an expected launch by 2025.

Indian automotive firm Mean Metal Motors (MMM), which has been aiming to introduce high-performance electric vehicles since its incorporation in 2014, has just revealed its latest creation, the Azani.

The Azani electric supercar has some impressive specifications for a young automaker’s first attempt. It boasts 1,000PS/1,000Nm of performance with an expected 0-100kmph sprint time of around 2 seconds and a claimed top speed of approximately 350kmph. The Azani has a 120kWh battery pack for a claimed range of anywhere between 550km and 700km. 

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It looks the part too with its sporty design that seems to be dictated by aerodynamics. The Azani has well-defined shapes and bulging wheel arches that should give it immense road presence. The cockpit is quite forward, much closer to the front axle than it is to the rear. It will feature a skateboard-style chassis with a carbon driver’s tub and an aluminium space frame around it for a sturdy but lightweight build.

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We are yet to see the rear and the interior of the Azani. MMM states the first prototype is scheduled to come out in the second half of 2022. It will cater to an elite customer base with prices expected to start from around $120,000 (approx. Rs 88.98 lakh). MMM is already accepting reservations for the Azani. 

The Indian start-up has a small team of 22 members working on various avenues such as research and development, design, aerodynamics, and engineering. It also has multiple technical partners from Germany, United Kingdom, and the US.

Speaking on this announcement, Sarthak Paul, CEO of Mean Metal Motors, said, “Since the auto industry is being given a big EV push, it is time that Mean Metal Motors shows its prowess. The current backdrop of switching over to electric vehicles in the country seems far away given the lack of infrastructure, though from a company perspective we feel that full electrification is just a couple of years away. Our sole purpose is just not to develop an electric supercar but to create an ecosystem that helps increase electrification at a faster rate. India is way far behind in its production methods when compared to the West and we are here to change that.”

The brand has bigger plans beyond just making fast EVs. It intends to change the EV manufacturing process and reduce the technological gap between India’s EV ecosystem, in comparison to that of the West, with the introduction of modular product development. MMM believes the concept of micro-manufacturing facilities can significantly reduce the cost of production.

The Azani, which will be MMM’s halo product, could be market-ready by 2025. However, this is not the company’s first product announcement. It had showcased the M-Zero in 2016, albeit only in a digitally rendered avatar, and it was expected to debut by 2019. There’s no word on the M-Zero but hopefully, the Azani project will come to life as scheduled.

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