MG Hector: At The Bleeding Edge Of Connected Car Tech

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The upcoming MG will be the first internet SUV in its segment and here’s how it will be a game changer

MG Motor is entering the Indian automotive space with the new Hector SUV. To ensure it stands out of the crowd in this highly competitive segment, the carmaker has equipped it with segment-first internet connectivity features. It comes equipped with a 10.4-inch vertically aligned touchscreen infotainment system, the biggest in its segment. This unit acts like the tech hub of the new MG Hector SUV and is packed with the latest features.

Key amongst them is the embedded eSIM that enables the infotainment system to be constantly connected to the Internet via a 4G cellular connection. It is already 5G compatible too, making it future proof as well. This makes the MG Hector the first internet SUV in this segment and here are its top six advantages:

Over-the-air updates

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of connected car tech today and MG has introduced it in this segment with the Hector. The midsize SUV will be getting tech updates for the infotainment system over the air, just like we do on our smartphones. These updates, when available, would include changes and improvements to the UI such as new apps, themes, improved navigation with live updates and many more.

Voice assistant

If you’re thinking voice commands are nothing new and are already available on various cars, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that the MG Hector takes it a step further. Most voice-activated commands are actually being relayed to the infotainment system by your phone which is connected to the car via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. In the Hector, however, you speak directly to its eSIM-equipped infotainment system. Simply by saying “Hello, MG”, you activate the in-car voice control system for hands-free interaction between the Hector and yourself which is not only fun, but safer too. Furthermore, this voice assistant has been fine-tuned to understand Indian-English pronunciations and accents so that it can hear you correctly.


Another advanced safety aspect of the Hector being an internet SUV is the self-initiated Emergency Call feature, housed in the head unit. It is triggered when airbags are deployed in an emergency situation, following which a text message is sent to MG’s round-the-clock Pulse Hub, with the car’s live location. An immediate call to the central unit is made and if there is no response, a call is made to the owner’s registered phone number and subsequently to the listed emergency contact. In case the MG owner does not respond to any of these calls or is in need of assistance, an emergency response is initiated to reach the location to provide aid.

MG (Morris Garages) Hector Set To Launch In June; 10.4-Inch Touchscreen, Internet Features Revealed

Remote controls through iSMART phone app

Going back to the fun and convenience, made possible with an internet connected car like the Hector, MG owners can also remotely control certain vehicle functions from their phones. Using the iSMART app, you can control the air conditioning, sunroof, lock/unlock the doors, flash the lights and activate the horn too. The remote AC control is quite useful in Indian summers, particularly if the car is parked in the open, as you can turn on the AC to cool the car before heading out. Remotely controlling the sunroof is another handy feature for operating it from the back seat.

MG (Morris Garages) Hector Set To Launch In June; 10.4-Inch Touchscreen, Internet Features Revealed

Live tracking vehicle location with alerts and real-time car diagnostics

The iSMART system is also quite informative in many ways. Thanks to this system on the internet-enabled MG Hector, owners can track the location of their car, get status updates on the vehicle’s health, check the telematics and usage of the car and share feedback directly with MG too.

MG (Morris Garages) Hector Set To Launch In June; 10.4-Inch Touchscreen, Internet Features Revealed

Online Navigation

The MG Hector’s navigation system can use internet services to update maps and locate any address that may be your destination, while giving live traffic updates too. You can also use it to search for nearby areas of interest such as cafes, restaurants, cinemas and more.

MG (Morris Garages) Hector Set To Launch In June; 10.4-Inch Touchscreen, Internet Features Revealed

The MG Hector's technological prowess is not just limited to its features. It also brings with it a new driving experience to this SUV segment with its 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine that also has a 48V mild-hybrid system. Another segment-first accolade for the Hector, this should help it in delivering a superior driving experience while also offering better fuel efficiency than any rival with a regular petrol engine.

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