Here’s Why Electric Cars Are Worth Considering Now

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Going electric is now more feasible and it might pay to be an early adopter

The push for a sustainable lifestyle by reducing our carbon footprint continues to gain momentum. From switching to renewable and reusable materials to cleaner means of transport, switching to an electric vehicle for next-to-zero emissions seems like a good idea too.

Converting to electric mobility is about more than buying an EV. It’s a partnership between the manufacturer, the customer and the local government. The carmakers need to build an EV powertrain that offers sufficient range at affordable prices, the authorities need to provide the necessary charging infrastructure and the customer needs to make the decision to adjust their lifestyle.

There is a growing awareness about the need to curb our own fossil fuel emissions, evidenced by the poor air quality in most metro cities of India. While personal vehicles are not the biggest contributors to the problem as some may have you believe, they are a part of the overall problem. As such, the adoption of EVs as the primary mode of transportation for most people would be a welcome step.

5 Reasons Why Electric Cars Are The Future

While electric cars have been available in a limited capacity in India until now, more and more EVs are scheduled to be introduced soon. The initiative is being pushed by legendary British automotive marque, MG Motor, whose second product in India will be the ZS EV, a long-range electric SUV. On a full charge, the MG electric SUV is expected to offer a claimed range of over 400km!

While the government is initiating the infrastructural and industrial support for EVs, MG will be offering fast charging stations and wall box chargers at the homes of those who buy the ZS EV. Using a fast charger, the ZS EV can be charged from zero to 80 per cent in just 40 minutes while a home box charger would take only six hours for full charge. For the average intra-city commute, a single charge can be sufficient for multiple days. As more and more charging stations are installed across the country with fast chargers at MG centres, the ZS EV will be a great car for a road trip as well.

5 Reasons Why Electric Cars Are The Future

New EVs like the MG electric SUV will not take away the fun of driving either. An electric powertrain offers immediate throttle response and the surge of undelayed torque makes it easier to overtake other vehicles on the road. EVs also offer a more serene experience as the electric powertrain is virtually silent, especially when compared to the distinct clatter of a diesel-powered car.

Currently, long-range EVs carry a slightly premium price tag, but the government is already offering various benefits to make them more affordable. These would also offer savings in terms of energy costs as electricity is a lot less expensive than fossil fuels like petrol and diesel. For the early adopters, new EV offerings will be feature loaded with extensive warranties for a wholesome ownership experience.

If you’re looking to make the switch from fossil fuel to electric mobility, then the opportunity is finally here with the right kind of EVs arriving in the Indian market. The likes of the MG ZS EV offer a familiar level of comfort, performance and safety as regular cars, which makes it that much easier to go green.

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