Five Things About The Vision I Concept That Will Wow You

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Ever wondered how close we are to the future of mobility? The answer lies in the Vision I

The trickle-down effect has been the cornerstone of automotive technology. Something new comes in, and at first, is available in the premium end of the segment. However, with time, tech trickles down to all carmakers. The Vision I Concept is something similar. It has features, which are premium and unheard of today but will become the norm with time.

So, what exactly are these features? Let’s take a look. 

  1. Facial recognition - Forget that key you keep misplacing. Your face is the key when it comes to the Vision I concept. That doesn’t mean you can’t grow out that stubble or get a new pair of glasses when you want to mix things up. The biometric scanners are clever enough to recognise such changes. 

  2. Layout - One minute you’re driving it around like a normal car and the next minute, you’re in your living room. How’s that possible? Well, that steering tucks neatly into the dashboard, the front seats swivel around to face the rear passengers, and you get a leg rest, just like your recliner sofa at home.

  3. Holographic tech - Imagine sitting in your car, alone, while attending a meeting at the same time. The holographic tech of the Vision I Concept allows you to do just that. That is, however, not before you have finished your PowerPoint presentation on the window glass. Swipe it to the side and you can catch all your favourite football action too.

  4. Drone - In the Vision I Concept, you can explore the road ahead without leaving your seat. At the press of a button, your personal drone will fly out of the car and scout what lies ahead. If you see something interesting but don’t have the time to stop and click a picture, you can simply ask the drone to do that for you.

  5. 5G Internet connectivity - The most important piece of tech though is the 5G connectivity onboard. All the features onboard the Vision I concept are tied together by their need for fast internet and that is what 5G connectivity offers.

If you’re wondering how all of this would become a necessity someday, take a look at the touchscreen infotainment system in cars today. A decade ago, it was exclusive to luxury carmakers but today every manufacturer offers one. 

In the same way, tech from the Vision I Concept might seem like a futuristic offering today but as the future of mobility shapes up, it will go on to become the norm.

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