Most common driving mistakes

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There are a several common driving mistakes that most of the drivers commit, which have led to a huge rise in road accidents in these years worldwide. These mistakes are not just found in teen and inexperienced drivers alone, but there are certain mistakes which even experienced drivers commit.

CarDekho shares the top 10 most common driving mistakes, which are not that tough to be taken care of. And with a little presence of mind, we believe that these mistakes can be avoided easily enough and will help you in becoming a more safe and aware driver.

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Most common driving mistakes

Getting Distracted Behind the Wheel

Distracted driving causes up to 80 per cent of total accidents that take place. Speaking on the cell-phone, message texting, eating and operating the multimedia console are the most common mistakes committed by the drivers while driving.

Most common driving mistakes

Taking Risks

Practices like ignoring traffic signals, sign boards and changing lanes without giving indicators are commonly seen among many rash drivers; worse its often done deliberately, which not only puts them in danger but the others who are driving besides or behind them.

Most common driving mistakes


Speeding is something common amongst teenage drivers as they tend to drive more aggressively and faster than any other drivers as a whole. They don't even slow down on residential colony roads and this often happens due to the teenage tendency to take unnecessary risks while showing off their driving skill behind the wheel. Considering that residential areas are often occupied by playing children and joggers, this practice by teenagers often puts such lives at risks. These are roads not race tracks, so the idea is to not speed.

Most common driving mistakes

Driving Drowsy

Not partaking in proper sleep due to work load, studies or any such reasons and then driving the vehicle too accounts for several severe accidents. This too is a very common practice everywhere, which happens due to an attitude of ignoring the weakness one gets mentally and trying to show off as if they never get tired. A little sleep management can help in curing it.

Most common driving mistakes


Regardless of whether you believe it or not, wearing a seatbelt doubles the chances of survival of the driver and passengers. Despite the frequent campaigns run by the traffic department of a state and the car manufacturers, many people still don't take it seriously to ''buckle up'' and many just wear them seeing the traffic policeman coming towards them. You may be shocked to know that 35 percent of all drivers and occupants killed and about 12 percent of severally injured are the ones, who don't wear seat-belts. Majority of them are teenagers.

drinking and driving

Drinking and Driving

Although, drinking and driving is strictly prohibited in our country, a majority of all who drink are found ignoring this very law, thus ending up getting into a collision. Majority of the people found indulging in such practices are mainly youngsters.

Most common driving mistakes


Avoid incorrect usage of headlamps. Make sure that you activate your lights, whenever it is dark. Avoid usage of high beams in city driving, unless it is completely dark. Remember to use your hazard lights during heavy rains or fog to warn those behind you. To improve your visibility to clearly see the cars behind you, use the rear fog lamp.

Most common driving mistakes

Faulty Mirror Positioning

Looking forward is not the only important factor while driving, taking care of what's behind you too is equally important. So ORVMs play a crucial role there, which helps you in viewing whats behind you without turning your neck and not taking your eyes off the road for longer than required. Therefore, positioning them correctly becomes very important while turning or giving-side to the rear vehicle which is trying to overtake you.

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